iOS 6 Programming Certification

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iOS 6 Programming Certification

iOS 6 Programming Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 976 pages And the test will be based on that e-book . you can take final test within 1 year of purchase. The price you will pay is for online certification exam and Laminated Hard copy certificate and hard copy certificate posting charges, provided e-book is free and is only provided to help you understand the subject and pass the certification exam.

iOS 6 Programming Certification

Introduction to iOS 6 Programming

iOS 6 programming involves the somewhat challenging tasks linked to programming and creating applications and programs for iOS 6 version. If you are seriously contemplating about working as an iOS 6 programmer, then you have to prepare yourself for the somewhat vexing and complex issues that you might encounter when building applications for iPod touch, iPad or iPhone. But by trying to master every aspect relevant to iOS 6 programming, it would be easier for you to develop the best applications designed for this specific version of iOS 6. You can even use knowledge to successfully go over the steps that are essential in writing the most complete iOS applications including the different ways for you to protect and store data, improve and animate graphics, take full advantage of Passbook and effectively manage folders and files.

In order for you to effectively perform the iOS 6 programming process, you also need to obtain a more solid ground about the fundamentals linked to Cocoa Touch as well as how you can prevent problems linked to iPad and iPhone app development. Increasing your knowledge about the crucial features of iOS 6 such as advances in the Objective-C programming language, auto-layout, auto-synthesis, unwind sequels, collection views and styled text is also essential. Fortunately, you can now easily obtain a stronger grasp about all these topics if you decide to enroll in an iOS 6 programming certification course.

Brainmeasures iOS 6 Programming Certification Course

Obtaining a more complete understanding about iOS 6 programming is now less complex with the presence of Brainmeasures, a highly commendable online certification courses provider. It offers an iOS 6 programming certification course guaranteed to help you learn iOS 6 programming, its most vital concepts, the different tools and techniques that you can use along the process as well as the steps and procedures that will let you deploy the most impressive and functional iOS 6 programs and applications. This iOS 6 programming course comes with a study guide which comprehensively explains every area related to the field. The good thing about its study guide is that it is made in the simplest manner possible so it is greatly possible for you to acquire the highest level of understanding about the field without dealing with complex concepts and terms. Brainmeasures also takes pride of its related online test which is extremely useful in assessing the skills and expertise of those who have decided to enrol in the course.

Highlights of the iOS 6 Programming Certification Course from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures iOS 6 programming certification course is highly informative. This means that its study guide contains every detail that you need to understand about the entire field. It works in explaining the most relevant aspects about iOS 6 programming including the following:

  • Basics of iOS 6 programming
  • Steps and procedures in developing a simple iOS application in Xcode
  • How to compile iOS applications?
  • Basics of running iOS applications on iOS devices and on simulator
  • How to pack iOS applications to make the process of distributing them easier?
  • Using Objective-C to declare variables
  • Using automatic reference counting through typecasting
  • Using protocols to delegate tasks
  • How to determine the availability of instance or class methods and the availability of a class at runtime?
  • How to allocate and use numbers, arrays and dictionaries in iOS 6 programming?
  • Steps and procedures that will let you load data either from the main bundle or from other useful bundles
  • How to successfully implement views and controllers?
  • Introduction to the visual format language and auto layout
  • How to construct and use table views?
  • Effectively assigning a delegate into a table view
  • Basics of handling and receiving table view events
  • A more comprehensive overview about the various types of accessories within a table view cell and how you can efficiently use them
  • How to build a map view?
  • Basics of displaying pins with various colours on map view

Beneficiaries of iOS 6 Programming Certification Course

The iOS 6 programming certification course from Brainmeasures continues to receive a lot of excellent reviews considering its flexibility and the thoroughness of its explanations. Its flexibility is one of its strongest qualities which makes it extremely useful for a wide range of individuals and professionals including aspiring iOS 6 programming experts including programming consultants, developers, programming analysts and managers.

Job Opportunities after Passing the iOS 6 Programming Certification Test

A more flourishing career is one of the many things that you can anticipate as soon as you finally receive your iOS 6 programming certification. The following are just few of the many jobs that will become more suitable for you:

  • iOS 6 Programmer
  • iOS 6 Programming Consultant
  • iOS 6 Programming Analyst
  • iOS 6 Programming Engineer
  • iOS 6 Programming Specialist

Expected Salary for iOS 6 Programming Certification Holders

Earning an iOS 6 programming certification can also reward you with a salary capable of boosting your finances. Being certified in this field makes it easier for you to grab the position of an iOS 6 programmer which offers an average yearly salary of $94,000. Working as an iOS 6 programming consultant also lets you earn around $76,000 to $138,000 each year.


iOS 6 Programming Certification

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