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Financial Valuation Certification

Financial Valuation Certification



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Financial Valuation Certification


To understand financial valuation one must first understand what it exactly means, one the popular definitions of financial valuation is “valuation is a procedure to determine actual worth of a company or an asset, it is highly subjective and is done by considering the current value of tangible goods.”

Financial Valuations can be done on

  • Tangible Assets such as stocks, business enterprises ect.
  • Intangible Assets such as patents, trademarks etc.
  • Liabilities such as bonds etc.

Absolute Value Model, Relative Value Model, Options Pricing Model are various models used for financial valuation of assets, financial valuation is needed for many reasons such as to determine exact tax liability, capital budgeting, financial reporting, mergers, acquisitions, litigation etc.

Brainmeasures Financial Valuation Certification

Brainmeasures is an (ISO 9001-2008 certified)leading online skill testing and certification company and this financial valuation certification course program by Brainmeasures is the best certification program available, developed by professionals under strict ISO guidelines this 1000 page reference course is an all encompassing study material on the subject, helping you to understand the subject from very basic to advance stages, in short it will help you master the subject and prepare you to enter the job market.

Highlights of financial Valuation Certification course

Brainmeasures reference financial valuation course material is a bible to financial valuation and has been so developed that you can master his subject without any prior knowledge of the subject.

  • Brilliant course from a leading online skill testing company.
  • An all encompassing valuation text helping you to understand financial valuation application in an easy to understand text.
  • Major focus laid on application methods.
  • Loaded with numerous examples to help reader successfully carry-out the valuation process.
  • This course will navigate you from basics to advanced knowledge of the field.
  • Knowledge on how to handle shareholder disputes, mergers, income tax, gift tax, martial dissolution, ESOPs, intellectual property rights, commercial damages make it the best study material available on the subject.
  • Plus it is packed with study material on financial statements, company risk analysis, cost of capital returns, market approach, report writing, court case issues, valuation of intangible assets etc, thus making it the most comprehensive and elaborate study guide on financial valuation.
  • Provides guidelines to analysts, auditors on financial valuation.

Brainmeasures financial valuation certification course is the best value for money if you are thinking of getting certified in this field- all you have to pay is USD 99 and get status of certified financial expert and get your ticket to a glorious profession.

Beneficiaries of this course

This course has been so designed that anybody interested in this filed or the ones who want to enter financial valuation job market can enroll directly for this certification course program as no prior knowledge of finance and accounting is required for enrolling in this certification program.

Apart from this it forms an excellent study guide for Appraisers, appraisal associations and societies, actuaries, attorneys, banking, business brokers, business executives, tax directors, CPAs, Financial analysts, insurance agents, investment bankers, judges, pension administrators, stockbrokers.


The fact that certified professionals always score on non-certified professionals when it comes to job availability is universally known, so by getting certified you guarantee a step forward to your dream job and when you are certified by a leading online certification company like Brainmeasures you further take a step towards your destination.

Brainmeasures financial valuation course is a perfect certification and course program if you want to become a certified financial valuator, all you have to do is enroll for this certification course program, study the course material and take the certification exam (everything is available online, just for $99) and wide job avenues open up for you, if you are certified financial valuator you can take a job in

  • Investment bank
  • Appraisal associates firm,
  • Insurance companies
  • As a pension administrator
  • Stock exchange firms
  • As a financial analysts
  • Law firms
  • Banks
  • Actuaries
  • And many more fields.

Expected Monthly Salary

Experienced financial valuators earn huge money in tune of millions of dollars annually but if you are new but certified you can get a good job with expected monthly salary go $50,000 - $75,000.

This is the best time to enter this market but positions are fast filling, so get certified now and start a bright professional future.


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