iOS Game Programming Certification

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iOS Game Programming Certification

iOS Game Programming Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 431 pages And the test will be based on that e-book . you can take final test within 1 year of purchase. The price you will pay is for online certification exam and Laminated Hard copy certificate and hard copy certificate posting charges, provided e-book is free and is only provided to help you understand the subject and pass the certification exam.

iOS Game Programming Certification

Introduction to iOS Game Programming

iOS game programming covers the development of game applications for devices that operate based on iOS. From the moment the app store was launched, game applications have become the hottest categories for those who are searching for apps to make their iPad, iPod touch and iPhone more interesting. This means that if you decide to master the whole iOS game programming topic, then there is a great chance for you to tap the market and earn a huge profit from it. But you need to make sure that you are familiar about everything related to building games for iOS devices. Remember that it would be difficult for you to grab the attention of those who are looking for the app if you develop games that are not actually challenging and interesting. The best thing that you can do to handle the whole iOS game programming process is to identify the major characteristics that make up a successful and useful iOS game as well as the terminologies that you might encounter and the tools and technologies that you can use.

You also need to improve the level of your understanding about every aspect linked to the game development process. These include planning the game play and storylines up to testing and fine-tuning the app. All these topics can be deeply explained to you after you decide to enroll in an iOS game programming certification course.

Brainmeasures iOS Game Programming Certification Course

Deciding to enrol in a reliable and extensive iOS game programming certification course just like what is offered by Brainmeasures is highly beneficial because it aims to strengthen your background in the field. Brainmeasures iOS game programming course is the most highly recommended online certification course for you if you desire to learn iOS game programming because it is mainly composed of a remarkable study guide capable of providing information about the whole process in the most simplified manner possible. It offers easily understandable explanations about planning high quality and high-level game designs, difficulty levels and components, using game loops in ensuring that correct events take place at the right time, building basic animations, developing sprite sheets, rendering images, using time maps in building larger game worlds using small yet reusable images and a lot more topics regarding iOS game programming. It also features an online test mainly designed to evaluate your competence in this specific area.

Highlights of the iOS Game Programming Certification Course from Brainmeasures

The iOS game programming certification course from Brainmeasures is really amazing since its study guide is filled with all the vital information needed by an aspiring iOS game programming expert. With the help of this online certification course, you can anticipate generating the highest level of knowledge about the following vital topics:

  • A more comprehensive overview about iOS game programming
  • Basics of designing games
  • Understanding the 3 Ts in iOS game programming namely the technology, tools and terminology
  • Starting your journey when it comes to developing the best iOS games and applications
  • Introduction to the game loop
  • Getting to know more about image rendering and sprite sheets
  • Effective tips and techniques in the field of producing the best animations
  • Building larger game worlds out of reusable and small images with the help of tile maps
  • Basics of creating smoke, explosions, sparks, fire and any other organic effects
  • Delivering the best sound effects in your programmed games
  • Steps and procedures that will let you craft the most intuitive and effective game interface
  • Basics of testing, performance-tuning, debugging and polishing your developed game
  • Information about Bitmap fonts
  • Understanding everything about particle emitter
  • Essential facts about entities and objects for the game that you plan to develop
  • Basics of detecting collision
  • Basics of putting together the vital components and elements of iOS games

Beneficiaries of iOS Game Programming Certification Course

The iOS game programming certification course which is now accessible at Brainmeasures comes with the most extensive study guide designed to help you understand everything that you want to learn about iOS game programming. It is useful for all aspiring iOS game developers or programmers, game designers, iOS game engineers and any other professionals who wish to advance their skills in developing the best games for devices that run on iOS.

Job Opportunities after Passing the iOS Game Programming Certification Test

Being able to earn an iOS game programming certification can do great things when it comes to boosting the number of your career opportunities. It opens up the following career opportunities for you:

  • iOS Game Programmer
  • iOS Game Developer
  • iOS Game Programming Engineer
  • iOS Game Programming Consultant
  • iOS Game Programming Analyst

Expected Salary for iOS Game Programming Certification Holders

Working in the iOS game programming industry is also beneficial since this can often reward you with a higher pay. With the presence of your certificate, you get the chance to work as an iOS game programming engineer which can reward you with an annual pay of $72,000 to $139,000. Working as an iOS game programmer is also favourable for you since it furnishes you with approximately $96,000 to $146,000 every year.


iOS Game Programming Certification

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