Project Management Certification (for Small Business)

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Project Management Certification (for Small Business)

Project Management Certification (for Small Business)



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Project Management Certification (for Small Business)

Introduction to Project Management for Small Business

A lot of people desire to get their project management certification since almost everyone has already realized how important project management is especially in improving the performance of a small business. Small businesses are greatly benefited by effective project management since the entire process works in making it grow. Project management can actually be defined as a discipline which involves organizing, controlling, protecting and planning resources with an aim of achieving certain goals. It is also known as a body of knowledge which is more focused on the tools, principles and practices needed in controlling, monitoring, reviewing and planning projects for your small business. The major objective of project management is to make sure that all the goals and objectives of a small business project are achieved while also considering the pre-conceived constraints including budget, time and scope.

The use of project management tools and practices for small business actually started in the year 1950 when certain organizations decided to complete their complex engineering projects in a more systematic manner. Henry Gantt and Henri Fayol are extremely popular up to the present because they are known as the forefathers of project management. Henry Gantt is popular for being the father of control and planning techniques and because of his contributions to the creation of the Gantt chart which has become one of the most effective project management tools up to the present. Henri Fayol, on the other hand, has become popular because he was the one who developed the five basic management functions that help in building the project management framework.

Brainmeasures Project Management Certification Program for Small Business

If you want to become a successful and expert project management certification professional, then it is best for you to enroll in an online project management certification program. This is one of the most convenient ways to learn since you will never have to leave your home in your attempt to get your online certification as a project management professional. The Brainmeasures project management certification program for small business can offer you the kind of training that you wish to achieve considering the fact that it is mainly developed with the expert knowledge and skills of professionals. This program can be of great help when attempting to become an effective project management expert and practice this career in a small-sized business. Just make sure that you are serious enough in completing the certification course to increase your chance of passing the project management exam which comes along with the Brainmeasures project management certification program. After passing the exam, expect to immediately receive your skill certificate.

Highlights of the Project Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

If you want to enroll in the project management certification for small business offered by Brainmeasures, then rest assured that it can offer you the widest coverage for the certification course. Expect to learn the following as soon as you become part of the program:

  • The basics of using project management tools to eliminate any hassle when trying to successfully carry out a project
  • Using project management to seize opportunities for your small business and solve any problem in its operation
  • Tips in gathering information, establishing plans and quickly solving problems so you can better manage all the projects of your small business
  • Applying project management to help the members of your team accomplish tasks in a timely manner
  • Tips in bringing things under control especially if your team faces a lot of challenges when carrying out a project
  • Applying sound thinking and common sense when managing a project
  • Tips in building a clearer and a more complete and thorough project plan
  • Learning the art of accomplishing projects with the customer’s requirements and needs in mind

A clearer picture about what you can expect from the project management certification program for small business offered by Brainmeasures will become visible as soon as you register an account with this online certification company and access its syllabus.

Beneficiaries of the Project Management Certification Program for Small Business

The project management certification program from Brainmeasures is for everyone since no qualifications are needed to enroll in it. The entire program can benefit individuals and professionals who are tasked to supervise projects in a small business but lack understanding about the project management discipline. Completing this program is a major help in their attempt to effectively run projects in the private industry, state, local and federal agencies and not-for-profit sector.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Project Management Certification Course for Small Business

Completing a project management certification course can show proof that you can effectively handle a team composed of individuals who are tasked to carry out projects for a small business. This will increase your chances of filling highly paying jobs including the following:

  • Project Finance Manager
  • Operations Manager
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Quality Review Team Inspections Manager
  • IT Projects Manager
  • Risk Manager
  • Certified Associate in Project Management

Expected Salary for Project Management Certification for Small Business Holders

The average salary for certified project managers is higher when compared to the non-certified ones. Project management certification for small business holders can earn between $61,000 and $116,000 annually.


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