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Human Resource Management Certification

Human Resource Management Certification



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Human Resource Management Certification

Human Resource Management Defined

Human resource (HR) management refers to the process of managing the human resources or workforce of an organization. The process is responsible in attracting, selecting, training, assessing and rewarding the organizational staff and overseeing leadership and culture within the organization. All organizations also make it a point to carry out the human resource management process in compliance to the labor and employment laws within their individual states. In any instance when the majority of the employees of an organization desire to carry out a collective bargain agreement, the HR department will have to serve as the primary liaison of the company and talk to the representatives of the employees.

The concept of human resource management is said to have started in the earlier years of the 20th century. It started when some researchers started to document techniques in establishing business value by strategically managing the workforce. The entire process was actually ruled by transactional work first including benefits and payroll administration. But after some time, different factors such as globalization, technological advancement, company consolidation and comprehensive research caused the HR departments of different organizations to focus more on other strategic initiatives including talent management, labor and industrial relations, succession planning, talent management, diversity and inclusion and mergers and acquisitions.

Experts also define human resource management as an organizational function which focuses on recruiting, managing and directing people towards a common goal. This is something that you will learn by taking up a human resource management certification course. You can also expect HRM to deal with issues that relate to people including hiring, organization development, performance management, compensation, wellness, safety, administration, communication, employee motivation, training and benefits.

Brainmeasures Human Resource Management Certification Program

You will never find it hard to learn everything about HRM if you take part in the human resource management certification program from Brainmeasures. From the moment it was established, Brainmeasures, as a legitimate and reputable online certification company, continues to satisfy practitioners of different fields with its highly comprehensive training and accurate learning system. It continues to work based on ISO so getting the kind of learning experience that you wish to generate is greatly possible. All that you have to do to get your skill certification is to be serious in completing the human resource management course from Brainmeasures and pass the online exam related to the certification course.

Highlights of the Human Resource Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Managing human resources can be a bit hard considering the fact that you will be dealing with a lot of people with different backgrounds and principles. Because of this, you need to enroll in the human resource management certification program from Brainmeasures so you will know exactly how to deal with such differences and continue motivating your staff towards working for the betterment of the organization. You can get an idea about what you will learn after you complete the program through its syllabus which is viewable after you log into your registered account with Brainmeasures. Here is a glimpse of what you will learn from the human resource management certification program offered by Brainmeasures:

  • Tips in recruiting and selecting the right people for your organization
  • Introduction to the process of inventorying abilities
  • Taking advantage of the assessment process
  • Effectively conducting background investigation
  • How employee referral program works
  • Testing and interviewing prospective employees
  • How to post jobs
  • Avoiding negligent hiring
  • Introduction to employee development
  • Planning and developing the career of your employees
  • Tips in providing training including coaching, cross-training and computer-based training
  • Effectively managing the performance of your employees
  • Evaluating employee performance and providing feedback
  • Introduction to performance appraisals, analysis and consulting
  • Providing the right compensation, insurance and benefits to your employees
  • Overview on the employment or labor laws
  • Dealing with organizational issues
  • Leadership theories, strategies and development
  • Preventing managerial malpractice
  • Overview on organizational behavior
  • Resolving conflicts
  • Introduction to collective bargaining
  • Establishing disciplinary procedures including dress codes

Beneficiaries of the Human Resource Management Certification Program

The human resource management certification program is proven to be beneficial to professionals who aim to manage people. What makes the process of enrolling in this specific program from Brainmeasures desirable is that you will never be bothered by any qualifications or requirements. You can take part in the program anytime if you are an aspiring human resource manager, someone who wishes to become part of the human resource department of an organization or a professional who needs to improve skills and knowledge in human resource or personnel management, planning, problem solving, labor relations and organizational change and development management.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Human Resource Management Certification Course

Holding a human resource management certification allows you to play a major role in the success of an organization. You can start applying for jobs that are primarily focused on effectively managing and motivating people. Here are just some of these jobs:

  • Human Resource Manager
  • Human Resource Development Assistant
  • Human Resource Account Officer
  • Senior Human Resource Coordinator
  • Human Resource Supervisor
  • Human Resource Executive

Expected Salary for Human Resource Management Certification Holders

It should also be noted that human resource management certification holders can receive a more desirable compensation. If you are already a certified human resource management expert, you can expect your annual salary to start to range from $43,000 to $141,000.


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