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Brainmeasures(An ISO 9001-2008 Certified company) is a leading online certification and employment testing company which has helped millions of people achieve their goals by giving them the platform to showcase their knowledge and skills to prospective employers. Respected and most trusted name in the field of online certification, employer`s worldwide honor our online certifications and pre-employment assessment tools when it comes to testing and choosing employees for their organizations.
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Creative Writing Course and Certification

Brainmeasures online certification will give a boost to your career and open up new job avenues, till date millions of people have benefited from our services and are working in leading companies of USA and worldwide.

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Brainmeasures online Creative Writing Course and Certification

Online Creative Writing Course and Certification - $ 40

Brainmeasures online creative writing course is well researched and comprehensive guide to teach you the art, techniques and tools of creative writing. This course is a collection of concepts that will help you to become a sought after creative writer. about course

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What is this course?

Brainmeasures online Creative Writing course and certification program teaches you the art and science of creative and professional writing. The Brainmeasures Creative Writing course is a certification course in the art and science of creative and professional writing.

Creative writing consists of several different forms of literary work, and is not limited to writing novels, or other forms of fiction or prose. This course will give you the fundamentals needed to write creative and effective pieces that are in demand in many fields, including book writing, public relations, journalism, column writing, and many other exciting jobs.

Read testimonials from successful writers in many fields, whom this course has opened up many doors and improved their skills greatly. . 

Check what our clients say about us

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is a large and all-encompassing field pertaining to the creative and artistic presentation of ideas, information, and stories alike.

Creative writing is a skill employed in advertising, review composition, critical pieces, and countless other fields. Many mistake creative writing as strictly a poetic or storytelling concept, but it is in fact the act of writing enjoyable and relatable literature for a multitude of purposes.

Why any writer or public relations professional should pursue this course

In any field where you need to write documents or pieces that have a human interest, rather than just relating dry facts for the sake of documentation, the ability to write creatively is very important. People need to relate to your writing and the concept or information it puts forth, and walk away remembering what they have read.
The ability to keep a reader interested, and absorbed is the trademark ability of a skilled writer, and the memorability of one’s work is the ultimate goal when composing any creatively-written document, regardless its purpose or goal.

What this course teaches

Brainmeasures Online creative writing course teaches many aspects of creative writing, including an overall understanding of the general field as well as commonly applied literary forms.
Arrow Advanced language use and word flow.
Arrow Relation to readers and immersive presentation.
Arrow Consistency and flow throughout the piece, to ensure accuracy and an intact structure.
Arrow Flavorful, interesting writing techniques to keep the piece fresh as it is read, and avoid it becoming
  dull and repetitive.
Arrow Applications of creative techniques in a variety of uses and fields.
Arrow Ways to put emotion and emphasis on a subject while remaining unbiased and objective where needed.
Arrow How to make an impact on readers, and possibly change and shape the way they view your subject
  for a long time to come.

Benefits of taking this course

Arrow You will have improved your ability to present facts and ideas in an interesting way that will keep
  people listening or reading, in any endeavor you pursue.
Arrow You will be able to express thoughts in an orderly and succinct fashion, making you more efficient and
  making what you say or write all the more effective on the audience.
Arrow Possibly, you will have a fulfilling career in a science and art that is enjoyable and productive, and always
  in demand.
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Brainmeasures is one of few skill testing and online certification company which is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

Our tests and course material is prepared under strict ISO guidelines by experienced professionals who have years of experience in their respective fields. Each course and test prepared goes under several rounds of content analysis and proof reading, so that we can deliver best quality tests and course contents. 
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Brainmeasures respects the privacy of each individual who registers for our services; being truste seal holder further strengthens our claim, we uphold and comply with strict truste program requirements, putting us in league of big names such as yahoo, AOL, Facebook, PayPal, IBM when it comes to internet privacy, safety and trust.
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  Why Brainmeasures Creative Writing Course available at such an affordable price ?
  Brainmeasures (an ISO 9001-2008 certified company) offers its Creative Writing Course material (leading to certification exam ) developed by professional writers at very affordable price only for limited time span and soon its prices will be reviewed.
   Brainmeasures - An ISO 9001-2008 Certified Company  
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     Creative Writing Course Stats
  • Current count of course taken          3581
  • Average rate of re-orders                  109%
  • Average value of re-orders                78%
  • Available course servers                    2/2
  • Average Course Price                         $35

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    Having always wanted a job in the journalism field, I decided it might be best to start with getting a creative writing certification. After a lot of searching and comparing, I found that the one on brainmeasures.com was the best one going, and it wasn't expensive by comparison.

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    Seriously, brainmeasures.com is the place to look if you want to become a creative writer. When I'm ready to write my novel next year (I hope), the book writing certification aspect is a blessing too.
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    Brainmeasures.com has the best content developer course and commercial writing certification system I have ever seen. Being in the publishing industry, I need to keep my vast writing staff well-educated in this ever changing field, and it was expensive to keep sending them to classes or hiring new blood every quarter.

    Thanks to brainmeasures.com I have a long term, standard plan for keeping my existing employees up to speed on the changing face of literature and the written word. And it's affordable to boot.
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    Perry Anderson ( United Kingdom)

    Online creative writing is a challenging field for a freelance writer like me. Thanks to brainmeasures.com, though, I am able to get all of the commissions I can handle. Their creative writer certification course has given me the credentials to garner the attention of big companies and well-paying individuals alike.

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    Goerge Ashley (Vancouver , Canada)

    I'd been promoted to a PR writer at my company, and I didn' know a thing about writing in that regard. I drafted reports and presentations, and those are only entertaining or noteworthy to people sitting behind the big desks in the corner offices. I was sweating bullets.

    Then I discovered brainmeasures.com and their writing certification courses. Now I'm a certified creative writer who can create effective, dynamic content that relates my company to the world with flying colors.

    I am so happy I found brainmeasures.com and their creative writing courses. They're a lifesaver. Try it, you will not be disappointed.

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