Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification

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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
Important Note :

You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 222 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

What is Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI?

SQL Server Business Intelligence provides an all-inclusive policy endowing establishments to form and organize protected, accessible and controllable BI solutions. It enables you to determine new perceptions and a quick thought process with Power view, a co-operative browser based data investigation, picturing, and demonstration experience. Power pivot enables users to contact and crush up the data from practically any source, containing big data using acquainted tools. Microsoft SQL server analytics devices have in-built memory competencies for tractability which makes it quite user friendly at the same time. It’s easier to control Information Technology and manage data with the help of BI Semantic model that delivers reliable assessment across varied data bases, and augmentations to SQL server Incorporation services. It develops data quality by refining managerial knowledge and third party reference data suppliers to profile, clean, and match the data. It helps in preserving the principal data through the managerial arrangements used for object diagramming, reference data and metadata organization. The Business Intelligence or BI also includes the main database aptitudes of SQL server typical for departmental requests containing windows server primary sustenance and user-defined characters for setting up plotting of duties. SQL server is also proficient for SAP solicitations.

Brainmeasures Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification Course

The Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI certification course by Brainmeasures is one of the best choice if your aim is to work and excel in this area. Brainmeasures is the leading ISO certified online professional certification company. Brainmeasures is a renowned and established company and their certifications are recognized all over the world. Brainmeasures take special care in framing their educational and certification programs keeping the current knowledge and updates in mind. The Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI course would enable you to understand the subject and gain all the required knowledge that would further enable you to get skilled and enable you to perform and progress well in your organization. Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI makes your work so much easier and straightforward, thereby making it easier to understand. Business Intelligence or BI is the process of keeping and bestowing key enterprise data so that everyone in your company can effortlessly and rapidly ask questions of precise and well-timed data. Actual BI implicates end handlers to use data and comprehend why your business received the specific consequences that it did to choose on enquiries of achievement based on past data and to precisely estimate future consequences.

Expected Salary after becoming a Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI certified professional

The average salary of a SQL Server BI Developer is around $68,722 approximately. The average salary of a Business Intelligence Developer is $84,043. Certified professionals can do fairly well in this field.

Highlights of the Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification Course by Brainmeasures

This course has been discussed and well explained with the help of various suitable examples that would enable you to understand the subject conveniently. Following are a few vital points of this course:

  • Introduces you to Data Warehouse Design and understanding Business Intelligence through various examples and detailed explanation.
  • Discusses about SQL Server Analysis Services and multi-dimensional cube development.
  • Explains about Tabular Model Development of SQL, server analysis services and introduces you to SSAS Tabular developing a Tabular project.
  • Describes about ETL with Integration services understanding ETL and data consolidation.
  • Explains about Master Data management understanding master data management.
  • Explains about Data quality and Data cleansing and understanding Data quality.
  • Develops your understanding towards Data Mining – descriptive models in SSAS.
  • How to identify data patterns – predictive models in SSAS.
  • Discusses about Reporting services and its architecture.
  • How to design the Dashboard.

Beneficiaries of Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification course by Brainmeasures

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI certification course by Brainmeasures would be really beneficial for all those in the Information Technology sector and especially more for those who aim to specialize as a certified professional. Your qualifications and knowledge based on this course would enable you to get a job role and position of your choice since Information Technology professionals always aim to be upgraded with the most current softwares and keep a constant track on the upcoming software’s and technology as there is a huge competition among businesses and each organization tries to establish themselves and stay ahead of other organizations or companies due to vast competition amongst them so they are always on the look-out for professionals with the best of knowledge and skill set.

Employment Opportunities after completing Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI certification course

Innumerable job opportunities are available for skilled and professional software engineers with the latest upgraded skills and expertise. Most of the organizations are looking for such highly skilled employees with the knowledge of SQL Server 2014 BI for their organization. Upon successfully completing this course, you can expect yourself to get recruited in one of the following roles:

  • SQL Server BI Developer
  • BI Developer SSAS
  • Business Systems Analyst (SQL, Data Analysis)
  • Data Warehouse Developer
  • Business Intelligence Developer

Microsoft SQL Server 2014 BI Certification

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