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Records Management Certification

Records Management Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is Records Management?

A record can be defined as something which is used for verification and proof of existence that can be reused or recreate for proving something or existence of data and information. In this all process medium or characteristics of record are less considered. A record can be created or received by an organization to pursue or comply with legal obligations or in business transactions. It can be in any shape such as tangible like birth and death certificates, medical x-rays report, progress report or it can be in digitized form such as data in application databases, web page content of specific web site and e-mails. Records are considered as lifeblood of any organization. They are used for designing policies, forecasting, budgeting and decision making through which plans are finalized to provide end products or services for better serving the target market.

Records Management is basically to control, administer and comprehend the data and information in way that assists the organization in smooth working of activities and achieve objectives efficiently and effectively. The advantage that Records Management provides is to ensure the availability of data and information as a reference when needed by the organization for effective management and strategic planning.

Brainmeasures Records Management Certification Program

As we know that automation of the business processes reshaping rapidly, so there is an increased need for such professionals who are equipped with the skills of using computerized systems of handling business activities as well as ability to manage and administer the records effectively (whether they are supposed to be computerized or in manual system). Records Management Certification from Brainmeasures is the right choice to fulfil the gap that is much needed now-a-days from business personnel, information systems, administrators and data experts. This is a unique and compact certification program which will enhance your expertise and efficiency regarding Records Management and data handling. After getting Records Management expertise by studying from Brainmeasures, you will be able to know handling data and keeping records in computerized or manual environment. So, don’t wait for this lucrative opportunity and get yourself enrolled in the Brainmeasures Records Management program.

Apart from the course syllabus and study material, an online exam is also the part of this course to assess the knowledge and skills that you will gain during the certification program of Records Management from Brainmeasures. After successfully passing all the required stages of this course, you will be awarded the certificate that will acknowledge your efforts which will lead to an added point not just in your Resume but also in your professional career path.

Expected Salary for Brainmeasures Records Management Certificate Holders

Entitlement of Records Management from Brainmeasures assures a verified and proficient expert of recorder, data and information handler, cost controller and manager. This certificate definitely is an added skill to increase your earnings or to get promotion in your career. Average annual salary for those who hold different positions in administrative, accountancy, financial management, procurement and analytical domains in different organizations is $70,000-$95,000 per year which might be varied according to the nature of business industry i.e. IT, Servicing or Manufacturing etc. reputation of the organization in the market, location and expertise of the candidate etc.

Highlights of the Records Management Certification of Brainmeasures

Records Management certification course from Brainmeasures is a unique certification not in just delivery of knowledge and the contents that it has but also in terms of skills and practical exposure that you will gain during the certification program. Experts have designed the course in very effective manner that assess the knowledge and techniques by drafting the business case studies and different scenarios. Following are some important areas that will be covered in the course:

  • What is data and information
  • What are the basis for records creation and information management
  • What advantages that an organization can obtain by implementing a proper Records Management system
  • How to make repository of records in sequential and easy to understand form
  • What are different filing methods and how to use them efficiently under relevant circumstances
  • How to effectively manage the mails system in computerized or manual system
  • What is the procedure of creating and capturing key information into Records Management system
  • How to create back-ups call them easily in case of requirements through Records Management system
  • What is the procedure of proper recording of the data and information whether onsite or offsite
  • What are the its different technical requirements such as storage
  • How to identify and vouching different records to check authenticity and requirements for effective information management
  • What are the most effective guidelines and tips for better Records Management

Beneficiaries of Records Management Certification Program

No doubt Records Management certification is important not only for those who are working as business analysts, data analysts, administrators, human resource manager and planners, office managers, cost controllers, chief accountants, financial analysts, reporting analysts or data mining experts in different businesses but it is equally important for students, planners and researchers, teachers and presenters as well. This certificate is designed for all those people who are working whether in automated, semi-automated or manual business environment.

Job Opportunities for Records Management Experts from Brainmeasures

This certification has an incredible growth rate with rapidly increasing use of data, information and different reports in business community which exclusively draw the attention towards Records Management procedures and related activities. Holders of Records Management certification can be entitled to work as:

  • Data Analysts
  • Information Manager
  • Office Manager
  • Administrator
  • Admin Officer
  • Human Resource Planner
  • Organizational Planner
  • Cost Controller
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Business Manager
  • Book Keeper
  • Online Data and Information Handler
  • Online Cost and Management Data Analyzer
  • Information System Analyst
  • ERP Analyst
  • Business Reporting Expert
  • Business Data Miner
  • Information Management Controller
  • Information System Expert
  • Auditor

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