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Guerrilla Marketing Certification

Guerrilla Marketing Certification



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Guerrilla Marketing Certification

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla marketing refers to that advertising strategy which utilizes low-cost unconventional means such as flash mobs, graffiti and sticker bombing in a large network composed of individual cells or within a more localized fashion with an aim of promoting or conveying products or ideas. The use of guerrilla marketing as an advertising strategy can actually be linked to guerrilla warfare which takes advantage of atypical techniques with an aim of achieving goals in an unforgiving or extremely competitive industry or environment. The guerrilla marketing concept actually started as a very unconventional method of promotion which heavily relies on imagination, time and energy instead of relying into a huge budget for marketing. Guerrilla marketing certification holders is aware of the fact that this advertising strategy uses unconventional, unexpected and interactive marketing campaigns that aim to target present and potential customers in unexpected places.

If you wish to earn a guerrilla marketing certification, then you have to keep in mind that the major objective of this strategy is to make sure that a unique, thought-provoking and engaging marketing concept guaranteed to produce a buzz and turn products, services and ideas into viral is created. It involves the use of unusual approaches and methods including intercept encounters in public areas, PR stunts and any other unusual marketing method designed to help business owners achieve profitable results while investing the least number of resources. This strategy is also more focused on using creative marketing strategies that are proven to be affordable. It also aims to retain present customers instead of generating new ones.

Brainmeasures Guerrilla Marketing Certification Program

If you want to effectively handle all the responsibilities of a guerrilla marketing expert, then enrolling in the guerrilla marketing certification program is something that you should do. You have to take up this online marketing course from Brainmeasures as this will definitely help you understand everything about the strategy and learn about the ways to apply this into your business and improve your profitability in the long run. Brainmeasures is an online certification company which has received great reviews from the public so it is safe for you to enroll in any of its programs. You have a guarantee that you will learn everything about this specific marketing strategy and know more about the many things that you can do to effectively handle the guerrilla marketing management process. As a means of evaluating your skills, knowledge and expertise in the field, Brainmeasures will have to let you take the online marketing exam developed by its renowned experts. You have to get a passing percentage to acquire your certificate and become certified in the field

Highlights of the Guerrilla Marketing Certification Program from Brainmeasures

It is no longer a secret that guerrilla marketing is a bit complex since you will never be required to spend a substantial amount on advertising. Earning your guerrilla marketing certification requires you to learn more about the unconventional strategies that you can use to market your products and services without spending a lot of resources. The guerrilla marketing certification program from Brainmeasures aims to help you in successfully carrying out your tasks and responsibilities as a guerrilla marketing expert. The program covers the following:

  • Different phases of guerrilla marketing
  • Understanding the basic parameters of guerrilla marketing including the elements required in creating cohesive guerrilla marketing campaigns
  • Fun and unique street marketing ideas
  • Advertising through non-traditional media
  • Unique methods to advertise your products and services through the web
  • Informing the press about the existence of your business so they can help you spread the news
  • Effective tips in drafting a persuasive press release
  • Tips in hiring an effective professional publicist who can help you in giving your business the kind of media attention that it needs
  • Advantages of dealing with a charity once you start to promote your brand or products
  • Effectively developing your guerrilla marketing plan
  • Enhancing your online presence
  • Reasons why guerrilla marketing is effective

Beneficiaries of the Guerrilla Marketing Certification Program

People who are working in the marketing department can be greatly benefited by the guerrilla marketing certification program from Brainmeasures. This certification course can work perfectly for you if you are planning to market your products and services in a more unconventional way while making sure that your marketing campaigns continue to have a huge impact on your target audience.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Guerrilla Marketing Certification Course

Earning a guerrilla marketing certification allows you to receive numerous job offers. There are a lot of organizations out there that need people who knows how to handle unconventional and unique marketing campaigns that can have a great impact to their target market. Here are some jobs that may best suit you after you become a certified guerrilla marketing expert:

  • Guerrilla Marketing Representative
  • Communications Associate
  • Mobile Sampling Tour Manager
  • Guerrilla Marketing Coach
  • Creative Strategic Marketing Planner
  • Marketing Director

Expected Salary for Guerrilla Marketing Certification

Holders Salary for guerrilla marketing certification holders is proven to be more stable. You can expect your average annual salary as a certified guerrilla marketing expert to be around $77,000.


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