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Business Math Certification

Business Math Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is Business Math?

Business Math is basically the combination of two domains that are business concepts and Mathematics. It is the application of Mathematical concepts in the business. It is used for managing and solving the complex business problems by the use of Mathematics and its conceptual models. Business use Mathematics in accounting, costing, forecasting, budgeting and some other domains of financial analysis. Elementary arithmetic, algebra, probability and ratios are mostly used Mathematical applications in business area. Some advanced areas of Mathematics are also used in business management that entails to calculus, matrices and linear programming. So, in general terms, Business Math is used to solve economic or business problems by means of methods and concepts provided in the Mathematical science.

Business Math Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Today, for obtaining a better job with the better salary is not easy as you need to have and master the high demand skills and competency for this so that you can compete with other people. Having skills and competency should be also proven by the certification as this can guarantee you that you are having capability on the specific skill. Business Math course at Brainmeasures is the right choice to enhance your skills in crafting with Mathematical applications of business. Brainmeasures is the leading company in providing and offering the online testing and certification either for the individuals or also the companies. By going through different topics and areas of Business Math, you will become more skillful and proficient of using Mathematics in business which is observed as a barrier to career development most of the time. This is not just the end of delivery of knowledge, in fact your skills will also be assessed through an online exam after which you will be able to get prestigious certificate of Business Math from Brainmeasures.

Expected Salary for Business Math Certification Holders from Brainmeasures

Entitlement of Business Math certification from Brainmeasures ensures you as verified expert in Mathematical applications for business as well as expert who has the capability to solve problems from fundamental to complex level in very elegant manner. After getting Business Math certification of Brainmeasures, you will be able to advance your career by improving your ways of earnings and designation. The average annual salary for those who hold this certificate is around $80,000-$102,000 per year and this amount may vary significantly based on the type of industry (i.e. IT, Telecom, Banks, Engineering and Medical etc.), nature and reputation of the organization, location, education, skills and experience of the candidates etc.

Highlights of Brainmeasures Business Math Certification

Business Math certification course from Brainmeasures is different in terms of its approach and delivery of knowledge, skills and demonstration about using the Mathematics in business. Experts from both horizons (business management and Mathematics) have designed the course effectively and practically. You will definitely enjoy the journey of this course but first you need to register yourself with Brainmeasures and then enrol for the course. Following are some important areas that will be covered in Business Math certification course:

  • Overview the basic Mathematics
  • Use of fractions, ratios, proportions, percentages and decimals in business problems
  • Business Math evolution
  • Understanding about formulas and equations
  • Applications of graphs and charts in the business domain
  • Data processing, measurement, analysis and presentation process
  • Statistical application of business in context of Mathematics
  • Area of business finance and investment
  • Interest rates calculation techniques
  • Understanding about different interest systems
  • Time value of money
  • Investment management process
  • Mathematical applications in investment management and mortgage financing
  • Debt financing calculations
  • Managing bank accounts and payroll calculation through Mathematical applications
  • Budget designing and numerical valuation process
  • Product pricing techniques
  • Understanding the concepts of discounts, mark-up and mark-down prices
  • Revenue, cost and profit calculation process
  • Cost accounting management through Mathematical applications
  • Overhead and depreciation schedule preparation
  • Inventory calculation techniques
  • Mathematical applications in property measurement and lease calculations
  • Guidelines for managing leased and rental property and how to use Mathematics while compiling financial reports of the business

Beneficiaries of the Business Math Certification Course

Business Math certification from Brainmeasures is an exceptional certification in terms of providing the knowledge and Mathematical skills regarding understanding and application of basic and some advanced level of Mathematics in practical scenarios that a business encounters. Scope of this certification is very wide and prevails to lot of other courses of different domains (i.e. accounting, financial analysis, forecasting, costing, budgeting and pricing etc.). Beneficiaries of the certification can be from IT industry, manufacturing and services industry, computer science, almost all types of business industries and education & research fields as well. Business Math certification course from Brainmeasures is exclusively designed for businessmen, financial analysts, accountants, cost controllers, forecasters, budgeting planners, operations managers, statisticians, mathematicians, economists, students, teachers, researchers and for all those individuals who wish to enhance their skills in Business Math.

Job Horizons for Business Math Certification from Brainmeasures

After completion of the Business Math certification course from Brainmeasures, you may get lots of opportunities to select as one of the best fit for you. These opportunities are based on your relevant field and experience can be entitled as:

  • Accountant Cum Business Math Expertise
  • Certified Business Math Expert
  • Certified Business Math Technician
  • Cost Controller
  • Budgeting Analyst
  • Budget Planner
  • Lease Analyser
  • Business Math Mentor
  • Financial Forecaster
  • Banker
  • Director Finance
  • Online Assistance in Mathematical Applications for business
  • Mentor in Business Math
  • Business Problems Solver
  • College Professor of Business Math
  • University Lecturer
  • Economic Analyst
  • Investment Analyser
  • Investment Manager

Business Math Certification

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