Risk Management in Banking Certification

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Risk Management in Banking Certification

Risk Management in Banking Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 500 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Risk Management in Banking Certification

Risk Management in Banking

Finance in itself means risk. The more the risk involved the more profitability is a rule of thumb in the financial sector. But strategic risk management would lead to reduced chances of losses. This is a technique that is applicable in all segments.

Structure of this Certification Course

Risk Management in Banking Course provides a detailed and in depth analysis of the various problems and the areas in which the risk management can be effectively applied. Risk Management and Banking are the main focal points in this course.

The Risk Management in Banking Course begins with the general problems faced by the banking and public institutions and discusses the various approaches for solving the same. It deals with the various types of risk management including credit risk management, market risk management and operational risk management.

The next part of the Risk Management in Banking Course discusses about the various operation policies of Central Bank and the liquidity issue. You would become thorough in market risk measurement and management and be able to map the various financial instruments to the risk factors. You would be thorough with the statistical methods that can be used to forecast the market volatility, estimate it and go for timely risk management measures to effectively minimize the risk and its related negative impacts.

In the Market Risk segment you can delve into the detailed terms and structures, the volatility, mapping the financial instruments and deriving their links with risk factors, all about mortgage and mortgage securities.

The next segment is completely focused on Central Bank and its policies. It deals with the various strategies with which assets can be allocated efficiently. Moreover, it deals with the various policies and their revisions with emphasis on risk mitigation. It also covers the financial crisis management segment.

At the end of the course you would be quite thorough about the Central Bank’s Risk Management Policies and the various practical approaches.

Beneficiaries of Risk Management in Banking Course

When it comes to credit risk measurement and management you would get to know of the credit derivatives, default probability and the related repo rates. Along with it come the risk mitigation techniques including portfolio credit risk modeling.

In the operational and integrated risk management segment you can know about the risk capital and the effective way of allocating the risk capital in a justifiable manner across the organization. It also deals with the derivatives, regulatory requirements and the various methods to implement the same effectively and efficiently.

Benefits of this Certification

  • The course would guide you through the fundamentals of value creation with the help of risk management.
  • It would help in gauging the market efficiency and measure the market performance and attribution.
  • You would be able to identify areas where risk management can prove to be ineffective and finding new strategies to modify and make it effective.
  • It provides various analyses of the different types of risks and the various risk management tools.
  • With the fluctuations in the global economy the market stability has been at doldrums that has led to increased risk aspect.
  • The public institutions and banking sector are at higher level of risks in such scenarios. Newer policies and revisions in existing strategic risk management is given high priority.
  • The Risk Management in Banking Certification will give you scope for a reputed job in banking, financial as well as public institutions and the various prospects include Risk Management Manager, Operational Risk Manager, Credit Risk Manager etc.
  • The Risk Management In Banking Certification would enable to fetch a handsome salary ranging between $115,000 to $160,000.


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Risk Management in Banking Certification

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