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Aerobics Certification

Aerobics Certification



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Aerobics Certification

Introduction to Aerobics

Aerobics refers to a combination of rhythmic aerobic exercises and strength and stretching training routines that aim to improve all the vital elements of physical fitness including cardiovascular and muscular fitness, flexibility and strength. Most of the time, aerobics is performed with music and with a group led by a fitness professional or instructor. Note, however, that it is also a kind of physical exercise which you can do on your own and without the need of any musical accompaniment.When starting with aerobics on your own, you may need the supervision of a

  • Low impact aerobics designed for individuals who are incapable of performing workout routines with a higher level of intensity due to their poor health
  • Water aerobics which is really effective when it comes to burning unwanted fats from your body while also building inner strength
  • Step aerobics which is the newest version of aerobics and considered by many as the most interesting technique when it comes to performing aerobic exercises
  • Dance aerobics which works by integrating dance movements and physical exercises and performing all these along with music
  • Sports aerobics which is considered as a competitive and difficult sport performed along with gymnastics and aerobic choreography elements

All types of aerobics training are extremely useful in improving physical health and fitness. This works in improving the strength of your heart, controlling your weight, reducing bad cholesterol and in preventing obesity, heart diseases and diabetes.

Brainmeasures Aerobics Certification Program

With the help of the platinum personal trainer certification program which is now accessible at Brainmeasures, you will no longer find it impossible to learn aerobics training. This program consists of twelve online certification courses that focus on providing information about the best fitness training programs that you can try when it comes to improving your physique and health. One of these online certification courses is the aerobics certification course. The good thing about this is that you can take up the aerobics course at Brainmeasures on its own if you want to focus your attention towards learning this type of physical training. The aerobics certification course from Brainmeasures makes it a point to explain in detail all the aspects linked to aerobics and how it works when it comes to improving not only your physique but also your overall health and strength. In order for you to receive your hard copy certificate from Brainmeasures, you will need to pass its aerobics exam online which is developed by renowned experts in the industry. Talking of overall health, in case you wish to be equipped with wholesome skills on weight loss and weight gain, you may also consider the weight management certification course by Barinmeasures which also is renowned for its quality content and informative stuff.

Highlights of the Brainmeasures Aerobics Certification Program

Enrolling in the Brainmeasures aerobics certification program is one of the wisest moves that you can take if you are planning to become a fitness trainer who focuses more in training people through aerobics. All the information that you need to learn about the field is included in the aerobics certification program offered by Brainmeasures so you can expect to become a master of the following topics after you complete it and pass its exam:

  • Understanding the process of completing the aerobics certification program and taking and passing its final certification exam
  • Overview of the major roles, responsibilities and duties of an aerobics trainer
  • Different theories and terms that are essential to physical fitness and health
  • Basics of both the anaerobic and aerobic physical activities
  • Procedures involved in efficiently performing bodybuilding and weight training
  • Theories that are being used when it comes to performing aerobic exercises
  • How to determine if you are already shedding weight when doing aerobics
  • Understanding the different types of aerobic exercises and their individual benefits
  • Preventing injuries when doing step aerobics
  • Vital elements and components of the muscular system and the whole human body
  • Importance of warming up and performing stretching exercises before finally training your body through aerobics
  • Overview of the most common injuries encountered when doing sports aerobics
  • First aid solutions and the most effective tips in dealing with accidents
  • Hydrating an athlete’s body with the right amount of fluid
  • Supplying a human body with all the vitamins and nutrients that it needs
  • Effective ways to manage a fitness training business focused on aerobics

Beneficiaries of the Aerobics Certification Program

The aerobics certification program from Brainmeasures can help you reach your aim of becoming an aerobics expert. This is the perfect option for you if you want to learn everything about aerobics training so you can start working at a health or fitness club, training your clients in your home or by visiting their home or doing the aerobics exercises for personal reasons. If you are already working in a gym or in a fitness or health club, then rest assured that the aerobics certification program is still perfect for you since this works effectively in upgrading your skills and knowledge in the field.Off late, many aerobics trainers are also taking up Pilates certification as the combination of aerobics and pilates works very well in helping clients realize their fitness goals. The trend is catching on and fast gaining popularity.

Job Opportunities after Completing an Aerobics Certification Course

You get the chance to start working in the fitness industry after you receive your aerobics certification. As an aerobics certification holder, the following positions will be opened for you:

  • Aerobics Instructor
  • Group Aerobics Exercise Trainer
  • Step Aerobics Trainer / Instructor
  • Water Aerobics Group Fitness Instructor
  • Aerobics Fitness Training Manager

Expected Salary for Aerobics Certification Holders

Aerobics certification holders at present are said to enjoy an annual salary of around $27,000 to $63,000 per year. There are also those who decide to work part-time and earn on an hourly basis and they usually earn around $13 to $34 per hour. If you have a higher level of experience while also working in high paying cities and places like New York and Oregon, then you can expect your salary to go up to $114,000 per year.


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