Lean Six Sigma Office Certification

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Lean Six Sigma Office Certification

Lean Six Sigma Office Certification



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Lean Six Sigma Office Certification

Lean Six Sigma: Its Definition and Importance

If you are working in or running an office, holding a Lean Six Sigma office certification can make you even more effective when performing your tasks. Lean Six Sigma is an extremely useful method when it comes to running all the affairs in a business or performing certain tasks in an office. It can be defined as a new high quality improvement method which results from combining individual Six Sigma and Lean methods and strategies. In the late 90s, Lean Six Sigma was started by Maytag and AlliedSignal. The combination of Lean and Six Sigma actually started when Maytag and AlliedSignal began to cross-train their employees with the help of the two frameworks and the joint features of each.

Experts also define the Lean Six Sigma for office as a synergized managerial notion of the two methods which aims to fully eradicate the seven types of wastes named as overproduction, transportation, defects, motion, inventory, over-processing and waiting. Just like the traditional Six Sigma, the method operates with the help of the DMAIC phase which include defining problems in an office, measuring the present situation, analyzing and evaluating the major cause of the problem, improving the processes used in an office and taking complete control of the entire process with an aim of receiving a substantial amount of gain. It should also be noted that the Lean Six Sigma uses tools to make it even more effective. These include the critical to quality (CTQ), voice of the clients, stakeholder analysis, affinity diagram or the Kano model or analysis. All these will be introduced to you after deciding to enroll in a Lean Six Sigma office certification program and receive your skill certificate.

Brainmeasures Lean Six Sigma Office Certification Program

The Lean Six Sigma Office certification program provided by Brainmeasures to anyone who is interested aims to help its holders become more productive in the workplace. It is because the entire program focuses on giving everyone a more comprehensive Lean and Six Sigma training with its more detailed information on strategies that they can use when performing all their tasks in an office or workplace. The program offered by this legitimate ISO certified online certification company is complete with all the resource materials that you need to become a more effective Lean Six Sigma professional. The Lean Six Sigma office course provided by Brainmeasures also requires you to take the Lean Six Sigma exam as a means of testing your knowledge about the field. The good thing about its exam is that you have a hundred percent guarantee that it was created by experts and received several bouts of proofreading, making it error-free and more effective in assessing your capabilities.

Highlights of the Lean Six Sigma Office Certification Program from Brainmeasures

What makes the Brainmeasures Lean Six Sigma Office certification program desirable is its broad coverage. This means that every detail that you need to know about the method is covered in the program. Some of the major highlights of the program are the following:

  • Methods that help in efficiently collecting and analyzing operational data with an aim of improving service system operations
  • Applying the methods, concepts and tools of Lean manufacturing into the improvement and characterization of service process workflows
  • Implementing IT countermeasures with an aim of completely eliminating the major causes of low yields, high business cycle times and high costs of transactions
  • Building a lean assessment team which can help you in obtaining quantifiable details related to operational metrics including uptime, inventory, yield, cycle time and setup time in a more synchronized manner
  • Aligning a Lean Six Sigma operational assessment strategically while developing projects that can be carried out with the help of the Kaizen approach
  • Identifying projects and other essential operational elements that characterize a Lean system
  • Steps and procedures used in deploying high level organizational objectives with the help of actionable project charters
  • In-depth analysis of tools and methods used in Lean
  • Eliminating any unnecessary process and operation within a workflow
  • Using Kanban to implement pull systems and visual controls

If you want to gather more information about the major highlights of the Lean Six Sigma office certification program, then you should open up an account with Brainmeasures and log into it since this will allow you to gain access to the program’s detailed and comprehensive syllabus.

Beneficiaries of the Lean Six Sigma Office Certification Program

Anyone who is interested to learn the basic methods, strategies, principles and tools behind Lean Six Sigma can enroll in the Lean Six Sigma office certification program from Brainmeasures. This course certification, however, is highly recommended to professionals in both transactional and manufacturing departments who are greatly interested in effectively combining the tools and techniques of Lean and Six Sigma and applying them into the DMAIC approach for problem solving

Job Opportunities after Completing a Lean Six Sigma Office Certification Course

Lean Six Sigma office certification holders can access more job opportunities than those that are not certified. Here are some of the jobs that you can fill if you already have your certificate:

  • Lean Deployment Leader
  • Lean Six Sigma Operations Specialist
  • Lean Six Sigma Engineer
  • Lean Production Facility Manager
  • IT Project Manager
  • Senior Six Sigma Engineer
  • Lean Six Sigma Business Analyst
  • Lean Six Sigma Functional Analyst

Expected Salary for Lean Six Sigma Office Certification Holders

Because of the many jobs that are laid out to you after completing a Lean Six Sigma office certification course, you can also expect a significant increase in your annual income. The annual earnings of certified Lean Six Sigma professionals start at $61,000 and end at $134,000.


Lean Six Sigma Office Certification

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