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Sketchup 2014 Certification

Sketchup 2014 Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is Sketchup 2014?

Sketchup 2014 is an abundantly functioning 3D modelling program designed for non-commercial usage. Sketchup 2014 is used in a wide range of drawing applications just as interior design, mechanical engineering, architectural project design, video game, civil engineering and film design and is available in a free version Sketchup Make and a paid version, Sketchup Pro. Trimble Navigation is a mapping, surveying and navigation equipment company and is currently the owner of Sketchup. Sketchup is a very user friendly program and there is an online open source library of free model assemblies such as vehicles, exits, windows and more. Sketchup 2014 permits design professionals to imitate the freedom and feeling of working casually just like sketching with your pen on a paper. It also has a 3D Warehouse where users can add models. Sketchup 2014 enables the drawing layout functions, permits surface interpretation in different styles, and reserves third-party plug in programs hosted on a site called Extension Warehouse to make other competencies available. Within Google earth, it also enables placement of its models easily. Sketchup 2014 is basically used for non-profitable purposes, personal usage and is completely free of charge. Sketchup 2014 saves a lot of time as not much time is needed to learn this program and implement the same in your project work.

Brainmeasures Sketcup 2014 Certification Course

The Sketchup 2014 certification course by Brainmeasures explains about this program and guides you about the usage and functionality of this program in your area of work. Sketchup 2014 has enabled designing an easy process. Sketchup 2014 is extremely accessible and simple to use and you have the privilege to use your ideas by adding them in conjunction with Autocad on Sletchup. Usually, it consumes a lot of time in adding your ideas on to the Autocad and refine them further but with the help of Sketchup, you can add your ideas rapidly on Autocad and are skilled to apply the render and can get the desired result of your finished design in a very short span of time. Brainmeasures is an ISO certified leading online certification company renowned for their online professional certifications and skill testing. After getting enrolled in this course by Brainmeasures, you would receive an E-book that would guide you for the online exam. Upon successful completion of the online exam, you would be awarded the certificate by Brainmeasures.

Expected Salary after completion of Sketchup 2014 Certification Course

The average salary of a Design Associate is around $60,000. Salaries vary depending upon the personal experience and qualifications of an individual.

Highlights of the Sketchup 2014 Certification Course by Brainmeasures

The Sketchup 2014 certification course by Brainmeasures explains all the components of the course work in detail. Some of the chief topics covered in the course are discussed below: Gets you started with Sketchup 2014.

  • Establishes the modelling mind-set.
  • Enables you to start quickly with Sketchup 2014.
  • How to perform with modelling in Sketchup, how to build buildings.
  • How to fall in love with components.
  • Going beyond buildings and learning more tools in the process.
  • How to keep your model organized.
  • How to model with photos and other resources.
  • How to make 3D prints and Sketchup models.
  • Viewing your model in different ways and how to work with styles and shadows.
  • How to present your model inside Sketchup.
  • Explains you about sharing what you have made, paper or cloud along with printing and uploading your work.
  • How to export images and animations.
  • How to create presentations with layouts.
  • Studying your layout deeply.
  • Explains the part of Tens, ten sketchup traps and their trends.
  • Teaches you ten different ways to learn much more with Sketchup.

Beneficiaries of the Sketchup 2014 Certification Course by Brainmeasures

The Sketchup 2014 certification course by Brainmeasures is a fantastic opportunity for all those individuals who love to draw and are involved in architectural designing, interior designing, video game designing and related careers. Sketchup 2014 course would enable you to not only improve and enhance your creative drawing and designing skills but also gives those individuals an opportunity to create a refined piece of art or a design project who are otherwise not great at drawing or sketching. Certifications by Brainmeasures are recognized and accepted worldwide.

Employment Opportunities after completing the Sketchup 2014 Certification Course by Brainmeasures

Numerous job opportunities are available for certified Sketchup 2014 professionals. Some of the job roles that you can expect to master yourself in are mentioned below:

  • Modeler/ Designer
  • Design Associate
  • Architecture Drafter
  • Graphic Artist 3D Visualization
  • CAD Technician/ Designer
  • Architectural CAD Technician

Sketchup 2014 Certification

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