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Six Sigma green belt


Brainmeasures(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified company) is a leading online certification and employment testing company which has helped millions of people achieve their goals by giving them the platform to showcase their knowledge and skills to prospective employers. Respected and most trusted name in the field of online certification, employer`s worldwide honor our online certifications and pre-employment assessment tools when it comes to testing and choosing employees for their organizations.
Six Sigma Green Belt Course and Certification at $99 Enroll Now
Brainmeasures introduces Six Sigma video lectures.
NOTE :- These videos are currently free and more videos will be added on ongoing basis, these videos are not part of Brainmeasures Certification Course Package.
Brainmeasures Course package is priced at $USD 99 and consists of Course Material + Certification Exam + Hard copy Certificate and Hard Copy Certificate posting charges.
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Six Sigma Green Belt Certification     

Brainmeasures Online Six Sigma Green Belt certification will give a boost to your career and open up new job avenues, till date millions of people have benefited from our services and are working in leading companies of USA and worldwide.

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Brainmeasures Online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

Six sigma Green Belt certification - $ 99

Brainmeasures online six sigma green belt certification course is a 300 page well researched and comprehensive guide to teach you the art, techniques and tools of six sigma green belt training. This e-book is a collection of concepts and selected tools that are important to the mature application and training of six sigma green belt methodology. By the time you finish chapter 1, you will have a better idea of how the information in this online six sigma certification program can help you and your company eliminate waste and serve your customers more effectively.
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Read testimonials to check what Brainmeasures certified professionals across the world have to say about the content and quality of Brainmeasures Online Six Sigma Green Belt Certification and Course

Brainmeasures also offers a variety of other courses like the Six sigma black belt certification, Six sigma business improvement certification, Six sigma business scorecard certification and others which are all acclaimed courses in their own right.

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What is Six Sigma Green Belt?

Six Sigma is a business strategy supported by a quality improvement strategy.
Six Sigma Green Belt has been labeled as a metric, a methodology, and now, a management system. While green Belts, Green Belts, Master Green Belts, Champions and Sponsors have all had training on Six Sigma as a metric and as a methodology, few have had exposure to Six Sigma as an overall management system.

Who Needs This Certification?

This book is basically composed for the young professionals from any discipline like engineering, management, enterprise resource planning, or software development who want to learn about the six sigma methodology and prepare for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification.

Who Can Benefit from six sigma?

Marketing Brand Management Prospect
Sales Discovery Account Management
Production Control Inventory Control Scheduling
Human Resource Staffing Training
Finance Accounts Receivable Accounts Payable
Information Technology Help Desk Training
Sourcing Commodity Purchasing
Design Change Control New Product

To Help You Learn and Successfully Implement Six Sigma Tools and Techniques

Brainmeasures presents its 300 page Online Six Sigma Green Belt Course  which leads to Six Sigma Green Belt Certification. It is the BEST Online Six Sigma Green Belt training program available at a very affordable price.

Keeping its tradition alive of providing best quality material, that would serve as immediate aid for those interested in knowing six sigma green belt, needless to say that this courseware is attuned to the requirements of all interested readers of SIX SIGMA.

This six sigma courseware and certification program is prepared by experienced facility, aims to provide a systematic introduction to six sigma green belt and attempts to strike a balance between theory and research findings. The emphasis on theory is balanced by detailed consideration of the findings of empirical studies.

It is a perfect mix of extensive and intensive knowledge source and all the aspects of the subject have been kept in mind while designing this course.

Brainmeasures six sigma green belt courseware and certification is a complete information portal and A-Z guide that will help you learn all the necessary tools and techniques to master six sigma methodology.

Following are some important aspects of the Brainmeasures online course which has made it unique for Six Sigma Green Belt certification preparation and training.

This six sigma course and certification program not only discusses both the philosophy and methodology behind six sigma but also its real life implementation.
E-book contains a comprehensive, easy-to-understand guideline for the young learners who need
  thorough understanding of the methodology and exactly where and why it should be used.
Organized to provide insight into key areas that are all essential elements of a successful
  project implementation.
Avoids much theoretical and focuses instead on the practical insights that these instructors know will
  drive success at both the project level and in an organization-wide implementation.
Collection of concepts and selected tools those are important to the mature application of the Six Sigma
  methodology. Most of them are motivated by questions asked by students, trainees and colleagues over the
  last decade in the course of our training and consulting activities in industry.
Summary provided at the end of each chapter to recapitulate the entire concept.
Test your understanding section is provided to measure the understanding of the reader.
Tollgate Questions are provided to measure the completeness of the subject.
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Six sigma certification From Brainmeasures
Reviewed by Jon Sodano on .
Six-sigma is the tool for all

I'm a Quality Engineer, and a statistician at heart. I used to be inspired by belt owing managers and the many consultants around, who have probably done a very good job in the past. I love statistics and fact based reasoning. However, I often see managers and consultants claim that Six-Sigma is driving almost any problem for solutions and can be used driving reliability or even safety engineering. I actually used to be inspired by it, six sigma solve problems quickly. Regarding the statistical side of Six Sigma, a little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing. Even the best Black-belts struggle with computation of sampling plans, control limits, and interpretation of control charts. I recommend employee should be six sigma certified from reputed certification companies for the best result. 4 Stars

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Brainmeasures is one of few skill testing and online certification company which is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Our Six Sigma Green Belt Certification tests and course material are prepared under strict ISO guidelines by experienced professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields. Each course and test prepared goes under several rounds of content analysis and proof reading, so that we can deliver best quality tests and course contents.
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  Why Brainmeasures six sigma Green Belt Certification course available at such an affordable price?
  Brainmeasures (an ISO 9001-2008 certified company) offers its six sigma green belt course material (leading to certification exam ) developed by expert managers at very affordable price only for limited time span and soon its prices will be reviewed.
   Brainmeasures - An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company  
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     Six Sigma Course Stats
  • Current count of course taken       cnt..
  • Average rate of re-orders                  149%
  • Average value of re-orders                78%
  • Available course servers                    2/2
  • Average Course Price                         $99

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  • Sara Miller
    Director, leading graphic design firm.

    I am so glad I found the brainmeasures six sigma black belt certification course. Our company was taking a new direction with management, especially with new projects, and if I hadn’t gotten on board and shown an advantage with my new skills, I think I would have been left in the dust. This was easy, fast and actually enjoyable.
  • Thomas Grace
    Department Supervisor, advertising firm.

    With so many of our projects not meeting deadlines, I didn’t know what to do to get more efficient teams together and have projects meet deadlines at long last. My friend recommended a six sigma certification course for my project staff, and thanks to brainmeasures, it was fast and easy. Now our projects are meeting or beating deadlines like never before.
  • Edward Jonhson
    Data management engineer

    I was having trouble getting promoted to management, despite having been with this company for ten years. I wanted to advance, I’m not greedy I just wanted a more fulfilling career. I found this six sigma black belt online course at brainmeasures. It didn’t take me long to do, and it was easy. Thanks brainmeasures, with this certification, I’ll be moving into a new office next month.
  • Elizabeth Cassidy
    Now a project head for a web design firm.

    The job market was really bad and I thought I was never going to find another job. But, after I took this six sigma online balck belt course at brainmeasures, I found a job quickly, and in management! Thank you brainmeasures, I thought I was going to lose everything before I found you guys.
  • Richard Burton
    Development Supervisor, mobile software firm.

    Brainmeasures is awesome. I was able to get so much more efficiency out of my development team by looking inward at my own management skills with the six sigma black belt certification they offered. Now we’re getting our software out on time, and we’re getting more features in per release than ever before, because we all work so well together.

  • Emilio Garcia
    Project Director, leading publication.

    I didn’t know what to do about the disputes, lost work hours and back stepping all of our projects endlessly had. Then, looking online, I found the six sigma green belt course at brainmeasures, and figured out the solution to our problems. The new project management techniques this provided showed me how to fix myself, which was the problem ultimately.
  • Kim Takeyama
    CEO, internet game site.

    Developing all the new features and maintaining new stuff on our site proved harder to do than it should’ve, and I wasn’t sure why my team was struggling so much. But then I realized, maybe I have good ideas but my management skills could use some work. After taking the brainmeasures six sigma green belt course, it turns out I was right. Now we’re staying on track.

  • Greg Martin
    R&D Head, fiberglass company.

    It seemed like we were always encountering trouble getting our prototypes out and ready on time, because of inner struggles with workload and personnel. I originally thought I had a faulty team, but according to the six sigma green belt course that I took at brainmeasures, the problem was my management, not my workers. Now, with a better improved manager, they’re all performing admirably!
  • Ted Drummond
    Lead Architect, leading structural design firm.

    Our work is dangerous, because even if our designs conform to code, there are still any number of things that if not taken into consideration, could cost lives or at the least millions of dollars of damages. So, instead of always living in fear that I’m misdirecting my designers, I took the six sigma green belt course at brainmeasures, and now I’m confident in my skills as a leader. Thank you brainmeasures.
  • Judith Greene
    Mobile Phone marketing director, cell phone service provider.

    We always had disasters in advertising, though the public never seems to notice the problems in the polished ad campaigns. But, we needed to reach people better, and instead of replacing our valued advertising staff, we looked into the six sigma green belt course, which gave us the management skills to get the most out of our people, and still have a happy united team.  I recommend this to anyone in my situation, without hesitation.

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