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Business Statistics Certification

Business Statistics Certification



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Business Statistics Certification

Introduction to Business Statistics

Business statistics refers to the science of sound decision-making in the event of uncertainty and is often utilized in various areas and disciplines including auditing, econometrics, financial analysis, production, operations, marketing research and services improvement. Business statistics also feature regular recurring publication of multiple sets of data. Business statistics can also be defined as a branch of applied statistics which works based on collected data. It is capable of providing skills and knowledge that will help anyone in interpreting and using statistical strategies in different business applications. If you are thinking of taking up a business statistics course, then you should keep in mind that it covers a variety of statistical topics including descriptive statistics that usually involve the collection, analysis, description and summarization of data, binomial and normal distributions, probability, confidence intervals, hypothesis tests, correlation and linear regression.

A business statistics certification course is beneficial in the sense that it hones your statistical skills and knowledge and these are extremely useful in your attempt to intelligently analyze, collect and interpret data that can help you formulate sound decisions. Learning the most basic business statistical concepts and thinking is also beneficial because of their ability to help you easily solve problems even with the huge diversity of contexts, add substance to all the decisions that you have formulated and dramatically reduce guesswork in the decision-making process. You can also expect knowledge in business statistics to assist you in formulating the soundest business decisions under doubts and uncertainties basing on measurable and numerical scales.

Brainmeasures Business Statistics Certification Program

If becoming an expert in business statistics is one of your major goals, then note that Brainmeasures can offer you the best business statistics certification program. Brainmeasures is a reputable online certification company which continuously operates based on stringent ISO standards and has been trusted by many individuals and professionals in the industry. This gives you an assurance that all the topics, information and training that you will get from the business statistics certification program is accurate. This certification course is guaranteed to help you become more familiar about business statistics and how you can effectively apply this in quality control, market research and sales forecasting. The program also lets you become more familiar about the best sources of statistical data that can be used for your business. The comprehensiveness of the program makes it easier for you to pass the business statistics exam which forms part of it and get your business statistics certificate as a reward in passing the test.

Highlights of the Business Statistics Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The business statistics certification program from Brainmeasures is highly qualitative and detailed enough that you will never find it hard to learn everything about the field. You can start viewing the business statistics certification program’s syllabus as soon as you successfully register with Brainmeasures. The following are included in the certification course but note that these topics are just a glimpse of what is in store for you after deciding to take part in the program:

  • Effective organization and presentation of all the business data that you have collected
  • Understanding central tendency and dispersion measures
  • Basics of probability
  • Research methods and strategies used in business
  • Sampling methods that can be used during business research
  • How to successfully carry out the business hypothesis test
  • Correlations between different variables for business
  • Using the linear regression analysis when drawing business predictions
  • Using the variance analysis when trying to execute effective comparisons
  • Utilizing excel in business statistics
  • Major sources of business data including opinion polls, population censuses, sales and demand data and consumer databases
  • Major roles and responsibilities of a business statistician
  • Skills needed for an effective business statistics expert
  • Quantitative and qualitative methods that can be used in doing business research
  • Understanding the different concepts that are essential in business statistics including the probability theory, mathematical statistics, data analysis and quantitative spatial analysis

Beneficiaries of the Business Statistics Certification Program

The business statistics certification program can benefit individuals and professionals who are working in different types of organizations. The certification course targets small business owners, job seekers, entrepreneurs and business professionals who are planning to increase their business statistics awareness while also learning some of the most powerful statistical strategies that are extremely useful in formulating the most effective business decisions.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Business Statistics Certification Course

Being able to complete your business statistics certification course can help widen your employment opportunities. As a holder of a business statistics certification, you can expect to easily thrive in the following positions:

  • Business Statistics Instructor
  • Business Statistics Director
  • Financial Reports Analyst
  • Statistical Marketing Analyst
  • Operations Optimization and Statistical Research Staff
  • Statistical Data Analyst

Expected Salary for Business Statistics Certification Holders

Business statistics certification holders are in great demand at present since all business organizations are in need of experts who can provide them with accurate data useful in decision-making. Because of the great demand for business statistics experts, being certified in this field will let business organizations notice your skills and expertise so receiving a higher pay and a more attractive compensation package will never become impossible. Your annual salary will actually be dependent on the location and the company where you are working. This will also depend on your years of experience and the kind of remuneration or monetary benefits offered by your employer. According to, the annual average salary of business statistics certification holders at present is $66,000 with a potential for growth in the coming years.


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