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Statistical Analysis with
Excel Certification

42,570 +

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    NOTE- You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 363 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take the test only after 10 days Of purchase.

    What is Statistical Analysis with Excel?

    Statistics is a proper system of data and information recording, processing, summarizing, interpreting and presenting. While Statistical Analysis is using the different statistical techniques on collected data in order to inference something and to make decision on the basis of findings and testing through statistical process. There are so many tools of Statistical Analysis available for students, teachers, researchers and data analysts in which MS Excel is one the prominent tool which provides the access over different analytical techniques through formulae and statistical analysis tool pack kit. Statistical Analysis with Excel is an easy to use and quickly understandable software as most of the users already know about how to use and process the data in MS Excel. Statistical Analysis with Excel provides so many important analysis techniques to users such as regression and correlation analysis, descriptive analysis, Z and t-test, sampling techniques, measures of association, factor or co-variance analysis etc. Statistical Analysis as a part of business intelligence provides aid in planning, forecasting and decision making about existing system, costing techniques, product and processes management as well as for new product development and their viability for business success. So, command over Statistical Analysis with ease in application through MS Excel is a great and easy way to assess business performance and future planning.

    Brainmeasures Statistical Analysis with Excel Certification Program

    The Statistical Analysis with Excel certification program which is now introduced by Brainmeasures to the public is ideal for you if you wish to become a certified professional to help you in effectively performing the whole Statistical Analysis process and different techniques through MS Excel. This course at Brainmeasures is guaranteed to help you maximize the level of your understanding about different analytical and data analysis techniques with using of MS Excel. This online certification program gives you the opportunity to undergo a Statistical Analysis training. Earning a certificate in this field is a major help when attempting to hold a proof of your proficiency in this specific field.

    The course is very well designed by keeping in mind the learners of all kind from multiple fields and delivered in a way that there will be no difficulty to understand it from grass root to advanced level of concepts. Furthermore, this is not the end as your knowledge, skills and expert opinions will also be assessed through an online exam as well as different case studies and scenarios. This will just give an idea to you about how well you are going in the certification course.

    Highlights of the Statistical Analysis with Excel Certification Program from Brainmeasures

    Brainmeasures Statistical Analysis with Excel certification program is said to be really remarkable because of its wide coverage. It means that this online certification course covers all essential topics linked to using MS Excel for Statistical Analysis. To become the part of this journey and learning about different concepts of Statistical Analysis and techniques in MS Excel, first you need to get register at Brainmeasures website and then enroll yourself in this course. Below are some major areas that will be covered in this course at Brainmeasures:

    • Different tools that are now used for data analysis
    • Understanding about some major areas of Statistical Analysis
    • MS Excel interface and process of data analysis
    • What are the pre-checking in MS Excel for Statistical Analysis
    • Getting started with Statistical Analysis with Excel
    • How to collect and organize information designed for the whole analysis process
    • Effectively assessing the present situation so you can efficiently plan for the best
    • Data gathering and processing techniques in MS Excel
    • How to enter and import data in MS Excel
    • Data transformation, labeling and coding procedure in MS Excel
    • Some basic and descriptive analysis and graphical analysis techniques by using MS Excel
    • Data results and interpretation guidelines in MS Excel
    • Assistance of using different statistical formulae and Statistical Analysis tool pack in MS Excel
    • Performing different Statistical Analysis techniques and testing with MS Excel
    • Interpretation of results with effective use of MS Excel
    • Probability as an important concept of Statistical Analysis
    • Different probability techniques in MS Excel
    • Inferential statistics and its implementation in MS Excel
    • Major guidelines for effectively using MS Excel for Statistical Analysis purpose

    Beneficiaries of Statistical Analysis with Excel Certification Program

    The Statistical Analysis with Excel certification program offered by Brainmeasures is proven to be really beneficial to professionals, students and researchers from different fields for data and Statistical Analysis. It works suitably for all data or statistical analysts, mathematicians, statisticians, researches, IT professionals, business planner, production and operations managers, business analysts, financial forecasters, budgeting analysts or anyone who wishes to learn more about every aspect related to analyzing data and statistics with the help of MS Excel without facing any hurdle of programming requirements or basic skills.

    Job Opportunities after Completing the Statistical Analysis with Excel Certification Course from Brainmeasures

    Using MS Excel for data and Statistical Analysis is now so widespread so it is no longer surprising if you will be able to access numerous jobs upon receiving your Statistical Analysis with Excel certification. Here are just few of the many opportunities that are going to be laid out for you upon completing the course from prestigious online certification providers which is Brainmeasures off course:

    • Statistical Analysis with Excel Consultant
    • Statistical Analyst
    • Data Analyst
    • Forecasting and Budgeting Analyst
    • Statistical Analysis with Excel Specialist
    • Statistical Analysis with Excel Implementer
    • Production Estimation Expert
    • Operation Manager
    • Mentor of Statistical Analysis with Excel
    • Researcher with Statistical Analysis Expertise Using Excel

    Expected Salary for Statistical Analysis with Excel Certification Holders

    Getting certification of Statistical Analysis with Excel from Brainmeasures is just the beginning of new horizon not to just get the knowledge and expertise but also to increase your salary levels and income generation. The average annual salary for those who belongs to Statistical Analysis with Excel certification can earn $90,000-$140,000 per year and this amount may vary significantly based on the repute of the business, market demand and research and development trends in the related field.

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