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SAP NetWeaver Certification

SAP NetWeaver Certification



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SAP NetWeaver Certification

Introduction to SAP NetWeaver Certification

SAP NetWeaver is known as an integrated technology computer platform for SAP. It is said to be the technical foundation for several applications of SAP. Many define SAP NetWeaver not only as an integration platform but also as an application popular for being service-oriented. The release of this platform is actually known as one of the best strategic moves by SAP in their attempt to drive enterprises in running their individual businesses using a single and a more integrated framework which includes technology and applications. This is primarily designed to help business industries in reducing the cost of their IT expenses. SAP NetWeaver is also popular for being a major part of the plan of SAP to evolve into a more service oriented and open architecture while also delivering the technical framework of all its applications into an integrated platform.

Experts also define SAP NetWeaver as a type of technology platform which allows composing, managing and provisioning both SAP and non-SAP applications all throughout a heterogenous software environment. Taking part in a SAP NetWeaver certification program allows you to realize that the platform is already popular for SAP customers who wish to use it in complementing all the applications of their business with the vital components of technology in order for them to quickly adapt to their business processes, effectively integrate these into certain applications whether these are run by SAP or not and increase the ability of their SAP systems to operate in a more efficient manner. This platform also works in effectively delivering a portfolio of business technology which gives you the opportunity to extend all the applications that you are using with an aim of reaching more people and adopting new devices, consumption models and business processes.

Brainmeasures SAP NetWeaver Certification Program

You will have an easier time applying the SAP NetWeaver platform into your business organization if you take part in the SAP NetWeaver certification program offered by Brainmeasures. The SAP NetWeaver technology is known for its somewhat complex nature so you have to consider learning everything about it before finally applying it into your business so you can get the best out of using it. The SAP NetWeaver course which is available in Brainmeasures is a good choice because you have a hundred percent guarantee that this online certification company continues to run based on ISO standards and with the help of proven experts in the SAP industry. An online SAP exam is a part of the program and you need to take and pass it as a part of your skill testing. If you get a passing rate after you take the online exam, then you can expect Brainmeasures to furnish you with your certificate immediately.

Highlights of the SAP NetWeaver Certification Program from Brainmeasures

If you are really serious about learning how the SAP NetWeaver platform works, then the SAP NetWeaver certification program from Brainmeasures is highly recommended for you because of the comprehensiveness of its training and the detailed and authentic learning materials that it provides. The program is developed by experts so you have a guarantee that you will learn everything about the platform and how you can use it to improve the performance of your business. Because of the comprehensiveness of the Brainmeasures SAP NetWeaver certification program, you can expect to learn a lot of things about the platform including the following:

  • Introduction to the enterprise portal of the SAP NetWeaver
  • Learning the building blocks of the SAP NetWeaver enterprise portal
  • IT scenarios, practices and types of usage for the NetWeaver portal
  • Understanding strategies for support, maintenance and release
  • Effective sizing and scalability
  • Portal installation preparation
  • Steps in post-installation of the portal
  • Effective development of content and assigning of permissions
  • Establishing pages and iViews
  • Creating work sets and roles
  • Branding the enterprise portal
  • How to effectively communicate to both the SAP and non-SAP back-end systems
  • Effective implementation of federated portals and external-facing portals
  • Tips for portal backup and restoration
  • Support packages installation with the help of the Java support package manager
  • Delegated content, delegated user administration and system administration implementation
  • Effectively troubleshooting the enterprise portal with the help of traces and lags
  • Analyzing and monitoring the performance of the enterprise portal
  • Imposing security for the enterprise portal by implementing authorization through security zones, UME actions and permissions
  • Effective configuration and use of the NetWeaver administrator

Beneficiaries of the SAP NetWeaver Certification Program

The SAP NetWeaver certification program from Brainmeasures is one of the best offers from the company because of its ability to benefit a lot of professionals. You can expect this to benefit not only IT professionals but also business owners, managers, supervisors or any other high-ranking officials in an organization who are planning to improve business integration and the productivity of their team, manage and simplify their IT environment and minimize the operational cost in their IT departments so that they can start using vital resources of information technology in innovating their business.

Job Opportunities after Completing a SAP NetWeaver Certification Course

SAP NetWeaver has a huge job market so expect to be able to find a lot of jobs after finishing up your SAP NetWeaver certification course. You can effectively handle the following positions after you become a certified expert in the SAP NetWeaver technology:

  • SAP NetWeaver Portal Developer
  • SAP NetWeaver Administrator
  • SAP NetWeaver Specialist
  • SAP NetWeaver Consultant
  • SAP Database Administrator
  • SAP Authorizations Consultant

Expected Salary for SAP NetWeaver Certification Holders

Because of the huge and competitive job market for SAP NetWeaver certification holders, it will never be impossible for you to get your desired income once you start to practice your expertise and skills in this field. According to, the average annual salary for a SAP NetWeaver expert is $112,000.


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