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Global Project Management Certification

Global Project Management Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Global Project Management Certification

Introduction to Global Project Management

According to experts, global project management is known as a process which stresses the need of an organization for leaders who are aware of the cultural insinuation of combining skilled workers from different nations. The process also requires leaders to become aware of a few tactical steps that they need to undertake in order for their team to reach an effective collaboration. A lot of organizations are now aware of how important global project management is in terms of saving operational costs. If you are thinking of getting a global project management certification to help your company or the company which you are working with to grow, then you have to gain a full understanding about the major consequences of having to shift work across different cultures and countries. You have to gather information about the strategies that you can use in making skilled workers from different cultures and countries work with a unified goal.

Global project management works more effectively for organizations if trust is established among professional team members regardless of their race and culture. This is the main reason why those who have decided to take their global project management certification are taught about the different resources that they can use in building trust within the team especially when carrying out organizational projects and in improving their skills in coaching and conflict resolution. A set of communication tools are also used when practicing global project management as these can help team leaders and members in completely eliminating communication and language barriers, thereby improving the transparency, consistency and effectiveness in communication.

Brainmeasures Global Project Management Certification Program

The global project management certification program from Brainmeasures is definitely a major help if you want to become more familiar about the strategies, tools and procedures used in handling a team which is composed of members that have different cultures and race. Because Brainmeasures is ISO certified, you have a guarantee that it has the ability to provide you with high quality information and training when you take up its global project management course. The global project management exam which is part of the certification program is also designed to help you in assessing your ability and skills to act as an effective project manager for skilled workers from different countries. You need to get a passing percentage after taking the exam so you can get your skill certificate.

Highlights of the Global Project Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures can offer the most interesting and informative global project management certification program considering the fact that it has a more comprehensive syllabus and its research materials are guaranteed to be filled with a lot of good and authentic information. The syllabus of the program is something that you can access after successfully registering an account with the Brainmeasures site and signing in. The following are part of the program:

  • Information about global projects and their examples
  • Introduction to organizational theory and change
  • Essential requirements for global programs and projects
  • Project management and culture definition
  • Definition of cultural dimensions and their impact on global
  • project management
  • Importance of global leadership, motivation and commitment on project management
  • Techniques that you can use in identifying the required level of trust in your global team
  • Channels for trust and communication
  • Establishing trust and maintaining it
  • Sources and levels of conflict for global projects and the steps that you need to undertake to solve such conflicts
  • Definition of coaching and its relationship to global projects
  • Identification and analysis of global stakeholders
  • Identifying techniques that can work in effectively changing the level of commitment of stakeholders
  • Understanding centralized, distributed and round-the-clock project management
  • Evaluation of technologies for web conferencing and knowledge sharing
  • Basic collaborative tools for project management software

As a legitimate online certification company, Brainmeasures will let you learn more about the topics mentioned above along with the other information needed to become a successful and effective global project management certification expert.

Beneficiaries of the Global Project Management Certification Program

Although it is true that the global project management certification program offered by Brainmeasures does not have any requirement and classification and admits anyone who wish to become part of it, you should know that the program is more suitable for your knowledge and skills if you are an aspiring project manager or leader who aims to work with a team filled with people of different cultures, background and nationalities.

Job Opportunities for Global Project Management Certification Holders

More career opportunities are also available for you after taking up a global project management certification course. Among those positions that usually require a global project management certification are the following:

  • IT Project Manager
  • Project Leader for Global Capital Market
  • Business Initiative Analyst
  • Global Project Manager for Finance Transformation Tax
  • Global Marketing Specialist
  • Global Communications Project Manager

Expected Salary for Global Project Management Certification Holders

Being a global project management certification holder increases the amount of your annual salary. Your annual pay if you are a global project management practitioner can be between $68,000 and $131,000.


Global Project Management Certification

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