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Biostatistics Certification

Biostatistics Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is Biostatistics?

This field is more commonly called as combination of somehow natural and social sciences field in which one is related to living and living things whole other is a proper system data and information recording, processing, summarizing, interpreting and presenting. Biostatistics is the area of study where proper data processing and interpretation of scientific and biological data is maintained through statistical applications. This field primarily focuses on variations in the results of scenic or biological applications in different scenarios with different kind of objects at different time intervals. For example examining and recording the heartbeat of a patient just before breakfast in the morning and at late night after dinner. Record the variations and present the facts with concrete justification or interpretation. It is an integral part to advance study in the fields of health sciences, genomics, clinical medicine, proteomics, biology and other such disciplines. Biostatisticians are experts and responsible for keeping the data as well as evaluation on the scientific basis.

Brainmeasures Biostatistics Certification Program

Becoming an expert in the field of biology and health sciences with proper command of data handling and interpretation requires you to become proficient in the art of managing both biological and record keeping aspects. Brainmeasures Biostatistics is the right choice for you to become an expert and proficient in the field of biology with statistical applications. The course is very well designed by keeping in mind the students of all kind from multiple fields and delivered in a way that there will be no difficulty to understand it from grass root level to advanced level of concepts. Furthermore, this is not the end as your knowledge, skills and expert opinions will also be assessed through an online exam as well as different case studies and scenarios. This will just give an idea to you about how well you are going in the certification course.

Expected Salary for Biostatistics Certification Holders

Getting certification of Biostatistics from Brainmeasures is just the beginning of new horizon not to just get the knowledge and expertise but also to increase your salary levels and income generation. The average annual salary for those who belongs to Biostatistics certification can earn $90,000-$140,000 per year and this amount may vary significantly based on the repute of the business, location, benefits and experience of the related person.

Highlights of the Biostatistics Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The Biostatistics certification program offered by Brainmeasures is developed in such a simplified way that all its participants will no longer have a hard time understanding the most vital concepts related to the Biology, Biomedical, Health Sciences and Statistics. With the help of the Biostatistics certification program offered by Brainmeasures, you can expect to become a master of the following topics and subject areas related to the course:

  • Get to know about Biostatistics basics
  • Review the concept of Math and Statistics
  • What is Biostatistics
  • Evolution of Biostatistics
  • Role statistics in the field of Biostatics
  • Different research techniques and data recording process in Biostatistics
  • How to start taking advantage of Biostatistics
  • Overcome the Math phobia from fundamental level to advanced level for using in health sciences and Biology
  • Brief review of statistical concepts and their applications
  • Understanding about probability and graphical presentation of the facts as important parts for Biostatistics
  • Efficient use of statistical software and calculators
  • Study about clinical study, clinical trials and drug development procedure
  • Effective use of market data relevant drugs development
  • Computerization and automation procedure of data in Biostatistics
  • Effectively summarize medical and biological history with excellent graphical presentation techniques
  • Data accuracy and precision criteria as well as measures
  • How to improve accuracy and to get greater control over precision
  • Fuzzy logics approaches in Biostatistics
  • Propagation and expression as statistical tools for medical science
  • Advanced level of analytical and data interpretation requirements
  • Group or pair based analysis in medical sciences with statistical applications
  • Average value comparison procedure between groups
  • Average proportions techniques
  • How to use measures of correlation and measures of association in Biostatistics
  • Selecting the right sampling strategy with fourfold tables production in different situations
  • A more comprehensive guide to using Biostatistics

Beneficiaries of the Biostatistics Certification Program

The Biostatistics certification program can benefit individuals and professionals who are working in different types of organizations. The certification course targets chemists, pharmacists, neurologist, medical statisticians, medical Mathematics experts, statistical analysts, doctors, biologist, medical field researchers and students in the related fields. This is just an exhaustive list based on more relevancy otherwise impact of Biostatistics in different dimensions of medical field cannot be denied.

Job Horizons for Biostatistics Certification Holders

Biostatistics field is considered to be really a very broad and demanding so you have an assurance that you will never experience any difficulty finding the most suitable job for you. Here are just few of the many jobs that will surely suit your skills and knowledge after you complete your Biostatistics certification course:

  • Doctoral Researcher in Biostatistics
  • Biostatistics Associate
  • Biostatistics Assistant
  • Biostatistics Doctor
  • Biostatistics Analyst
  • Data Analyst in Medical
  • Data Analyst in Biology and Health Sciences
  • Lecturer of Biostatistics
  • Mentor in Statistical Application for Biology in Health Sciences
  • Biostatistician Executive
  • Postdoctoral Biostatistics Researcher
  • Biological Database Specialist
  • Principal Computational Biostatistician
  • Biostatistics Director
  • Biostatistics Consultant

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