Mastering Six Sigma Statistics Certification

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Mastering Six Sigma Statistics Certification

Mastering Six Sigma Statistics Certification



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Mastering Six Sigma Statistics Certification

What is Six Sigma Statistics?

Six Sigma Statistics is known as a quality objective which indicates the required variability for a specific process when it comes to product specifications so that its quality and reliability is capable of meeting and even exceeding the somewhat demanding requirements from customers. To successfully reach the objectives of Six Sigma Statistics, a program is defined within the context which covers infrastructure, tools, leadership and methods. Many also defined the entire Six Sigma Statistics concept as a more disciplined method of analyzing, controlling, improving, defining and measuring the quality of all products, transactions and processes within an organization while also aiming to completely eliminate all the defects virtually. It has an aim of significantly improving the performance of an organization.

A Six Sigma Statistics certification program is right for you if you have a passion towards using statistical approach when it comes to controlling the projects within an organization and in ensuring that its performance is significantly improved. Six Sigma within the statistical concept emphasizes the need to use scientific experimentation and observational methods when running projects. You have to be serious in understanding the major branches of statistics used in Six Sigma after you have decided to take up a Six Sigma Statistics course. One of these is the descriptive statistics and these require you to use charts, graphs and numbers in describing the data in all your organizational projects. Inferential statistic is also another branch of statistics used in Six Sigma. This type of statistics is usually used during the analysis and improvement phase of Six Sigma and it takes advantage of design of experiments, correlation analysis, hypothesis testing and regression analysis in order for it to carry out all its tasks.

Brainmeasures Six Sigma Statistics Certification Program

A Six Sigma Statistics certification program aims to help anyone who wishes to learn the process of applying statistics when it comes to analyzing projects, determining its risks and ensuring that any defects within the project are prevented. This program is offered by Brainmeasures which is a reliable and reputable ISO certified online certification and testing company. Brainmeasures used the skills and knowledge of Six Sigma statistics experts in developing the program and its accompanying Six Sigma statistics exam. This offers a hundred percent guarantee that you will receive a more realistic and detailed Six Sigma training and a more reliable evaluation of your skills and knowledge in the field through the exam. Aim towards getting a passing or a higher percentage of the exam so you can earn your Six Sigma certification.

Highlights of the Six Sigma Statistics Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Enrolling in the Six Sigma Statistics certification program from Brainmeasures is a wise move if you have longed to gather relevant information about the field and take a hold of your Six Sigma Statistics certificate. The comprehensiveness of the training that you will receive from this online certification company as well as the reliability and accuracy of its exam and learning materials is a major help in your attempt to gain expert knowledge about the field. Included in the Brainmeasures Six Sigma Statistics certification program syllabus which you can easily access after logging into your registered account are the following:

  • Engineering within a company which runs using the Six
  • Sigma process
  • Introduction to Six Sigma and the Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) process
  • Understanding the major framework for DFSS
  • Finding the best tool for Six Sigma Statistics
  • Effective visualization of data that are run by a series of time
  • Obscuring patterns through data aggregation
  • Effective visualization of data distribution and distribution with histograms, dot graphs, steam and leaf displays and Boxplots
  • Joint and marginal distribution visualization
  • A comprehensive guide for the visualization of data with integrity
  • Measuring and analyzing the probability of events
  • Calculating and analyzing probability of events, combination of events, conditional chains of events and joint probability of events that are proven to be independent
  • Using a finite population to calculate sampling probabilities
  • Using random variables to represent random process
  • Different types of random variable and tips in choosing one which suits your project
  • Effective estimation of the properties of a population
  • Assessing the different systems that you can use in measurement and estimation including control chart and Gage R&R studies
  • Measuring and verifying the capability and stability of a process
  • How to detect changes using discrete data and non-normal data

Beneficiaries of the Six Sigma Statistics Certification Program

The Six Sigma statistics certification program from Brainmeasures can benefit all business owners who wish to improve the efficiency of their business processes since the Six Sigma statistics can be applied in all areas of a business. It is also a huge help for you if you are one of those individuals who wish to take part in the improvement of the performance of an organization.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Six Sigma Statistics Certification Course

A Six Sigma statistics certification course aims to provide help to people who want to grow professionally. With the help of this certification course, expect your professional career to become more stable since several positions are most likely to be offered to you. Here are some positions that are suitable for you after getting your Six Sigma statistics certification:

  • Performance Analytics Technical Specialist
  • Research and Development Specialist or Statistician
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Six Sigma Statistics Manager
  • Six Sigma Statistics Senior Consultant
  • Six Sigma Senior Design Engineer

Expected Salary for Six Sigma Statistics Certification Holders

A more reliable salary and compensation can be expected after you receive your Six Sigma Statistics certification. You can start practicing your career as soon as you get your certificate and earn between $68,000 and $166,000 annually.


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