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Bodybuilding Certification

Bodybuilding Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Bodybuilding Certification

Structure of this Course

“A course designed with the purpose of benefiting each one of those who read and follow it appropriately, ultimate care has been taken to make it as much detailed yet up to the point, simple and easy to follow. “

While the course helps the reader to understand and follow it personally, it interestingly also helps him / her to qualify for a Online Bodybuilding Certification and become a Certified Bodybuilder. This means this course turns out to be the ladder towards a successful career as a Fitness Trainer.

What’s more interesting is that, it may sound too lengthy and boring, but on the contrary, “the reality is that each exercise would hardly take 5 minutes to understand and review.” Moreover, you need not sieve through the entire book to find out a particular exercise. Simply know which muscle you want to build and the exercises for that muscle are grouped in one segment.

Beginning with – section 1 is dedicated to the shoulder muscles. It is a general thinking that it comprises of one set of muscles and accordingly the general exercise for the shoulders are imparted. But this is not the truth. It comprises of three segments of muscles and each segment requires a different kind of exercise. If the exercises mentioned in this are rightly followed one is sure to get a strong and appropriately built shoulder muscles.

The next concentration is upon the chest. section 2 deals with this segment. Starting from the exercises, to the right type of movements and grips every aspect is detailed out with great perfection.

section 3 is dedicated for the back that again has 3 segments – the lower, middle and upper and maintaining a balance of strengthening and building up these muscles is of utmost importance to give the right posture and look.

Section 4 takes care of the most popular muscle – arms which would include the biceps and the triceps. Getting the perfect shape of these is essential as they glaringly speak about your efforts towards bodybuilding.

Section 5 takes care of a beautifully shaped butt and attractively structured legs starting from the thighs, hamstrings and calves.

section 6 covers the secret tips of getting that six pack abs.

Beneficiaries of this course

With changing trend towards a healthy living more and more people from all age groups are taking up fitness regimes as a part of their daily routine. While some go to the gyms some prefer to get Personal Training and for this, a qualified Fitness Trainer is the one preferred for as this adds more credibility and also paves way for enhanced income.

This course would enable you to understand some insider secret techniques, methodologies and tips which other courses tend to overlook. This gives you an added advantage of gaining the confidence and reputation among your clients thereby paving the way for a bright career as a Certified Bodybuilder.

Benefits of this course

  • A career as a Certified Bodybuilder is booming these days and it is no wonder that it would help one to fetch a handsome income that can run even up to six figures annually.
  • Coming to the course which is in the form of a book aptly named ‘Bodybuilding Certification’ it details out the complete anatomy of not only the body parts and its related exercises but also of the various secret techniques that would help one become an expert in bodybuilding.
  • Though one would have a general idea about the body’s anatomy one is sure to be wonderstruck to find out minute details about each muscles, its individual operation and their coordinated effects while exercising, the effects of each exercise on the various muscles.
  • It details out a whole range of muscle building exercises in a more descriptive and easy to follow way that is sure to be of great help especially to the beginners who, otherwise get baffled while entering this new world of fitness.
  • It is course for bodybuilding, complete in all angles whether it is the various exercises, instructions o n how to do or the systematic way of doing it for utmost benefit. It details out certain suggestions that usually seems to be something minor but has a great impact on the effects like feet positioning, grip level etc.

“The in depth information about the muscles and its related exercises, the appropriately segmented and neatly organized and systematic and effective approach is guaranteed to give you the best results towards a robust bodybuilding and taking it one step further to build your career based on it. “

Bodybuilding trainer – job

  • There is a high demand for people with Bodybuilding Certification, as these people can make such great fitness trainers to train both amateurs and professionals.
  • A bodybuilding trainer takes care of all the routine, the exercises, the warm-up session and make sure that muscles are uniformly trained. This online bodybuilding certification is crucial to professional personal trainers, as being a bodybuilding trainer also means you need to be in good knowledge of the human body’s anatomy.
  • The knowledge of the human anatomy is essential as muscles aren’t separate units, they all work together and any fitness trainer should know that the respective groups of muscles should be trained together.
  • If you get to be a bodybuilding trainer with the help of the Bodybuilding Certification, you can be comfortable as you can either work at home (training your clients individually in their homes or your home, according to the circumstances) or at a gym which is either yours or you can be employed at a local gym of your preference.

Bodybuilding salaries are as various as the opportunities are various. If you train people at home, it’s a standard to get $30-$100 per hour, depending on who you train and with which purposes. $100 per hour is only if you are highly qualified and a true professional training professional competitors. For other things as book, appearances money will also flow in. Generally it’s not at all hard to have $100.000-$200.000 income per year. Depends on how you move with your strategies.


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