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Financial Management Certification

Financial Management Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 776 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Financial Management Certification

Financial Management (Investments and Capital Market)

In the world of Finance and Business everything needs to be organized and well laid out thus Financial Management plays a crucial role in this field.

Now the question arises what exactly is financial management and its role in investments and Capital Market, before jumping to this, a little information on financial management would help.

According to a popular definition, “it is management of financial resources to achieve financial goals of a business or organization. With key objectives of creating wealth, generating cash and adequate return on investments.”

Financial Planning, Financial Control and Financial Decision Making are the key elements of financial management.

Financial Management in investments and capital markets studies the financial system, structure of interest rates and pricing of risky assets. Proper financial management in capital markets is vital for efficient functioning of this field.

Brainmeasures Financial Management Certification (Investments and Capital Markets)

Brainmeasures Financial Management Certification (investments and Capital Markets) is an all inclusive course material on the subject and gives information on all important aspects of financial management in investments and finance. This finance management reference course is packed with all the essential information you need to master this subject professionally. Brainmeasures Financial Management Certification (investments and Capital Markets) has been developed by experienced professionals of this field.

Brainmeasures is a leading (ISO 9001-2008 certified) online certification and skill testing company with over 1200 skill test in varied fields and over 100 professional developed course materials.

This Financial Management certification (investments and Capital Markets) package includes Financial Management Certification (Investments and Capital Management) course, Financial Management certification exam, hard copy certificate (after you successfully clear Brainmeasures Certification exam).

Brainmeasures Financial Management Certification (Investments and Capital Markets) course has been developed by experienced professionals and subject matter experts and helps you understand the subject from its very basics and then maneuver you to the advance stages so that you are fully prepared to enter the job market.

Highlights of this Certification Course Program

A complete and comprehensive course material on financial management in investments and capital market, every aspect of the subject has been covered and all latest developments in the field have been mentioned.

  • Introduction to financial mathematics and financial analysis, the basic tools to span investment and financial decision making.
  • Detailed explanation of capital market fundamentals, financial intermediaries and financial regulators.
  • Information on basic interest rates, bonds and stock market valuation, asset pricing and derivative instruments.
  • Explanation of current assets and risk management.
  • Detailed overview of investment objectives, portfolio theory and performance evaluation.
  • Equity management and use of futures and options in portfolio management is discussed in detail.
  • More focused on investment and capital markets then only on financial management, making it a unique study guide.

This is one of those rare course and certification programs which will prepare you to enter the professional market even if you have no earlier knowledge of finance and accounting.

Note: To view detailed syllabus you have to register with Brainmeasures, if already registered just login in your account

Beneficiaries of this Certification Course

This Financial Management Certification (Investments and Capital Markets) is for all interested readers of the subject, you need not have a background of finance and accounting to enroll in this certification program but the best part is, it is detailed study material on the subject giving you all information required to enter the job market.

It forms an excellent supplementary material for graduate business students, stock traders, market forecasters, accountants and lawyers.

Job Aspects – Certified Financial Management (investment and Capital Market) experts.

Certified financial managers are in huge demand, and Brainmeasures financial management certificate can help you get a great job as Brainmeasures Certifications are accepted globally by employers.

If you are a certified Financial Manager (investments and Capital Markets). You can work as

  • Investment Manager
  • Shares and stock Market expert
  • FOREX Trade analyst
  • Financial Service Representative
  • Charted Accountant
  • Financial Consultant
  • Financial Analyst
  • Small Business Advisor

These fields are just few to name, this is a vast field with wide job opportunities, if you are a certified financial manager you will get a great job with ease.

Expected Salary Range

Research shows that certified professionals are better paid and get promotions often than non certified professionals.

Salary range for this field is vast and varies with experience and job you are in. In general Financial Management experts earn between $30,000 - $1, 00,000.

  • Below are the median annual earnings of the industries
  • which employ financial managers
  • Management of companies and enterprises $88,000
  • Local Government $63,000
  • Depository Credit Intermediation $ 58,000
  • Below is the average salary of selected financial managers
  • Cash Manager $ 65,000
  • Assistant controller $1.15, 000
  • Assistant treasures $ 111000
  • Treasurer $1,50, 0000

Brainmeasures Online Financial Management Certification (Investments and Capital Markets) is your ticket to this highly paid profession, Enroll Now!


Financial Management Certification

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