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Since this course is designed for working people to make their professional lives easier, this course is priced, with multiple plans, so that companies and individual workers can easily apply this knowledge to their working industries without feeling it in their wallets. At Brainmeasures, we believe information should always be accessible to normal people.

This course is tremendously fast, and can be learned in less than two months.

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Logistics and Retail
Management Certification

42,570 +

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    NOTE- You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 245 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take the test only after 10 days Of purchase.

    What is Logistics and Retail Management?

    Logistics and Retails Management both are parts of supply chain management which is an important topic in the domains of management and marketing. Logistics management is related to management of distribution channels through which products move from one source to another source. It may entails to management of transportation and agents of product and service movers. Retail management on other hand is management of those services and channels which are directly contacted with end customers and users of a product or service. Both Logistics and Retails Management require to be handle efficiently and effectively in order to provide best products or services to customers at minimum prices and greater satisfaction. The scope of Logistics and Retails Management is not confined to just one specific industry as it covers almost every type of industry likewise IT services and equipment, manufacturing, food and health services etc.

    Brainmeasures Logistics and Retail Management Certification Program

    Being an expert in the field of Logistics and Retail Management with best practices of value addition and elimination of wasteful processes which ultimately leads to provision of best services to customers at minimum cost is now possible with the existence of Brainmeasures which now includes a Logistics and Retail Management program among its many offers. This course is available at Brainmeasures developed in such an understandable manner so you will no longer find it hard to master all the essential concepts and strategies related to its implementation in different industries. The kind of knowledge and expertise of Logistics and Retail Management as part of supply chain management that you can get from this certification course is developed in such a way that you will no longer have a hard time understanding all the strategies that you can use when it comes to improving the level of efficiency, when operating your business especially the factors that are associated to management of distribution channels for end customers. With the help of the logistics and Retail Management certification course offered by Brainmeasures, you will no longer find it hard to master everything and how you can successfully implement this practice to make sure that you continuously receive benefits from its implementation. Upon receiving the certificate, you will be recognized as a certified Logistics and Retail Management expert.

    Highlights of the Logistics and Retail Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

    The Logistics and Retail Management certification program which is now available at Brainmeasures is developed by experts of business processes, operations and marketing management so you have an assurance that all the information that you will receive from it are accurate and updated. Here are just some of the many major topics that form part of the Brainmeasures Logistics and Retail Management certification course:

    • What is Logistics and Retail Management
    • Understanding about supply chain management process
    • What are important aspects of logistics in retail
    • Cater with changes and challenges in retail logistics
    • Role of logistics and retailing in supply chain management
    • Evolution of retail supply chain
    • Role of logistics in fashion or non-food industries
    • Marketing process in fashion industry
    • Supply chain management and market orientation in fashion industry
    • How to efficiently manage the logistics in fashion industry
    • What is agile technology in Logistics and Retail Management
    • Case of agile merchandizing in the European textile fashion industry
    • Logistics and Retail Management in food industry
    • Tesco’s supply chain management as a successful case
    • Understanding about temperature controlled supply chains
    • What is on-shelf availability and how to manage it in time
    • Case study of UK grocery on-shelf retailing
    • Emerging issues in Logistics and Retail Management
    • New roles of supply chain management with technological developments
    • Concept of e-tail logistics
    • Understanding about RFID as transforming technology
    • Role of environment logistics and how to manage it efficiently
    • Future trends in Logistics and Retail Management

    Beneficiaries of the Logistics and Retail Management Certification Program of Brainmeasures

    Enrolling in the Logistics and Retail Management certification program offered by Brainmeasures is extremely beneficial to numerous individuals considering the fact that it is effective in honing their skills and knowledge in the field of supply chain, operations and marketing management. You can expect this certification program to work more suitably for managers, operations managers, distribution channel members, supply chain managers, retailers, distributors, manufacturing and production departments of a business organization and for all prospective businessmen and students of this domain.

    Job Opportunities after Completing the Logistics and Retail Management Certification Course

    Logistics and Retail Management is such a vital operations and supply chain management practice. So completing your Logistics and Retail Management certification course makes it possible for you to access few of the most important positions within a business organization. After your successful completion of Logistics and Retail Management certification course, you can fill the following positions:

    • Retail Manager
    • Logistics Manager
    • Distribution Channel Manager
    • Supply Chain Manager
    • Supply Chain Management Consultant
    • Mentor in Logistics Management
    • Mentor in Retail Management
    • Mentor in Logistics and Retail Management
    • Performance Improvement Management Consultant
    • Logistical Executive
    • Operations Manager
    • Services Manager
    • Services System Analyst
    • Retailer
    • Distributor

    Expected Salary for Logistics and Retail Management Certification Holders

    Earning your Logistics and Retail Management certification is also extremely useful for you especially if you dream of receiving an even higher salary or to increase your ways of earnings. You can use your Logistics and Retail Management certification and earn at least $82,000 annually. You may go beyond this earnings and earn up-to $130,000 that is based on your prior education, experience and expertise in the efficient use of supply chain and operations management skills that is for best interest of the business and maximization of customer satisfaction at minimum price.

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