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Six Sigma for Executives Certification

Six Sigma for Executives Certification



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Six Sigma for Executives Certification

Six Sigma for Executives Defined

Established in the year 1986 by Motorola as a method based on statistics that aim to minimize variations in the electronic manufacturing process, Six Sigma continues to be widely used by many organizations such as hospitals, banks, prisons, local government departments, multi-national corporations and armed forces in different parts of the world at present. Six Sigma is defined by a lot of experts as a highly qualitative and statistical improvement method used in operating a business to help owners reduce their operational costs and business cycle times while also improving their business’ performance. The importance of Six Sigma has now been discovered by a lot of leaders in different types of business so it is no longer surprising if you will find a lot of business executives who aim to get their Six Sigma certification.

Enrolling in a Six Sigma executive’s course is a major help if you want to fully understand how this method works. A lot of experts in the business industry define Six Sigma as a method which focuses on comprehending and managing the needs and requirements of customers, aligning the processes of a business in order to meet the said needs and requirements, taking advantage of a more precise data analysis approach with an aim of reducing differences in business processes and motivating a faster and more sustainable improvements to any business process. The Six Sigma certification designed for executives also allows its holders to understand that process improvement in the Six Sigma method uses a model which stands for the following elements: defining opportunity, gauging performance, scrutinizing opportunities and improving and controlling business performance.

Brainmeasures’ Six Sigma Certification for Executives Program

If you want to finally take a hold of your Six Sigma certification, then the online certification offered by Brainmeasures to those who have successfully completed their programs is perfect for you. Brainmeasures offers the most comprehensive Six Sigma training so you have a guarantee that you will learn everything that you need to learn to become an effective leader and executive for your business. The online Six Sigma program offered by Brain Measures is developed with the help of experts. This means that the entire program covers topics that you will find as extremely useful when using the Six Sigma method in running your business. The Six Sigma executives exam that you will need to take and pass at the end of the program is also one hundred percent error-free and created by professionals so assessing your level of expertise and knowledge in the field will never become that hard.

Highlights of the Brainmeasures’ Six Sigma Certification for Executives

The Six Sigma Certification for Executives offered by Brainmeasures covers a lot of essential topics that will definitely mold you into becoming one of the best leaders in the business industry. Some of the highlights of the course are the following:

  • Tips in devising, putting together and carrying out present and new strategies and missions for your business
  • Dealing with the somewhat demanding and complex requirements of your clients
  • Speeding up the globalization efforts of your business
  • Making it possible for acquisitions and mergers to take place in your company
  • Tips in driving profitability and continuous revenue growth
  • Tips in ensuring that e-business ventures along with the infrastructure and strategies linked to them are effectively and successfully implemented
  • Regularly improving channels of marketing and advertising
  • Speeding up the process of making innovations within your business
  • Improving the structure through which your business’ financial and corporate reports are presented
  • Controlling and reducing or fully eliminating risks
  • Basics of building a more dedicated team of leaders which supports all the initiatives of Six Sigma
  • Properly integrating the Six Sigma thinking and practices into the strategic planning and deployment procedures of your company
  • Developing a framework which is capable of sustaining the long-term benefits of the Six Sigma method
  • Tips in devising quantifiable measures and demanding tangible and more desirable results from the public

All the topics above along with the other elements, principles, concepts and practices behind the Six Sigma method are included in the Six Sigma certification program from Brainmeasures. You can view the more comprehensive syllabus of Brainmeasures as soon as you register an account with the company and you log into its site.

Beneficiaries of the Six Sigma Certification for Executives

Anyone who desires to become more familiar about the Six Sigma method is advised to enroll in the program offered by Brainmeasures as this can definitely make them a better person, leader and executive. The fact that Brainmeasures does not ask for any requirement or qualifications just shows that anyone can enroll in the course. But you should know that the Six Sigma certification program is still best for business owners, team leaders and executives who are aiming to make a few positive changes on their organization.

Job Opportunities for Six Sigma Certification Program Holders

Holding a Six Sigma certification for executives gives you the opportunity to work in some of the most reputable companies in your place. There are a lot of positions that you can fill including the following:

  • Executive Positions in a Company
  • Project Manager
  • Project Director
  • Director of Operational Excellence
  • Director of Business Development
  • Other Top Management Positions

Expected Salary for Six Sigma Certification for Executives Holders

You can expect to enjoy a more stable income after filling any of the available positions for Six Sigma certification holders. The account executive positions allow you to enjoy a base annual salary of around $55,000 while the top executive positions let you enjoy an annual salary of $168,000. If you get the Chief Association Executive position, then expect an annual salary of up to $226,000.


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