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Technical Sales Certification

Technical Sales Certification



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Technical Sales Certification

Technical Sales Defined

Technical sales can be defined as the combination of one’s skills in sales with his technical knowledge and skills with an aim of providing great advises and support to the clients of a variety of products. If you work in a technical sales department, then expect your clients to be part of the technical staff of non-retail organizations including public utility providers, hospitals, local authorities and factories. The process of combining your technical knowledge and skills with sales is quite complex so you should consider getting a technical sales certification if you want to become an expert in this field. You have to increase the level of your technical knowledge while also improving your skills in selling so it will be easier for you to deal with your clients.

If you want to become a technical sales expert, then it is advisable for you to improve your skills in providing pre-sales and after-sales advises to your present and potential clients. It is also important for you to increase your knowledge about how you can regularly liaise with your colleagues in various departments including production, purchasing, quality, design and research and development and with any other member of your sales team. It should also be noted that the entire technical sales process involves looking for new customers who can receive benefits from the products and services that you offer, establishing long-term and stronger relationships with your clients by effectively interpreting and managing their requirements, analyzing both sales and costs, calculating the quotations of your clients and effectively controlling their accounts.

Brainmeasures Technical Sales Certification Program

Improving your technical sales skills is never impossible with the Brainmeasures technical sales certification program around. Brainmeasures is a legitimate online certification company which can surely meet your demands and requirements when trying to receive the most comprehensive training and learning experience that can transform you into an effective technical sales expert. Brainmeasures is certified by ISO so you are assured of its legitimacy and the authenticity of its technical sales course. The entire program together with the technical sales exam are expertly developed by professionals so expect to get not only the most comprehensive training but also the most reliable assessment of your knowledge in the field. You have to pass the exam before you can grab a copy of your technical sales certificate.

Highlights of the Technical Sales Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures is a huge help if you want to learn everything about the technical sales field considering the comprehensiveness of its technical sales certification program. It covers almost all aspects of both the technical and sales fields so you will have an easier time combining your skills and knowledge in the two fields. The following are included in the syllabus of Brainmeasures technical sales certification program:

  • Skills needed in technical sales and how can you make money out of such skills
  • Overview of the entire sales process
  • Different types of technical sales engineers including new sales engineers, experienced sales engineers, sales trainer or sales manager and sales representative
  • Determining the perfect place for you to invest your resources so you can help improve the sales force within an organization
  • Market definition and the different marketing campaigns that you can use
  • Events and techniques that can capture the attention of prospective clients including seminars, trade shows, outbound calling campaigns and mailing lists
  • Introduction to lead qualification and the different strategies that you can use in getting effective leads
  • Understanding solicited, unsolicited and recommended or current projects leads
  • Analyzing and discovering the needs of your technical sales team and your clients

Steps that you can use in analyzing needs including the identification of needed details, the building of the most ideal pitch, interviewing customers, explanation of the needs analysis process, understanding the needs of end users and synthesizing information

  • Determining the kind of services that your clients wish to receive
  • Tips in finding the most reliable technical sales coaches
  • Effectively mitigating risks
  • Understanding your target audience
  • Effective development of technical sales strategies

Beneficiaries of the Technical Sales Certification Program

The technical sales certification program offered by Brainmeasures can cater to the needs of everyone who has technical knowledge and wishes to start selling technical products and services to the public. It is also perfect for professionals who want to become part of the technical sales department of an organization.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Technical Sales Certification Course

Because technical sales experts and professionals are now in great demand, it is greatly possible for you to receive a number of job offers after taking up your technical sales certificationcourse. Among the jobs that you can access are the following:

  • Technical Sales Specialist
  • Senior Technical Sales Executive
  • Sales Technical Leader
  • Technical Sales Engineer
  • Technical Sales Analyst
  • Technical Inside Sales Representative

Expected Salary for Technical Sales Certification Holders

A higher salary is also something that you can expect from becoming a technical sales expert. You can expect your annual earnings to be around $58,000 to $149,000 after receiving your technical sales certification.


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