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Creative Writing Courseware

Creative Writing Courseware



At Brainmeasures, we are always striving hard to develop and advance our systems by keeping ourselves updated with the latest trends and technology
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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Creative Writing Courseware

Brainmeasures online creative writing course is well researched and comprehensive guide to teach you the art, techniques and tools of creative writing. This course is a collection of concepts that will help you to become a sought after creative writer.


What is this course?

Brainmeasures online Creative Writing course and certification program teaches you the art and science of creative and professional writing. The Brainmeasures Creative Writing course is a certification course in the art and science of creative and professional writing.

Creative writing consists of several different forms of literary work, and is not limited to writing novels, or other forms of fiction or prose. This course will give you the fundamentals needed to write creative and effective pieces that are in demand in many fields, including book writing, public relations, journalism, column writing, and many other exciting jobs.

Read testimonials from successful writers in many fields, whom this course has opened up many doors and improved their skills greatly. .

What is creative writing?

Creative writing is a large and all-encompassing field pertaining to the creative and artistic presentation of ideas, information, and stories alike.

Creative writing is a skill employed in advertising, review composition, critical pieces, and countless other fields. Many mistake creative writing as strictly a poetic or storytelling concept, but it is in fact the act of writing enjoyable and relatable literature for a multitude of purposes.

Why any writer or public relations professional should pursue this course

In any field where you need to write documents or pieces that have a human interest, rather than just relating dry facts for the sake of documentation, the ability to write creatively is very important. People need to relate to your writing and the concept or information it puts forth, and walk away remembering what they have read.

The ability to keep a reader interested, and absorbed is the trademark ability of a skilled writer, and the memorability of one’s work is the ultimate goal when composing any creatively-written document, regardless its purpose or goal.

What this course teaches

Brainmeasures Online creative writing course teaches many aspects of creative writing, including an overall understanding of the general field as well as commonly applied literary forms.

    • Advanced language use and word flow.
    • Relation to readers and immersive presentation.
    • Consistency and flow throughout the piece, to ensure accuracy and an intact structure.
    • Flavorful, interesting writing techniques to keep the piece fresh as it is read, and avoid it becoming dull and repetitive.
    • Applications of creative techniques in a variety of uses and fields.
    • Ways to put emotion and emphasis on a subject while remaining unbiased and objective where needed.
    • How to make an impact on readers, and possibly change and shape the way they view your subject for a long time to come.

Benefits of taking this course

  • You will have improved your ability to present facts and ideas in an interesting way that will keep
  • people listening or reading, in any endeavor you pursue.
  • You will be able to express thoughts in an orderly and succinct fashion, making you more efficient and making what you say or write all the more effective on the audience.
  • Possibly, you will have a fulfilling career in a science and art that is enjoyable and productive, and always in demand.

Job opportunities for Creative Writing Certified Professionals

With the wide variety of jobs that creative writing applies to, and the never ending demand for professionals well-trained and skilled with its practice, finding a fulfilling and well-paying job is not difficult when you are a certified creative writer.

Work in journalism, periodical publishing, public relations, advertising, reviews, and now even blog journalism and site content writing are just a few of the secure, and highly sought-after skilled professions that this course could make available to someone who applies themselves and puts into practice what it teaches.

Naturally, it greatly enhances the chances of your novel being published and being successful as well, though that can’t be guaranteed, as that field is a bit unpredictable even for seasoned, best-selling authors.

Employment change. Employment of authors, writers, and editors is expected to grow 8 percent, about as fast as the average for all occupations, from 2008 to 2018. Employment in salaried writing and editing positions is expected to increase slightly as jobs become more prevalent throughout the economy.


Median annual wages for salaried writers and authors were $53,070 in May 2008. The middle 50 percent earned between $38,150 and $75,060. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $28,020, and the highest 10 percent earned more than $106,630. Median annual wages were $58,740 for those working in advertising, public relations, and related services and $43,450 for those working for in newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers.

Course Details

You can enroll in the Brainmeasures online creative writing course at any time of the year and complete it within one year of your enrollment. Access to your course materials will be provided the moment payment is processed.


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