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Using Brainmeasures Employment Testing Solutions gives you a good insight into any candidate’s suitability for job selection or promotion. The great thing about a Brainmeasures assessment is that it is never distracted, rushed, tired or biased and gives you plain facts to work from. It takes the guesswork out of hiring and promoting your people. Our tools are based on scientific methods and every candidate is asked the same questions, in the same order every time. Brainmeasures helps you select the right people to fit the right positions in your organization. This saves you money as your new employees should be productive staff members almost immediately and eliminates poor matches to jobs in your organization. This makes new employees effective right from the start.
Immediate benefits to the employer include:
  • decreased cost per hire
  • minimal time to fill vacant positions
  • promotes positive morale within the workforce as new staff are effective right from the start
  • 100% commitment from the new employee as they are in a position they are well suited to
Brainmeasures provides you with customized tests designed to help you test the actual potential, aptitude and competence level of prospective candidates. If you have special requirements let us know and we will design hiring solutions to suit your needs. You can download all our tests directly into your Internet browser.
Brainmeasures online Employment Testing Solutions provide you with a standardized assessment of skills, personal characteristics and competencies required for success in the job. Our hiring systems are effective and efficient when it comes to choosing the right employees for your organization.

Personality: Our questions are structured to reveal different aspects of the personality to determine if the candidate’s personality is suitable for the position they applied for in your organization. Our tests measure work related personality traits to help predict job success.

Situational judgment: Included are questions that present applicants with work-related situations and ask them to indicate how they would react in those scenarios.

Cognitive ability: Included are questions that measure problem solving, learning speed and other capabilities of your candidates.

Work values and preferences: Our questions reveal important aspects of the candidate’s personality that fit the job profile and organization’s values.

Give you a clear indication of the skills, competencies and talents of the job aspirant

Retaining and promoting productive employees

Lower your organization’s cost per hire

Hire efficient employees

Save losses due to vacancies

Removes most of the guesswork from your hiring decisions

Increases your ability to manage people, performance and profitability

Saves substantial time and costs associated with recruitment, interviewing and unproductive hires

Efficient staff will improve your company’s competitive strategy

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Just register for our services and open your employer account, and access the two free trial tests. After that you can purchase our tests and test your employees at your leisure. If you want customized tests to meet your special requirements, we guide you through the process and let you know how long it will take to develop a test to meet your organizational needs.

You can use our discount system if your account has more than 80 points.

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Our payment system works on points. You get huge discounts on bulk orders. We accept all kinds of credit cards and international debit cards.

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Brainmeasures Employment Testing Solutions work on all browsers and require no additional software.

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After a candidate finishes taking their test, we email the results along with the analysis report to you, the employer.

Our analysis report uses a colored graph to highlight the strength and weaknesses in a candidate’s knowledge. This gives you a clear picture of whether the candidate is suited to the position they have applied for and fit into your organization’s work culture. It is entirely your choice on whether negative marking is included in your tests and whether the candidate has access to their scores

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