IT Outsourcing Management Certification

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IT Outsourcing Management Certification

IT Outsourcing Management Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

IT Outsourcing Management Certification

Introduction to IT Outsourcing Management

IT Outsourcing refers to the kind of practice wherein an owner of an organization decides to seek resources or subcontract all or just a portion of Information Technology (IT) functions outside of the structure or scope of an organization. Most organizations take advantage of the IT outsourcing practice for essential IT functions including infrastructure, software development, support, and maintenance. A typical example of this is when an organization decides to outsource its IT management functions because the act of contracting to a third party is more affordable than having to build an in-house IT management team. Another example would be a company outsourcing all its data storage requirements to prevent buying and maintaining data storage devices. What makes the IT outsourcing management practice desirable is the fact that owners of business organizations can definitely save a substantial amount through it and free some of their resources in order to focus their attention to more strategic and useful initiatives.

If you want to earn your IT outsourcing management certification, then you should improve your skills in setting up well-defined deliverables. You have to know exactly how to state your expectations clearly and make sure that both you and the buyer of outsourcing services reach an agreement that can benefit both parties. You should be able to draw an outsourcing agreement which contains essential information that will help you in effectively carrying out your responsibilities including details for the total budget, fee structure, deadlines, expected quality, performance indicators, metrics, input details, information security, communication processes, network availability, contract termination, conflict resolution and reporting structures.

Brainmeasures IT Outsourcing Management Certification Program

IT functions are now among the most vital functions in any organization. This means that trying to earn your IT outsourcing management certification is a wise move since you will be able to help an organization stay on top. If you are serious about completely understanding the IT outsourcing relationship and management practice, then the IT outsourcing management course offered by Brainmeasures is perfect for you. Note that this online certification company is already certified by ISO, giving you an assurance that the training that you will get from its program is highly detailed and accurate. It should also be noted that the IT outsourcing management certification program from Brainmeasures comes with an IT outsourcing management exam designed to evaluate your worthiness in receiving the certificate. Everyone who is part of the program is required to pass the test in order for them to become certified.

Highlights of the IT Outsourcing Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The IT outsourcing management certification program from Brainmeasures aims to give you a comprehensive background about the field so you will have an easier time offering your outsourcing services to certain organizations. The program covers all aspects linked to the IT outsourcing management practice so rest assured that you will become an expert in the field. Here are some of the major topics covered in the program:

  • Understanding the structure, strategies and the process of managing
  • IT outsourcing relationships
  • Relationship of IT outsourcing with marketing, psychology, international business, strategic management, technology management, knowledge management, organization, economy, finance and project management
  • Understanding and analyzing the IT outsourcing management phenomenon
  • Major opportunities and threats in IT outsourcing management
  • Basics of e-business infrastructure and value configuration
  • Basic theories in IT outsourcing including neoclassical economic theory, transaction cost theory, agency theory and contractual theory
  • Effectively managing IT outsourcing relationships
  • Learning the basic foundations of success for IT outsourcing including proper vision, negotiation, evaluation, improvement, transition and performance
  • Effectively developing contract by including contract structure, technology upgrading, risk sharing, asset transfer, fee arrangement, relationship management, contract duration and dispute resolution in it
  • Major elements of managing IT outsourcing relationships including governance structures, personnel issues, knowledge management and cost
  • Formulating the best IT outsourcing decisions
  • Understanding the market for IT outsourcing
  • Basic concepts and definitions of IT outsourcing
  • Effectively organizing IT functions

Beneficiaries of the IT Outsourcing Management Certification Program

Just like any other program offered by Brainmeasures, the IT outsourcing management certification program from the company can also provide a lot of benefits to certain people. This is perfect for undergraduate students who wish to learn how IT organizations in the future will undergo IT restructuring using a resource-based perspective and graduate students who aim to understand how certain strategies can shape the future sourcing. The program is also suitable for an IT professional who wishes to provide IT outsourcing services to different organizations in the future.

Job Opportunities after Completing an IT Outsourcing Management Certification Course

If you have already received your IT outsourcing management certification, then expect to be able to handle various types of jobs. Different organizations may hire you for the following positions if you are a certified IT outsourcing management expert:

  • Global Outsourcing Operations Senior Manager
  • Outsourcing Governance Manager
  • Outsourcing Disbursement Processor
  • Strategic Outsourcing Manager
  • Outsourcing and Supplier Management Lead Manager
  • Business Process Outsourcing Project Manager

Expected Salary for IT Outsourcing Management Certification Holders

The salary for IT outsourcing management certification holders like you can offer you the kind of financial stability that you wish to achieve. Being certified in the field allows you to earn around $62,000 to $167,000 annually.


IT Outsourcing Management Certification

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