Mastering Weight Training Certification

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Mastering Weight Training Certification

Mastering Weight Training Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Mastering Weight Training Certification

Mastering Weight Training Certification

With increasing awareness about health and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle, people from every walk of life have taken to exercising and maintaining proper weight and health. In the process, many health clubs have opened up to cater to the exercisers. This has resulted in increased demand of weight trainer.

“Now the great question that would come to many of the starters – ‘Why at all should I go for weight lifts and why not other kind of workouts’?“

Structure of this Course

This course has been systematically segmented into 5 parts and each of them are more or less completely independent of the other so that it becomes easier for you to start from anywhere and not necessarily going through all of them in a sequential way.

The First Part deals with the basics of weight lifting and includes the various jargons used in weight lifting and it also explains the safety measures to be adopted while weight lifting to make it a more effective one. It also educates you about keeping a systematic check on your progress and self testing methods.

Now that you are done with the basics you can move on to the actual world. Wait. While hopping out for an appropriate gym or a weight trainer or personal trainer you need to know which is right and which you should avoid. The Second Part would surely prove to be valuable as you would be saved from sweet tongues of tricky salespersons.

Now you can jump on to the actual bandwagon. Part Three would detail out the variety of exercises. Do you know that no single method is used solely? There are a combination of different methods and techniques that include Yoga, Pilates etc. and part specific techniques. You need go for different courses to know about these. Everything related to fitness comes in a compact and easy to understand form in this part.

“What makes this book different from others is that it clearly explains not only the varieties of exercises but also gives the benefits of each of them on specific muscles, which you can easily identify from the diagrams provided.“

So, you have come to know about the various exercises, how to do them and their benefits. But after knowing them all, are you confused which to adopt, which to leave or what would be the right combination? Part Four clears your confusion with ease.

Depending upon your circumstances, schedules and more important of all, your goal, this section would help you create your own customized work schedule with a combination of the most suitable and effective workouts. This is more important for sensitive situations like the pre natal and post natal periods.

Part five is more of a sum up with some additional suggestions for effective fitness that would include ways to make your weight lifting workouts to be more fun and effective and proper diet and supplements.

Beneficiaries of this Course

This course has been specially designed to be a complete course in itself thereby making it independent enough to enable you to have a Personal Trainer Certification and become a Certified Weight Trainer. So you will not only learn for yourself but this would help you to become a professional trainer too.

The Professional Personal Trainer can be benefited considerably from this book as it details out the various techniques, body part specific benefits and also helps in customized workout scheduling. This would help you in imparting a more appropriate and attractive training to your customers and helps you in becoming popular among your competitors.

Benefits of the Course

  • Weight lifting has proved to be highly beneficial with multiple positive results for the entire body.
  • It helps in strengthening your bones, maintain a healthy weight and increase your stamina, reducing your LDL and BP.
  • With so much benefit it is for sure that your lifestyle too becomes healthy and happy.
  • “Moreover, if you have a Personal Training Certification and want to become a Personal Trainer you can have a handsome income. You can expect to earn anywhere between $10 to $35 per hour or on an average a monthly income would be anywhere between $20,000 to $73,000.”
  • This book is designed to be of help and great assistance towards your journey of becoming a Personal Trainer. But it is so simply designed that it can be used even by those who do not know anything about exercise and weight lifting, any of the tools or terms used in it.
  • The specialty about this book is that it would give you details of all aspects of weight training. This includes the techniques to be followed, the safety measures to be adopted and more important of all you can find varieties of workouts that would give the same benefits.
  • You may ask why so? The varieties of techniques are designed for variety of circumstances. We understand that life is not static and that you would be busy in one thing or the other and your circumstances may vary. But still, it is necessary to keep fit. Apply the one suitable for a particular circumstance and enjoy being fit.

Weight trainer – job

With the Mastering Weight Training Certification you will easily qualify as a personal trainer, even if you don’t have an experience on this field.

A weight trainer, to describe it precisely, will have to know how to manage diets, exercises to help the diet and general life style tips for clients.

Any professional personal trainer should have this weight trainer certification as only here you will learn all the tips and strategies to achieve successful weight management. In our society over-working is an issue implying weight issues. Not to mention that being a weight trainer pays of really good.

A good weight trainer will help clients keep their hearth health, get more energy, be in shape all the time, changing the lifestyle positively. Also, a personal trainer has to provide a good exercise routine which is essential even if the person is already on diet.

It’s easy to qualify for a job at a local state hospital, a private hospital, a private weight management cabinet (if you open such a place of your own) or writing good books.

Your salary will be decent: you can get paid between $40.000 and $70.000. Of course, this is not the money you earn from writing books, but you earn it by working as a weight trainer. It’s good to have at least 3 years of experience in order to make a career and get a more stable and probably higher income. If you can, it’s good to open your own gym and work there, that brings more to your household.


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