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Meteorology Certification

Meteorology Certification



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What is Meteorology?

Meteorology is related to the study of planet earth’s atmosphere with respect to its surrounding. This is the study of weather forecasting and climate changes on earth. The term Meteorology has been emerged from the Greet word “Meteor” or “Meteoron” that deals with any objects originates in the sky. Meteorology is a versatile study of interdisciplinary domains related to Physics, Chemistry and a lot others which deal with the atmosphere of Earth, its structure and processes. In a broader perspective, climatology, atmospheric physics, chemistry, Meteorology etc. are sub-disciplines of Atmospheric Sciences. Meteorology, in other words also study the behaviour of temperature, air pressure, water evaporation and other changes in Earth’s atmosphere. This subject also covers different measurement scales to assess the impact of weather and climate changes on local, regional and global levels. These are such important measurements to accurately forecasting weather and judging the requirements for agricultural and other areas which are based on natural and man-made resources.

Brainmeasures Meteorology Certification Program

Brainmeasures has become extremely popular at present for being one of the most reputable and the leading employment testing and online certification company which offers different types of certification programs. Because of its guaranteed legitimacy, getting your Meteorology certification from Brainmeasures is definitely a good decision. The entire program can help you showcase your knowledge and skills in weather and climate forecasting with excellent command over atmosphere analysis on Earth. By studying Meteorology, you will become more accurate in modelling, forecasting and judgemental analysis about Earth’s atmosphere.

Apart from the course road map, learning and competencies of candidates is developed by the course material which is assessed through an online exam and series of quizzes as well as assignments with practical applications. This will definitely be an added skill and plus point to improve your CV and will make it easier to get the desired job that requires you to become proficient in the area of surface and atmosphere analysis of Earth.

Expected Salary for Meteorology Certification Holders from Brainmeasures

Apart from the huge increase in the number of career opportunities, you can also expect your annual salary to rise after completing the unique Meteorology certification course from Brainmeasures. You can expect to get a higher paying job or your present employer may start increasing your salary after come to know about your improvements in work and skills enhancement. It is possible for you to receive as much as $75,000 per year which can be increased further to $92,000-$125,000 after you receive your Meteorology certificate.

Highlights of the Meteorology Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Before enrolling in the Meteorology certification program from Brainmeasures, it is best for you to get register with an account so you can view its detailed syllabus which can help in acquainting yourself about the topics that you will learn from the certification program. The certification of Meteorology course covers the following topics:

  • Physics as basis for Meteorology
  • Understanding about different phases of physics (i.e. liquid, solid or gaseous)
  • Overview of heat and temperature
  • Atmosphere analysis process
  • Understanding about common and non-common factors in atmosphere
  • Role of maps in weather and climate study
  • What is difference between observations and forecasting
  • Learning about basic and advanced observational tools
  • In-depth study of forecasting techniques
  • Natural lightning, thunderstorm and rain development procedure
  • How to effectively protect from lightning
  • History of tornadoes and their impact on Earth
  • What are tropical cyclones
  • How they emerged
  • Hurricane life cycle and impact analysis
  • Study about different weather seasons
  • Signs of winter weather
  • Defining normal and abnormal weather conditions
  • Concept of too much and not enough water
  • Climate changes and impact on Earth’s atmosphere
  • The past trend and future conditions of climate

Beneficiaries of the Brainmeasures Meteorology Certification Program

No doubt weather and climate conditions have been changed drastically from last two decades which are still now rapidly changing. So, the subject of Meteorology has its vital importance to provide the best knowledge and practices of atmosphere analysis, weather and climate forecasting. Meteorology certification at Brainmeasures is perfect for anyone who wishes to strengthen their knowledge and eager to learn about atmospheric analysis of Earth with weather and climate forecasting skills. The good thing about Brainmeasures is that it offers its Meteorology certification program without requiring you to meet any prior knowledge and qualifications. This certification course is ideal for meteorologists, weather forecaster, climate change analysts, atmosphere change analysts, geologists, geo-physics experts, researchers, students, teachers and for all those individuals who wish to enhance their forecasting and analytical skills in Meteorology, atmosphere analysis, weather and climate forecasting.

Job Opportunities after Completing the Meteorology Certification Course

Receiving your Meteorology certification widens your employment opportunities. You have greater chances of getting a more desirable job with a more decent pay after completing certification course. Among the job opportunities some of them are following:

  • Weather Forecaster
  • Climate Forecaster
  • Geologist
  • Geo-Physics Expert
  • Climate Change Analyst
  • Chief Meteorologist
  • Earth’s Atmosphere Analyst
  • Mentor in Meteorology
  • Mentor in Weather Forecasting
  • Geographical Mapping Expert
  • Certified Meteorologist
  • Atmosphere Science Engineer

Meteorology Certification

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