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Cryptography Certification

Cryptography Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is Cryptography?

As we know that IT infrastructure is considered as rapid growth with high rate of vulnerability, so that applications and programs that run over telecommunication and IT infrastructure are vulnerable too. Internet is the network of networks on which web applications are run. This is the most vulnerable technology and requires to be ensured with high level of privacy and security of data and information that channelized over web sites through internet and web applications architecture. Security is one of the critical parts of soft-wares and web applications. By definition, web applications are the medium that allow users to build connection and access over web servers to use the services in virtual environment. While soft-wares are of different kinds which enable the users to interact with the hardware. Services might be data retrieval or data transformation through database servers. Web servers or web applications providers are required to secure their services by understanding and implementing appropriate security measures to protect their own sources as well as to ensure that their services and applications are secure for users. All such procedure requires to secure the data and information. There are several techniques to secure the data and information. However, in digital world Cryptography is used widely. This is the technique of storing and transmitting data in a form that only those persons would be able to read or access the data for whom it is intended. Cryptography is a technique which is successfully implemented and used in military especially in Second World War This is the technique in which plain text or message is converted into specific pattern or in cipher text before transmitting over general public media or over internet through world wide web. Cipher text is formatted as unreadable or unidentifiable data or message which is only readable by those who possesses the secret key to decipher or decrypt the message. There are very strong mathematical and hash functions with complex algorithms that are applied on a message, data or information to convert into a cipher or encrypted text.

Cryptography Certification Program of Brainmeasures

Cryptography program from Brainmeasures is a versatile certification program that is especially designed to cater the needs of data and information confidentiality, integrity, privacy and secure transformation with preclusion from unauthorized access in web based and offline environment. This course from Brainmeasures is an online certification program which will enable you to become more proficient in data confidentiality and privacy measures through Cryptography. This certificate will also enable you to decryption process so that you can get comprehensive command over encryption and decryption of the data and information. This certification program will equip you in a more structured way with the help of practical scenarios and case studies at the end of each module that you will gone through during the course.

Apart from the course syllabus and different techniques of Cryptography, your knowledge and skills will also be assessed through a comprehensive online exam. After successful completion of the course, candidates will be awarded with the prestigious Cryptography certification from Brainmeasures to admire their knowledge and skills that they will enhance during the course. Ultimately, certificate will be considered and added point of IT and Data Security skills in your Resume that will lead to increase your earnings or for getting better employment opportunities.

Expected Salary for Cryptography Certificate Holders

With the rapid increase in usage of internet and related services as well as development of IT infrastructure, Cryptography is now becoming more demanding field towards vigilance in IT and telecommunication based infrastructures. Cryptographic certification from Brainmeasures will not only develop and increase your expertise but also lead to increased salary packages and wealth generation. The expected average annual salary is about $85,000 per year which can grow between $100,000- $135,000 or even more based on level of expertise, experience as well as reputation of the employee and organization in the relevant field.

Highlights of the Cryptography Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures Cryptography certification program is a different in terms of its approach and delivery of knowledge in order to create better understanding about data and information security and privacy with the application of cryptographic techniques. Experts from IT, Telecommunication and Internet infrastructures have designed the course in very effective manner. Following are some important areas that will be covered in Cryptography certification course:

  • What is Cryptography
  • Basic forms and principles of Cryptography
  • What are the essentials of Cryptography
  • What are the different types of security keys (i.e. private key, public key or hash key etc.)
  • What is the procedure to create cipher or encrypted text
  • How to ensure data and message confidentiality through Cryptography
  • What is the infrastructure and algorithm for public key
  • How efficiently deploy public key basic facilities and services for efficient working of cryptographic system
  • Understanding the requirements for cryptographic system
  • Role of public network in Cryptography
  • What is encryption
  • What are its different types
  • How to effectively deploy encryption
  • How to use Cryptography for different services likewise email, file storage, user authentication and e-commerce etc.
  • Cryptography process Overview of networks, internet and world wide web (www)
  • How to authenticate and authorized data and information access in web based environment
  • What are the attacks against authentication and authorization and how to tackle them effectively
  • How to manage sessions and state in SSL and HTTPS states in through Cryptography
  • What are the important guidelines for successful implementation of Cryptography

Beneficiaries of the Cryptography Certification Program

Cryptography certification program from Brainmeasures require some technical knowledge, expertise in data privacy, authorization and authentication as well as development and using of algorithms in security measurements. However, enrolment is not confined to just experts. All learners who are eager to enhance their competencies regarding security management and data privacy in the web based and offline environments as well as increase their expertise in data authentication, integration and authorization process. This certification program appeals to everyone whether a technical and IT specialist, security analyser, web developer, web master, web quality assurance engineer, software engineer, web application tester, software auditor, QA and QC engineers, software house managers or executives as well as students, individuals and corporate players who wish to grasp their understanding about applications and data security measurement with different techniques using Cryptography.

Job Opportunities for Cryptography Certification from Brainmeasures

After successful completion of the certification from Brainmeasures where you are supposed to be equipped with not only security measurement requirements, tools and techniques but also ensures that you are better professional to understand and use Cryptography for different purposes. You may entitle to fill up one of the following opportunities in the IT, Information Intelligence or Bureau and Computer world:

  • Cipher Analyst
  • Cryptographic Security Analyst
  • Cryptographic Security Advisor
  • Cryptographer
  • Data Encrypt or Decrypt Expert
  • Information Management Officer
  • Data Management Executive
  • Web Applications Auditor
  • Web Applications Analyst
  • Cipher Text Analyst
  • Web Site QA Analyst
  • E-Commerce Data Analyst
  • Online Transactions Security Auditor
  • IT Auditor
  • Cryptographic Software Designer
  • Cryptographic Software Developer
  • Web Security Administrator
  • Data Authentication and Authorization Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Technical IT Expert
  • Virtual Assistance in Cryptographic Techniques
  • Cryptography Mentor
  • Data and Applications Security Consultant

Cryptography Certification

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