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Cloud Computing Applications



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Cloud Computing Applications

Category : Technical Certification Courses

Introduction to Cloud Computing Applications Implementation and Development

The process of implementing and developing applications for cloud computing will become easier if you consider enrolling in a cloud computing applications certification program linked to implementation and development. Cloud computing application implementation is known as a crucial process which is not operated by rocket science. It is important for each cloud application to be implemented in a more robust and highly scalable manner. In order for you to do this, decision trees and comparative charts should be used in navigating several alternatives for implementation. The process of implementing cloud computing applications also involve taking advantage of any guide or commercial offering which can help you in finding the best combination of tools, services and platform for an organization. Before implementing any cloud computing application, it is important for you to consider a few essential factors including agility, internet availability, cost, security, maintenance and reliability. All these can help your organization stay on top amidst the fierce competition in the industry.

Cloud computing application development and implementation can also be defined as a useful process which allows you to access reliable services that can help your business stay on top with the help of the internet. You can access these services anywhere on the net using your mobile phone, desktop web browser and tablet PC. What makes the process of implementing and developing cloud computing applications even more useful is that it can offer a lot of advantages including independence on device and location, cost saving, performance, reliability, security, effective utilization of resources and scalability.

Brainmeasures Cloud Computing Applications Certification Program Covering Implementation and Development

Taking part in the cloud computing applications certification program from Brainmeasures is the first step that you need to take when attempting to learn everything about the cloud computing subject. It is important for you to take the cloud computing applications course covering implementation and development from Brainmeasures if your aim is to strengthen your knowledge about the field. This program allows you to receive the kind of training needed in order for you to become an expert in implementing and developing cloud computing applications. What is good about this program from Brainmeasures is that it provides a skill testing process which serves as an assessment of your skills and knowledge in the field of cloud computing applications implementation and development. You will get your certificate from Brainmeasures if you pass the testing with flying colors.

Highlights of the Cloud Computing Applications Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures is an ISO certified online certification company which offers a cloud computing applications certification program designed to improve your skills and knowledge in implementing and developing cloud applications. The program boasts of its wide coverage since it covers all aspects related to effective cloud applications implementation and development. Rest assured that you can master all the topics mentioned below if you enroll in the cloud computing applications certification program from Brainmeasures.

  • What cloud computing is and how its different applications can benefit any organization
  • Understanding electronic faxing and commerce and voice in the cloud
  • Using distributed hosting in cloud computing
  • Different applications used in the cloud
  • Brief history of the cloud
  • Different hosting services that you can use in implementing and developing cloud applications
  • Essential characteristics of cloud computing
  • Service and deployment models used in the cloud
  • Major benefits of using cloud hosting instead of remote hosting
  • Using cloud computing for organizational development
  • Understanding the basics of desktop virtualization
  • Popular applications used in software as a service or SaaS
  • Cloud strategy for Ubuntu
  • Understanding cloud to cloud and hybrid applications
  • Basics of capacity planning and capacity management
  • Decision-making process based on evidences
  • Essential things that a technologist must know in managing and monitoring performance and capacity
  • Effective strategies that can be used in capacity planning
  • Different types of workloads
  • Major advantages of using cloud gateway
  • Effective management for a virtualized infrastructure
  • Ensuring the reliability, security and availability of the implemented and developed cloud computing applications
  • Introduction to the different cloud service providers
  • Strategies that you can use in dealing with the risks linked to cloud computing
  • Cloud security threats

Beneficiaries of the Cloud Computing Applications Certification (Implementation and Development) Program

The cloud computing applications certification program from Brainmeasures can benefit a lot of professionals especially those who are working in the IT industry. This is the most ideal program for you if you are a software developer, software development manager or a professional working in an IT department who wishes to gain full awareness on how cloud computing applications can be successfully implemented and developed. This certification course is highly recommended for you if you want to establish a high performance cloud computing environment which can be automatically scaled down or up in order to meet the demands of your clients.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Cloud Computing Applications Certification (Implementation and Development) Course

A lot of business owners are now in search of renowned experts in cloud computing applications implementation and development so it is wise for you to take up a cloud computing applications certification course. You can apply for the following positions after you grab a copy of your certificate:

  • Cloud Computing Application Software Engineer
  • Cloud Computing Business Development Manager
  • Cloud Computing Alliance Manager
  • Cloud Computing Solution Architect
  • Cloud Deployment Architect
  • Cloud Computing Developer

Expected Salary for Cloud Computing Applications Certification (Implementation and Development) Holders

Holding a cloud computing applications certification is a huge help when attempting to improve your current financial condition. You will be able to earn big in this industry, most probably around $77,000 to $111,000 per year.

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Cloud Computing Applications

Category : Technical Certification Courses

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