Mastering Metabolism for Fitness Certification

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Mastering Metabolism for Fitness Certification

Mastering Metabolism for Fitness Certification



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Mastering Metabolism for Fitness Certification

Mastering Metabolism for fitness certification

“Very few of us understand that each individual’s metabolism is different from the other and thus everyone cannot and should not follow the same diet routine. What we fail to understand is that an extraordinary appetite or repeated craving for a particular type of food is itself a symptom for some kind of disorder. “

Structure of this Course

Unless the metabolism is not fine tuned, any amount of exercise would not be effective enough to keep you fit and this is what this course details about. Once you go through this course you would get a detailed insight and the complicated structures and functions of the metabolic system. Designed to be an independent certification course you can easily get a Mastering Metabolism for Fitness Certification. It would also be a valuable add on to your existing Personal Trainer Certification.

In the first segment the course details about some popular diet regimes that have been set as a standard thumb of rule. Though they are popular, it tells why they are not effective. It also elaborates what would be the effect of taking up the wrong diet which can include something contrary to the expected positive results. How the food turns into toxic and as a side effect of wrong diet how the body, instead of losing weight puts on more.

It details about the various health problems that are associated with wrong diets but are mostly not realized and include peeling fingernails, insomnia, depression, joint pain and even something as common as headache.

Section 3 deals about some interesting fact relating to milk which many do not even have a hint about. It talks about the various negative effects of taking quantities of milk more than the requirement. in fact, instead of helping in providing nutrition it turns out to be stripping out the nutritional effect of other diet taken along. It also talks about the chemical process involved in fat extraction from cheese and how the cheese looses even some essential fats, in the process.

The next segment is about the various types of metabolisms which are broadly categorized into grain eating, meat eating and omnivorous metabolism (a combination of both these).

With this knowledge now you can move ahead to the next segment ‘Eat Right for Your Metabolism’ where you would be informed about the various diets suitable for various metabolisms. This segment contains diets that have been carefully studied and the interesting fact is that it doesn’t say a person to completely avoid eating meaty diets or grainy diets. It simply puts forth the calculations of the right proportion that would be most effective for the metabolism to breakdown the food completely and absorb the energy.

It talks about the various quantities of secretion and utilization of enzymes, acids and bile in the breakdown, energy formation and absorption process.

The next segment deals with the various nutritional benefits that one would attain due to proper food digestion. What many overlook is the fact that though they take sufficient amount of food, they still tend to be weak and are found to lack certain nutrients in their body. With the knowledge of the various types of nutrients and their source one can ensure that they take a balanced diet that is metabolic friendly.

Beneficiaries of this Course

With this you would not only train your clients to do various fitness exercises but also enable them to lead a healthy lifestyle from within. This would help you in assisting them to identify and educate about their metabolism and choose the right kind of food that would compliment it. With this both, the digestive system would be happy in working in the right way and your client would be even more happy to have that feel good feeling topped up with a higher level of fitness.

“The Mastering Metabolism for Fitness Certification is like a gateway that would open up avenues for a prosperous career as Certified Nutritionist and the salary can be anywhere between $39,000 to 58,000.”

Benefits of this Course

In short we can say that this course is benefiting people by educate them about

  • The various types of metabolism
  • How the diet is absorbed.
  • How the metabolism helps in energy transformation
  • What is the right diet with an individualistic approach?
  • Developing diet strategies on an individual basis
  • Provide nutritional coaching.

“Having gained sufficient in-depth knowledge about metabolism and its direct linkage with diet you would be in a better position to not only keep yourself healthy but spread this to your clients and contribute to a healthy living society.”


Medical nutritionists who took the Mastering metabolism for fitness certification have higher chances in being hired than normal nutritionists who didn’t take such certifications.

Being a medical nutritionist is a respect full but demanding work. You have to work with people all the time, so you need to be relaxed and understanding, helpful as a person. You also need to be certified and creative as every patient will feel and act differently. Medical nutritionists have higher responsibilities as people they cure are mainly just recovered or in recovering from some illness or bad condition.

A certified nutritionist is aware of fitness techniques adjusted to the diet as well as what types of food are needed in which case and how a diet should be set and changed in time in order to have a permanent effect. Helping someone with results lasting a couple of months is not real help, being aware of every single background aspect of this job is what you need to be successful.

Nowadays medical nutritionists are not enough as a number, so finding a position won’t be too hard. You may be concerned about the salary, but don’t be as the payment for this work is very decent, you can make an annual salary of $50.000 or even more depending on your previous experience and depending on the hospital’s financial situation and strategies.

Writing medical books also pays very well but make sure that if you choose to write you will bring something new and challenging into that book as otherwise your book will never be sold, many such books have been written!


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