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XAML Certification

XAML Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
Important Note :

You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is XAML?

XAML or Extensible Application Mark-up Language can be defined as an XML-based informative language developed by Microsoft. XAML is also pronounced as “Zammel”. XAML is the language used for the visual display of an application that you develop in Microsoft Expression Blend. In order to create an application in Expression Blend, XAML Code is required. XAML is widely used in .NET Framework v3.0 and v4.0 technologies, primarily Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), Silverlight, Windows Runtime XAML Framework and Windows Store apps. XAML is used as a user interface mark-up language to describe User Interface (UI) elements for a .NET Framework application. Elaborated UI documents can be created in XAML by describing elements such as shapes, controls, text, images, animation and more. To add run time logic to your application, XAML Code is required. XAML is used for creating a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) and assists both in bitmap and vector graphics along with multimedia files. XAML assists in building applications much easily for designers and developers.

Brainmeasures XAML Certification Course

Brainmeasures XAML Online Certification course offers a great opportunity to learn about XAML and to excel in this area. XAML aids in creating user interfaces easily and makes the entire process very transparent. Anyone who has experienced working with XML, would find XAML quite supportive and straightforward. XML elements are used in XAML to represent elements, which represents objects and also those elements which represents properties of those objects. Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers use XAML extensively to mention the layout of a user-interface (UI) and the materials used in that UI. Even many other frameworks make use of XAML in their processes. Brainmeasures is a leading skill testing ISO Certified Company and famous for their world class teaching standards. Learning XAML from Brainmeasures and earning an XAML Certification from them will benefit you a lot in your development and designing processes. Once you enrol for the XAML Certification course by Brainmeasures, you will receive an E-book that will serve as a guide to prepare you for the XAML Certification online test. Upon successful completion of the exam, you will be awarded the Home Designing Professional Certificate. This online certification course by Brainmeasures, will provide you an insight into the XAML development process and related technologies, which will enable you to enhance your User Interface designing and development skills.

Expected Salary for XAML Certified Professionals

Average Salary of a XAML Certified Professional could range from $85,000-$95,000. XAML Certified Professionals can expect up to 15% increase in their salary.

Highlights of the XAML Certification Course

The comprehensiveness of the XAML Certification Course from Brainmeasures widens your approach to develop and design a Graphical user interface (GUI). The following are the highlights of this extensive course:

  • Teaches various elements and attributes of XAML.
  • How to make use of Namespaces in XAML to avoid any name conflicts.
  • Discussing various properties and elements of XAML.
  • Summarizing the various aspects of the usage of XAML in user-interfaces.
  • Explains the usage of element object that may consists of child nodes of type element nodes.
  • Teaches how to mix XAML with code.
  • Assists in loading and parsing XAML at Run time.
  • Instructions to compile XAML and extending XAML.
  • Guides usage of Arbitrary Types in XAML.
  • Use of Mark-up extensions.
  • Teaches features from XAML 2009. XAML 2009 is short term for the XAML language that extends usage of existing XAML language specification.
  • Aids in controlling size and positions.
  • Teaches the application of 2D Transforms and 3D Transforms.
  • Focus on the Canvas, Stack Panel, Dock Panel, Grid, Variable Sized Wrapped Grid and Wrap Panel.
  • Teaches Primitive Panels and handling content overflow.
  • Explains about the various Shapes, Geometry, and Brushes.
  • Introduces you to 3D Graphics and assists you in starting with the process.
  • Teaches Camera skills and coordinate systems.
  • Discusses how to use Transform 3D, Visual 3D, Model 3D, Viewport 3D.
  • Assists in 2D and 3D Coordinate System transformation.
  • Teaches the use of Buttons, Hyperlink Button, Toggle Button, Repeat Button, Check Box, Radio Button, and Tool Tip.
  • Introduces to Items in the control, Item Panels, Combo box, List Box, List View, Grid View.
  • Discusses the image element and multiple files for multiple environments.
  • Teaches you the process of decoding images and encoding images.
  • Explains Text Block, Rich Text Block, Text Box, Rich Edit Box, and Password Box.
  • Discusses Audio and Video Playback, Capture and Transcoding.
  • Guides about the usage of Popup, Hub Picker, Date Picker, Time Picker, Progress ring, Toggle switch.
  • Creating User and Custom Controls.
  • Aids in utilizing Binary and logical resources. Introducing Data Binding and Animations.
  • Teaches how to create a Simple Canvas, Simple Stack Panel and Uniform Grid.
  • Overviewing System XAML. Reading XAML and writing to XML.

Beneficiaries of XAML Certification Course

The primary objective of XAML certification course by Brainmeasures is to provide immense exposure to individuals with varied qualifications in software development. This certification course would be greatly beneficial for aspiring Software Developers, User Interface (UI) designers, Windows Application Developers, WPF Developers and .Net developers.

Job Opportunities after completing an XAML Certification Course

An XAML Certification from Brainmeasures would increase your probabilities of attaining vital positions in various software development companies. Numerous employment opportunities are available in the following areas of software development:

  • C++ Software Developer
  • .Net Application Developer
  • UI/UX Developer
  • WPF GUI Designer
  • Windows App Developer

XAML Certification

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