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Asset Allocation Certification

Asset Allocation Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is Asset Allocation?

Asset Allocation is primarily used with investment and security analysis in Finance and Accountancy fields. It is defined as an investment technique that tries to build a balance between risk and reward system that is designed for getting optimal returns from portfolio investment. In Asset Allocation percentage of each asset of an investment portfolio is adjusted in accordance with investor’s strategy to tolerate with risk, investment time frame and objectives of the investment. There are so many types of assets but Asset Allocation focuses on three classes of assets. These are equities (stocks), fixed-income and cash & cash equivalents. All these have different levels of risk and return with different time horizon to behave.

Brainmeasures Asset Allocation Certification Program

The Asset Allocation program from Brainmeasures is the best certification program regarding understanding of investment techniques, analysis and portfolio investments for optimal return at lower level of risk tolerance. The certificate not just mentors the required knowledge and skills to grasp the techniques of handling assets in investment analysis and portfolio management but also mentor you how to quickly manage your portfolio investment at minimum risk with higher return. How to make accurate decisions for Asset Allocation? This online certification will provide you a competitive edge and competencies in the fields of investment analysis, securities management and optimal capital structure with optimal use of Asset Allocation. Throughout the course, you will learn about different requirements, phases and sub modules of Asset Allocation.

Apart from the course road map and required syllabus, an Asset Alliocation exam is also designed to assess your knowledge and skills about Asset Allocation. After a successful completion, you will be awarded with the prestigious Asset Allocation certificate from Brainmeasures. This will definitely be an added skill and experience to improve your Resume and provide the platform to advance in your career path.

Expected Salary for Brainmeasures Asset Allocation Certificate Holders

Getting the entitlement of expert in Asset Allocation and Investment Management after getting certification from Brainmeasures does not only furnish you with the required skills and investment management strategies but also translates it in better earning and salary packages. As per recent trend and demand in this field, average annual salary is expected as $60,000-$85,000 per year and this can further lead to increase by $30,000 or more that totally depends on the type of business and related industry (i.e. manufacturing, servicing or mixed of both etc.), image of the organization, education, skills and experience of the candidate etc.

Highlights of the Asset Allocation Program of Brainmeasures

Asset Allocation certification course from Brainmeasures is totally using a different approach to enhance your professional knowledge and provision of skills regarding investment management and utilization of available financial resources for optimal returns from portfolio investment in assets. This certification program is designed by professional experts and gurus of securities and stock markets. Following are some major areas that will be the part of Asset Allocation certification:

  • What is Asset Allocation
  • Overview of basic Asset Allocation process
  • Understanding the difference between single security and portfolio investment strategies
  • What is the logic behind “Don’t put your all eggs in one basket”
  • What is diversification and up-to which level diversification may results optimal return with less risk
  • Understanding risk and return relationship
  • What is the difference between volatility and movements and how to efficiently manage them
  • What are the different types of assets (i.e. real estate, cash, financial or commodities) for investment purposes
  • Understanding about different types of securities (i.e. Stocks, Bonds or Mutual Fund Units)
  • What are the different parameters of investment (i.e. risk tolerance, portfolio constraints and investment horizon)
  • How to make investment optimal and effective through portfolio investment strategies
  • How to make an excellent portfolio for maximum return with lowest risk opportunities
  • How to make investment smartly
  • How to make right investment with right account based on several type of accounts of an investor
  • How to exploit the characteristics with right investment
  • Effectively measure the portfolio results with industry benchmark
  • What are different available alternative investment options (i.e. real estate and commodities)
  • How to utilize the sources of funds or investment brokers and managers to make efficient and optimal portfolio investment
  • What are the guidelines and road map for optimal portfolio investment

Beneficiaries of Asset Allocation Certification Program

This course is specifically designed for those who are involved in asset pricing, asset allocation and resource management of the investor as well as business with the help of data and information that is available with brokers, agents and fund managers in the capital and money market. However, it is equally important for students, marketing and business researchers, business teachers, professional ERP trainers, ERP managers, fund managers, mutual fund investment companies, investment brokers and agent as well as financial analysts and experts in the fields of finance, investment management and accountancy.

Job Opportunities for Asset Allocation Specialists from Brainmeasures

Definitely, rapid growth in the use of experts’ services and general public interest towards investment in money, financial and stock markets give attention to the need of subject for Asset Allocation. So, the certification of Asset Allocation has the potential for upward demand in current and near future as well. Holders of prestigious Asset Allocation certificate from Brainmeasures can get the following designations:

  • Asset Allocation Specialist
  • Investment Assets Manager
  • Investment Agent
  • Investment Broker
  • Fund Manager
  • Portfolio Investment Manager
  • Investment Risk Manager
  • Virtual Facilities in Investment Management
  • Over the Counter Broker
  • Mutual Fund Manager
  • Fundamental and Technical Analyst
  • Asset Allocation Analyst
  • Certified Asset Allocation Technician

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