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Support Center Certification

Support Center Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Support Center Certification

What is a Support Center?

A support center is a vital element in every business organization as this allows business owners to regularly communicate to their present and potential customers, thereby giving answers and solutions to their queries and problems in a prompt manner. A support center is the specific place that an IT user should call in those instances when they need immediate solution to a problem. In a small-sized business, a support center is usually composed of a phone number and an expert who handles the calls of present and potential customers and giving them prompt answers and solutions to their queries. Larger organizations have support centers that are composed of a group of professionals who effectively handle software in terms of tracking the status of a specific problem while also using other specialized software in analyzing problems.

A support center in an organization is also the first place that consumers call if they are planning to track shipped items, place orders or ask help for the products that they ordered. The good thing about support centers at present is that they are now more automated so giving quick and accurate answers is no longer a difficult thing to do. A support center is also popular for its other names including IT solutions center, information center, IT response center, technical support center, resource center and customer support center. You should consider getting a support center certification if you are planning to establish a business which is capable of quickly answering the needs of customers or if you want to become part of the support center of a reputable organization.

Brainmeasures Support Center Certification Program

If you want to get a support center certification, then it is important for you to check out the certification course offered by Brainmeasures related to it. There are a lot of reasons why you should consider enrolling in the support center Certification course from Brainmeasures. The first one is that this online certification company is certified by ISO so you have a guarantee that it operates legitimately. All parts of the program including the resource materials that you will need to use are also created by real support center experts and this gives you an assurance that you will only receive high quality information. In order to receive your support center certification, Brainmeasures will require you to take its call center exam to test your ability to handle problems of consumers once you start to practice your work. After passing this exam, you will get your reward in the form of a support center certificate.

Highlights of the Support Center Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Because of the ISO certification received by Brainmeasures, it is safe to assume that it works in providing the widest coverage for a support center certification program. A few of the major highlights of the certification course include the following:

  • ITIL service support center definition and the major reasons why this should be implemented
  • The basic procedures needed in implementing service design, service transition, service strategy and service operation
  • A comprehensive checklist of the benchmarks of the ITIL of service management
  • How to carry out service management
  • Effective management of service design, service transition, service strategy and service operation
  • How to effectively listen to the needs and demands of customers when offering customer service
  • Hiring the most qualified customer service representatives
  • Using the customer focus model and approach in setting your organization apart from your competitors
  • Detailed explanation of the service desk and effective problem and incident management
  • The objectives and scope of support center / service desk
  • Roles and responsibilities needed in service design organization
  • Different types of customer service that you can offer to the public

Improving core areas needed in effectively providing the best customer support service such as people management, people satisfaction, high performance results, customer satisfaction and leadership

Conflict management strategies Importance of operational level and service level agreements Overview of knowledge and security management Skills needed in effective leadership and lead management

Note: It is highly recommended for you to sign up for an account with Brainmeasures for free so you can access its detailed syllabus on support center certification program.

Beneficiaries of the Support Center Certification Program

The support center certification program that you can access in Brainmeasures is primarily designed for everyone but this is highly recommended for technical support professionals who are aiming to receive a complete understanding about the different processes and practices used in support center while also mastering their skills in handling daily support center tasks including escalation management, coaching and quality assurance monitoring.

Job Opportunities Support Center Certification Holders

Job opportunities will continue to rise as soon as you receive your support center certification. You will be able to handle the following positions in an organization:

  • Operations Support Center Analyst
  • Corporate Financial Analyst
  • Corporate Tax Analyst
  • Corporate Administrative Support
  • Support Center Specialist
  • Technology Support Analyst

Expected Salary for Support Center Certification Holders

Support center certification holders can expect to receive a higher annual income than the non-certified ones. Being a certified support center expert allows you to get an annual income of $55,000 to $102,000.


Support Center Certification

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