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Email Etiquette Certification

Email Etiquette Certification



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Email Etiquette Certification

The Email Etiquette Certification

There our precious few working adults who cannot look back upon their childhood and recall adults, reminding them to mind their manners. Truly, throughout our maturing periods in life, we are constantly reminded of the importance of etiquette, conduct in manners in various situations. During the younger parts of our lives, we have a tendency to scoff at this, and even see etiquette as a form of weakness. In truth, it isn't the etiquette see as a difficulty, however, the young must always feel the need to rebel against the advice of their elders.

In our adult lives, we come to appreciate the importance of etiquette and proper conduct in almost every aspect of our lives. However, there are a few of us who do not recall one or two professional debacles that could have been avoided by being better educated in the standards of etiquette. This is becoming increasingly true as the work place, like many aspects of social interaction, is migrating to the digital world. It is a sad fact that the Internet has become associated with professionally and in leisure terms with crudity, and a lack of general respect for one's fellow man. As a result of our laid-back nature and social interaction during our personal hours, it is very easy to slip up and used for etiquette, conducting business over email.

That in mind, many experts in the field of conduct and etiquette have taken the time to create a set of standards for email etiquette, and have contributed to the creation of many a different type of email etiquette course.

To ensure that basic humanity and civility is preserved in all aspects of digital interaction, and email etiquette course is a very important and useful thing for almost every person who must use a computer. The question, of course, is how best to look wire an email etiquette certification.

Many experts are beginning to agree that at least a remedial email etiquette course should be taught in schools at a fairly early age. However, that does not cover all the bases as many adults would also benefit from this etiquette training.

The Brainmeasures Email Etiquette Certification

The best way for an adult to acquire an email etiquette certification is through online certification. Brainmeasures is one of the most respected and time-tested online certification providers in existence. What is the reason that Brainmeasures is such a tried-and-true success? This is because of our patented and innovative philosophy behind teaching.

We believe that experience is every bit as important as knowledge. With that in mind, we consult with experts in every field we teach, tapping into their years of experience, so that our students can leave the classroom with some level of readiness and experience to embrace the field .

Below is a small overview list of some of the many multifaceted topics will cover:

  • Overview of the email age
  • The good, the bad and the ugly of email
  • Mailbox management
  • Keeping a good appearance online
  • Writing excellent email
  • Message structure and planning
  • Forming and developing bonds and rapport
  • Maintaining and cultivating email etiquette
  • The practice of safe email
  • Security

Upon completing this email etiquette course, the student will then take the online etiquette exam. Upon passing the online etiquette exam, they will receive a skill certificate, which represents a completed email etiquette certification. This is the most in-depth, and job or the email etiquette certification available online. No other email etiquette certification can look as good on a resume.

Who Stands to Benefit from This Course

In this modern digital age, it would be easier to ask who would benefit from this course. As communications over email and other forms of text exchange becoming more common elements of daily life and social interaction, just about every profession and lifestyle stands to benefit from the enlightenment of this etiquette course.

However, we have taken some effort to try to name some of the more obvious professions and skill sets that would be further enhanced by this course:

  • General business professionals
  • Tech support professionals
  • Sales and Marketing professionals
  • Customer service representatives
  • Merchandising professionals

These are but a few of the professions that most obviously stand to benefit from an email etiquette course. However, just about anyone who has to interact with email at least once a day stands to benefit just as the fully from this certification.

Job Prospects

Again, this is a course that benefits everyone who lives in a digital society. However, there is a small list of jobs here, which the completion of this course would definitely aid in the acquiring of:

  • Tech support specialist
  • Sales and marketing specialist
  • Receptionist
  • Customer service representative
  • Merchandising representative

Salary Expectation

Since is difficult to pin down a specific profession which benefits more so than any other from completion of this course, it is easy to say that with this certification on a resume, it is quite possible to acquire a skilled job. They can earn up to $350,000 a year, and that is a low end estimate.


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