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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has 632 pages And the test will be based on that e-book.


Introduction to CCNP BCMSN Certification Test

The CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional) BCMSN (Building Converged Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks) certification exam refers to a qualifying test mainly designed for all aspiring CCNPs who would like to focus more on building converged multilayer switched networks that are based on Cisco. Passing the test allows the successful candidate to receive a certification which is effective in proving that he/she has all the skills and knowledge needed for the successful implementation of scalable multilayer switched networks. It should be noted that the exam usually covers topics that are related to campus networks, concepts usually used in the description and implementation of advanced spanning tree, high availability, and access layer voice concepts. The certification exam also talks about inter-VLAN and VLAN routing, wireless client access and minimization of data theft and service loss within campus network.

The good thing about your decision to take the CCNP BCMSN certification test is that you can now easily increase the level of your knowledge about the field with the help of the free CCNP BCMSN practice course offered by Brainmeasures. You will definitely enjoy the process of learning with the guaranteed comprehensiveness of the free study guide which is one of the major components of the practice course as well as its free practice test which serves as your ticket towards getting yourself fully prepared for the actual test.

Brainmeasures CCNP BCMSN Practice Certification Course

The free CCNP BCMSN test featured in the free CCNP BCMSN practice course offered by Brainmeasures to the public is one of the practice course's most impressive features. It talks about all the concepts and topics frequently incorporated in the actual certification test so acquiring the highest form of familiarity about how the actual certification exam is being executed will be easier. With this, you will no longer experience a lot of difficulty getting yourself prepared for the test. The free study guide included in this free practice course is also highly extensive in nature so you have a guarantee that you can use it for the effective maximization of your knowledge about the field.

Highlights of the CCNP BCMSN Practice Certification Course from Brainmeasures

All the information that you will acquire from enrolling in the free CCNP BCMSN practice course offered by Brainmeasures and taking advantage of its extensive free study guide and free CCNP BCMSN test are extremely useful in successfully handling the actual certification test. With the guaranteed extensiveness of this impressive CCNP BCMSN practice course, it is possible for you to increase the level of your learning and knowledge about the following related topics:

  • A more comprehensive overview of a campus network and the basics of designing a good one
  • Building the best modular network design
  • Tips, methods and techniques in establishing the best campus network
  • Operating and configuring the switch
  • Basics of effective switch port configuration
  • Introduction to trunks and Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) and their individual functions
  • A more comprehensive overview about VLAN trunking protocol and its importance
  • Steps and procedures in effectively performing the switch links aggregation process
  • Gaining a more complete understanding about traditional spanning tree protocol
  • Basics of configuring spanning tree
  • How to effectively protect the topology of spanning tree protocol?
  • Understanding advanced spanning tree protocol
  • A more comprehensive look on layer 3 switching and how it works
  • Getting to know more about multilayer switching, load balancing and router redundancy
  • Essential facts about multicast
  • Providing excellent campus network services
  • Overview of the quality of service
  • Understanding IP telephony and its major functions
  • Basic tips and tricks in providing the highest level of security for Switch Access
  • Basics of providing the highest level of security using VLANs

Beneficiaries of CCNP BCMSN Certification Course

The free CCNP BCMSN test as well as the well-detailed free study guide featured in the highly commendable free CCNP BCMSN practice course developed and offered by Brainmeasures to the public are proven to be really valuable to all those who dream to raise the level of their expertise about the field and increase their chances of passing the actual test. It targets Cisco Certified Network Professionals who greatly desire to focus on performing roles and responsibilities that involve the building of converged Cisco multilayer switched networks.

Job Opportunities after Completing a CCNP BCMSN Practice Certification Course

The successful completion of a CCNP BCMSN practice course is a good way for anyone who desires to take the CCNP BCMSN certification test to fully understand the field and obtain a passing percentage of the exam. After passing the certification test, working in any of the following positions is greatly possible:

  • Cisco Certified Network Professional
  • Building Converged Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks Professional
  • Converged Multilayer Switched Network Consultant
  • Converged Multilayer Switched Network Analyst
  • Multilayer Switched Network Specialist

Expected Salary for CCNP BCMSN Certification Holders

Earning a CCNP BCMSN certification is also extremely useful in your attempt to enjoy a higher salary range. You can use your certificate to become a converged multilayer switched network consultant and earn approximately $66,000 to $121,000 yearly. Working as a CCNP BCMSN expert can also reward you financially because of the usefulness of this profession to supply you with an annual salary of $82,000 to $163,000.



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