Software Measurement Certification

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Software Measurement Certification

Software Measurement Certification



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Software Measurement Certification

What to Expect from a Software Measurement Certification Program?

Certified Software Measurement Professionals Skills

Software measurement can be defined as a quantified approach for a specific software process or product. The goal of this process is to obtain objective, quantifiable and reproducible measurements that can have a huge impact on quality assurance testing, budget planning and schedule, software debugging and performance optimization, cost estimation and on personnel task assignments. Software measurement is used to measure elements of software products including requirement documents, database structure models and design object models and the data measured can serve as a guide in allowing an organization to achieve growth and development. Different software measurements are also used in measuring data and these include function point analysis, code coverage, balanced scorecard, instruction path length and cohesion

Brainmeasures' Software Measurement Certification Program

After deciding to get a software measurement certification, you should check out the program offered by Brainmeasures. Getting online certifications for software measurement from this company is the most convenient way to improve your knowledge about the field. It will also guide you all throughout the process of building your experiences as a software measurement professional so you can prevent committing errors in the future. Being a part of the software measurement certification program from Brainmeasures allows you to receive a more comprehensive training course which will make you stay competitive once you start to apply for a job. The skills assessment tests included in the program can also help you in further improving your software measurement skills. Finishing up the course and passing the final software measurement exam of the program offered by Brainmeasures can let you take a hold of your hard copy certificate which can prove that you are an expert in the industry.

Highlights of Brainmeasures Software Measurement Certification Program

Brainmeasures software measurement certification program is extremely beneficial for people like you who are aiming to become a software measurement expert and professional. The following are among those that you will learn from enrolling in the software measurement course offered by the company:

  • Ability to let you understand how different software products work
  • The underlying processes and statistical characteristics behind every software product
  • The process of evaluating software artifacts which will help you perform better during the tracking of certain projects
  • Ability to assess and describe problematic situations in every software product
  • Basics of tracking, analyzing, controlling and evaluating software projects
  • Basics of predicting or estimating software characteristics
  • Process of evaluating software processes and products based on established standards
  • Basics of building metrics or measurements and using appropriate statistics
  • Proving the validity of certain metrics or measures

Relating different software measurement procedures to organizational requirements and projects to stay competitive with the help of quantitative targets

Beneficiaries of the Software Measurement Certification Program

The software measurement certification program is primarily intended for IS professionals, regardless of the level of their experience, who wish to understand the process of collecting, analyzing, defining and presenting different software measurement details. The course is also perfect for owners of organizations who wish to build measurement software programs or improve the one that they are currently using. The software measurement certification program is also ideal for software professionals who work as project managers or who focus on software acquisition management, software engineering and development and software intensive projects. The good thing about Brainmeasures is that it accepts anyone who decides to enroll in this program regardless of the level of their experience and education since the course does not require any qualification.

Job Opportunities for Software Measurement Professionals

Taking a hold of your software measurement certification is a major help once you decide to apply for a job in the industry. Being certified in the software measurement field lets you work under the following positions:

  • Software Project Manager
  • Software Measurement Expert
  • Software Engineer
  • Java Software Engineer
  • Function Point Analyst
  • Software Consultant

Your major tasks include managing and controlling software processes and programs and keeping track of its performance.

Expected Salary Range after Getting your Software Measurement Certification

As soon as you get your software measurement certification, you can increase your chances of getting a more stable job in the industry which can offer a more steady flow of income. Software measurement professionals including software engineers can earn $40,000 - $99,000 per year depending on their experience. Your earnings will also be dependent on where you decide to practice your profession.


Software Measurement Certification

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