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Apple Script Certification

Apple Script Certification



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Important Note :

You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 449 pages And the test will be based on that e-book . you can take final test within 1 year of purchase. The price you will pay is for online certification exam and Laminated Hard copy certificate and hard copy certificate posting charges, provided e-book is free and is only provided to help you understand the subject and pass the certification exam.

Apple Script Certification

Introduction to Apple Script Certification

Apple Script refers to a scripting language developed by Apple, Inc. Since System 7, this scripting language has already been built into the operating systems of Mac. Note that Apple Script could either be the scripting system or specific scripts written using the language. It should also be noted that Apple Script is mainly used as an inter-application system for processing. It is mainly designed to make the process of exchanging data between and within the system easier while also controlling other applications as a means of automating the most repetitive tasks. This scripting language only comes with limited abilities when it comes to processing. Among its capabilities are basic calculation, use of more intricate text tools designed for processing and extensible capabilities that permit the adding scripting additions capable of increasing the number of new functions that this scripting language can do. It is also crucial to note that Apple Script heavily relies on built-in functionalities provided by other processes and applications when handling complex tasks.

Apple Script actually comes with object-oriented programming components and elements specifically those that are mainly used in constructing script objects. It also features other language programming tendencies that can be used naturally and can be found on its syntax. If you want to get a clearer idea about how Apple Script works, then it is best for you to enroll in a highly comprehensive Apple Script certification course since you can expect it to tackle everything that you need to learn about the scripting language.

Brainmeasures Apple Script Certification Course

If you have strong intentions of mastering everything related to running the Apple Script scripting language, then note that Brainmeasures can guide you all throughout the process of learning about it through its Apple Script certification course mainly founded using a free reference or study guide which tackles every aspect related to using the scripting language. The free study guide offered is highly beneficial because it clearly explains every vital topic linked to using Apple Script. The good thing about Brainmeasures is that it also presents an Apple Script test to the participants of the course. This practice test gives you an easier time preparing for the actual exam which could give you your certificate designed to prove your expertise and excellence in the field of handling Apple Script related subjects and tasks.

Highlights of the Apple Script Certification Course from Brainmeasures

As mentioned above, the reference e-book or study guide which serves as the foundation of the Apple Script certification course from Brainmeasures is highly beneficial with its ability to offer high quality and accurate information related to the field. It can actually help boost your knowledge in the field by presenting the following useful information related to the proper use of the scripting language:

  • Introduction to Apple Script and its major functions
  • Understanding the essentials of Apple Script
  • A more comprehensive overview about the specific things that you can do with scripts
  • Major reasons why Apple Script, as a highly efficient scripting language, is easier to understand when compared to the others
  • Definition of scripts and the specific places where they are usually stored
  • Basics of creating and running scripts
  • Gaining a more comprehensive overview about commands, properties, keywords and objects
  • Improving speed with the help of Apple Script editor
  • Ensuring your ability to work with comfort by properly setting up the Apple Script editor
  • Basics of choosing general, editing, history, formatting and plug-ins preferences
  • Steps and procedures that will enable you to create your first script
  • How to select the finder window?
  • Setting positions and resizing the window
  • How to effectively work with classes, coercions, operators and variables?
  • Understanding the seven types of data
  • A more comprehensive overview about the persistence and scope of variables
  • Storing data permanently into the script with the help of Apple Script properties
  • Using Apple Script to work efficiently with dates, numbers and texts

Beneficiaries of Apple Script Certification Practice Course

The Apple Script course from Brainmeasures will never be complete without the presence of its well-detailed reference e-book or study guide so you can really expect it to work for different people who wish to learn more about the scripting language. This Apple Script certification course is actually more beneficial for Mac users, network and system administrators, internet solutions providers, web developers, web, video and print publishers and Apple consultants network members.

Job Opportunities after Passing the Apple Script Certification Test

Passing the Apple Script certification test is actually a good thing especially if you want to enjoy better career opportunities in this specific field. Your certificate is valuable in getting the following solid positions:

  • Apple Script Developer
  • Apple Script Software Engineer
  • Apple Script Development Consultant
  • Apple Script Programmer
  • Apple Script Technical Specialist

Expected Salary for Apple Script Certification Holders

Earning an Apple Script certification is useful not only in boosting your career but also in increasing your income. It actually lets you enjoy working as an Apple Script software engineer and earn up to $117,000 from it. Your decision to work as an Apple Script developer can also reward you financially because this profession often provides an annual salary of $74,000 to $128,000.


Apple Script Certification

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