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Blackboard Administration Certification

Blackboard Administration Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

What is Blackboard Administration?

Blackboard Administration or Blackboard Learning Management System is an effective learning environment and course management systemestablished by Blackboard Inc. It is a Web-based server software which features customizable open architecture,course management, and scalable design that allows incorporation with student information systems and validation protocols. It may be hosted by Blackboard ASP Solutions or installed on local servers. Its main functions are to add online elements to courses traditionally delivered directly and to develop entirely online courses with little or no direct meetings.The major benefit of the Blackboard system is its permanency and market share. It is presently the leading player in the space and as such has become customary. Many other teaching/learning software/services have additional points with Blackboard Learn because of its supremacy in the eLearning space. Also, Blackboard has a well-built system for data amalgamation with SIS (Student Information Systems) of many variants, and a wide list of features. Other advantages of Blackboard learn comprise of a common language for interaction, differentmethodologies to problem-solving, flexible depiction of information, effectivestoring of information, systematized participation and an iterative method to problem-solving. Within last three years, Blackboard Inc. has sold two major product lines which are the Blackboard Academic Suite and the Blackboard Commerce Suite.

Brainmeasures Blackboard Administration Certification Course

The Blackboard administration online certification course by Brainmeasures explores all the major aspects of this system thoroughly. Maximum question choices in Blackboard Learn with the allowance of file upload and essay questions can be spontaneously graded with the points instantaneously added to the Grade Center. This permitsthe students to obtainan instant feedback on the valuation, and eliminates the charge of having to physically enter quiz grades into the Grade Center.Blackboard Inc. offersinfluential and user friendly systems for educational communication, training and valuation. There are numerousadded skills that are endorsed with the use of Blackboard. These skills comprise of time management, and organization, both of which are essential in assisting students so that they can carry out their assignments competently. The acceptance of Blackboard Course Management Software or CMS all over the nation by universities, college, and even K-12 schools has brought many instructors to a biggerresponsiveness of what it takes to deliver course materials through the World Wide Web efficiently.Brainmeasures is an ISO certified leading online certification company renowned for their online certifications and skill testing. After getting enrolled in this course, you would receive an E-book that would guide you for the online exam. Upon successful completion of the online exam, you would be awarded the certification.

Expected Salary after completing Blackboard Administration Certification Course by Brainmeasures

The average salary of a Blackboard Systems Administrator is around $41,807 - $61, 356. Salaries may vary depending upon personal qualifications and experience of an individual.

Highlights of Blackboard Administration Certification Course by Brainmeasures

The Blackboard Administration course discusses all the components of this online course at length. Some of the major components covered in this course are discussed below:

  • Discusses about planning a Blackboard Learn instance.
  • How to install Blackboard learn?
  • Teaches you about setting up and customizing.
  • How to create courses in Blackboard learn?
  • How to administer courses in Blackboard learn?
  • How to create users in Blackboard learn user creation policy?
  • How to manage roles and users in Blackboard learn?
  • How to use tools and utilities in Blackboard learn?
  • Discusses about security, reporting and configuration in Blackboard learn.
  • Discusses about authentication and data integration in Blackboard learn.
  • How to implement building blocks in Blackboard learn?
  • Discusses about logs, troubleshooting and disaster recovery in Blackboard learn.

Beneficiaries of Blackboard AdministrationCertification Course by Brainmeasures

The Blackboard administration course by Brainmeasures is really advantageous for all the individuals involved in online teaching, providing online education solutions, etc. Basically, it is essentially useful for all the educators and students as it offers an excellent learning system that will be definitely preferred by all the students and tutors. It is time saving, fast, easy and an exceptionally beneficial learning system being widely used in most of the educational organizations nowadays. After becoming a certified professional in Blackboard administration, the chances of your getting recruited with an established company increase manifold. Certifications by Brainmeasures are recognized and accepted worldwide.

Employment Opportunities after completing Blackboard Administration Certification Course by Brainmeasures

There are innumerable job opportunities for certified professionals in this field. Some of the job roles that you can expect yourself to fit in are mentioned below:

  • LMS Administrator
  • Systems Administrator
  • Blackboard Systems Administrator
  • Senior Academic Service Administrator

Blackboard Administration Certification

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