Integrated Project Management Certification

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Integrated Project Management Certification

Integrated Project Management Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Integrated Project Management Certification

What is Integrated Project Management?

Integrated project management (IPM) is popular for being that method which is capable of incorporating a single centralized data structure with an aim of supporting not only the basic criteria for reporting but also the actual process of decision-making and support. If you are currently planning to take up an integrated project management course, then expect to learn that the IPM method relies heavily on an integrated team which is composed of providers of essential value added practices including risk management and earned value management and stakeholders. The integrated project team can also be expected to deliver complex solutions for a project either through outsourcing or collaboration. It should also be noted that the integrated project management method requires the regular access to world-class data systems and processes and modern technology.

Enrolling in an integrated project management certification program will also let you know that IPM recognizes the fact that stakeholders on different levels have direct involvement on the process of managing projects. These stakeholders are also in need of the current status of data points for a project. It should also be noted that the stakeholders in IPM are divided into five categories namely the business owners, management, customers, technical staff and the entire organization. The method is also more focused towards using processes needed in ensuring that all the components of a project are well coordinated. The IPM method requires you to use the integrated change control process, project plan execution process and project plan development process. Each of the process used has its own set of input and output and tools and techniques necessary in turning input into output.

Brainmeasures Integrated Project Management Certification Program

Knowledge about IPM is a major help if you want to achieve success when doing projects for your organization. Because of this, it is just wise for you to enroll in an integrated project management certification program. With the help of this program, you will become more familiar about how IPM works and how you can use it to ensure that your projects produce favorable results. Brainmeasures can help you out if you are planning to learn more about IPM since this online certification company can offer you an integrated project management certification program which is legitimate, developed by IPM experts and runs in accordance to ISO standards. At the end of the program, Brainmeasures will evaluate your knowledge about IPM by letting you take its integrated project management exam. You will be able to finally hold your certificate if you get a passing rate after taking the test.

Highlights of the Brainmeasures Integrated Project Management Certification Program

The Brainmeasures integrated project management certification program offers the kind of training and learning experience that you wish to obtain in your attempt to learn everything about the IPM method. The company has a detailed syllabus which you can access after successfully logging into its official site using your registered account. The following are among the IPM topics that you will learn after enrolling in the program:

  • New standard used for integrated project management
  • Case studies that aim to provide information about IPM
  • Introduction to international principles and how you can apply them into the challenge of rebuilding the New Orleans City
  • Technical problems that the IPM method may encounter
  • Detecting risks and treating them as one of the functions of integration
  • Strategic planning case which will introduce you to the implications linked to integration
  • Using Microsoft tools and operations with an aim of integrating projects
  • Introduction to systems that are essential in building integrated project management capacity
  • Tips in effectively analyzing the value of business projects
  • Analyzing the portfolio of proposed projects with the help of net present value techniques and the risk assessment process
  • Establishing a substitute completion plan for the purpose of optimizing the cost, quality and schedule of a project
  • Establishing the most suitable program for your project with an aim of effectively integrating and managing all your projects
  • Resolving any complex issues caused by multitasking
  • Developing and controlling an integrated schedule for your project
  • Effectively managing the integrated schedule data reports given to customers

Beneficiaries of the Integrated Project Management Certification Program

A lot of professionals can benefit from the integrated project management certification program from Brainmeasures. This program is ideal for professionals and experts in project management, functional managers, mid-level managers and business leaders whose responsibilities include ensuring that their project team provides the highest level of performance.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Integrated Project Management Certification Course

After finishing up an integrated project management certification course, expect the jobs that you can access to increase significantly. Here are some positions that are ideal for certified integrated project management experts like you:

  • Integrated Project Management Consultant
  • Integrated Project Manager
  • Integrated Program Management Sales Specialist
  • Integrated Project Scheduling Analyst
  • Integrated Support Program Management
  • Integrated Logistics Support Manager

Expected Salary for Integrated Project Management Certification Holders

A significant increase in your annual earnings can also be expected as soon as you receive your integrated project management certification. You can start earning from $48,000 to $161,000 depending on the level of your experience.


Integrated Project Management Certification

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