Mastering Six Sigma Projects Certification

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Mastering Six Sigma Projects Certification

Mastering Six Sigma Projects Certification



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Mastering Six Sigma Projects Certification

What is Six Sigma Projects?

Six Sigma is a term which came from a statistical field named as process capability studies. It is a famous corporate strategy which aims to help businesses create high quality and efficient practices that will bring them closer to success. Implementing strategies and carrying out projects with the help of the Six Sigma method works in ensuring that the finest products are delivered to consumers. It is also capable of helping companies increase its earnings, guarantee customer satisfaction and improve productivity and corporate performance.

There are different programs for Six Sigma certification and included among the most popular ones is the Six Sigma projects certification. Getting this type of Six Sigma certification will let you understand that the projects for Six Sigma actually flows using two basic project methods which is composed of five phases. The first one is called the DMAIC and its phases include defining problems, project goals and the voice of your clients, measuring the key areas of a business process that you are currently using and collecting data relevant to the said process, analyzing the collected data for the purpose of investigating and verifying cause and effect relationships, improving or optimizing the present process used and controlling the future condition of the business process. The DMAIC method is primarily designed for projects that are focused on improving or devising a process currently used by a business.

The second method for Six Sigma for projects is DMADV and this is perfect for you if you are planning to establish a project which is primarily focused on building new designs for a business process or product. Its phases include defining design goals, measuring and identifying certain characteristics that can seriously affect quality, analyzing characteristics and goals with an aim of designing and developing alternatives, designing details and verifying designs of a product or a business process. You will gain a full understanding about these methods after you complete a Six Sigma projects certification course.

Brainmeasures Six Sigma Projects Certification Program

Six Sigma is extremely beneficial to anyone especially those who are working in an organization so you have to consider getting your Six Sigma projects certification from any of the most reputable and ISO certified online certification companies at present. One of your best choices is Brainmeasures. Its ISO certification and the fact that its Six Sigma projects certification program is mainly developed by experts emphasize its ability to support the kind of learning that you want when attempting to become an effective Six Sigma professional. Brainmeasures offers the most comprehensive Six Sigma training since it has all the resource materials that you need. The online Six Sigma exam offered by the company is also useful in your attempt to gain more proficiency and knowledge about the business processes necessary in delivering high quality services to the public and your employers. As soon as you pass the exam created by experts, you will receive your Six Sigma projects certificate and you can start to practice your career.

Highlights of the Six Sigma Projects Certification Program from Brainmeasures

It is no longer a secret that enrolling in a Six Sigma projects certification program especially in a reputable online company like Brainmeasures can mold you into becoming a better employee, leader and business owner. The mastering Six Sigma projects program offered by Brainmeasures can make you an expert in the following topics and areas:

  • Identifying projects that are worthy of your time and attention and building strategies to quickly complete the said projects
  • Determining projects that are poorly conceived before you ever invest your time and resources into them
  • Identifying the perfect time to end a project before you invest more time and resources
  • Creating a record which will help you keep track of the progress of the project and improve the way you handle its execution
  • The basics of using the Six Sigma project planner
  • Clearly defining the goals and deliverables of a specific project
  • Defining the current business processes used
  • Analyzing different measurement systems
  • Measuring all the current business processes used and analyzing the measured data with the help of descriptive and exploratory statistical techniques
  • Auditing current business process used and quickly correcting any detected deficiency

If you want to take a look on a more detailed syllabus before enrolling in the Six Sigma certification offered by Brainmeasures, then you should visit its site and log into your registered account.

Beneficiaries of the Six Sigma Projects Certification Program

A Six Sigma projects certification program especially the one offered by Brainmeasures can help team and project leaders, business owners, employees and all those who want to increase the number of career opportunities that they can access in the future in becoming an asset to any organization. The good thing about Brainmeasures is that it offers its program without any requirements or qualifications so rest assured that you will never have a hard time taking part in it.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Six Sigma Projects Certification Program

As mentioned earlier, completing a Six Sigma projects certification program increases the number of job opportunities that you can access. Here are some of the positions that are perfect for you as soon as you receive your certificate:

  • Lean Six Sigma Deployment Leader
  • Performance Improvement Consultant
  • Process Specialist Manager
  • Program Management Leader
  • Junior Lean Six Sigma Consultant
  • Six Sigma Quality Manager
  • Senior Quality Assurance Manager
  • Six Sigma Quality Engineer

Expected Salary for Six Sigma Projects Certification Holders

As a Six Sigma projects certification holder, expect your earnings to grow significantly. Although your salary will vary depending on where you practice your skills and the industry where you are working, you should know that the average annual earnings for you as a Six Sigma certification would be a minimum of $89,000 and a maximum $130,000.


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