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Digital Asset Management Certification

Digital Asset Management Certification



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You will be given a Free reference e-book to read which has more pages, And the test will be based on that e-book.

Digital Asset Management Certification

What is Digital Asset Management?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) refers to the group of management decisions and tasks that surround the process of annotating, ingesting, cataloguing, retrieving, storing and distributing digital assets including digital photographs, music, videos and animations. The DAM process requires you to use systems including computer hardware and software systems. Digital Asset Management is also said to refer to the protocol used for backing up, rating, renaming, downloading, optimizing, archiving, grouping, exporting and thinning files. DAM is a somewhat complex process so it is advisable for you to get your Digital Asset Management certification if you are serious about becoming an expert in this field. This will make it easier for you to perform all your functions and responsibilities as a DAM expert.

Deciding to get a Digital Asset Management certification requires you to improve your skills in effectively storing digital assets including stock photos, presentations, audio, video and product images. Any useful file which is on a drive is considered as a digital asset and you need to store this in a secure and accessible format like Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Quark, Illustrator, PDF, In-Design, PageMaker and Auto CAD. You also need to improve your skills in administering and controlling digital asset or files. Proper management of digital assets requires skills in effectively regulating new digital assets influx, editing and assigning metadata linked to each digital asset and linking all these digital assets to users with permissions that are based on roles. You also need to become aware of the different systems used in DAM in order for you to become successful in the field.

Brainmeasures Digital Asset Management Certification Program

If you are serious about receiving your digital asset management certification, then the program offered by Brainmeasures related to this field is highly recommended for you. Brainmeasures is the most recommended online certification and testing company because of the effectiveness, authenticity and comprehensiveness of all its programs. This means that deciding to take up your digital asset management certification course from this company is a major help in your attempt to receive the most detailed digital asset management training. The DAM certification program from Brainmeasures will require you to take and pass its related test in the end before you finally receive your certificate.

Highlights of the Digital Asset Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

As mentioned above, the comprehensiveness and authenticity of the digital asset management certification program from Brainmeasures is the major reason why this is highly recommended for you. It includes topics that are proven to be useful in your attempt to become a real DAM expert. The following topics form a huge part of the digital asset management certification program from Brainmeasures:

  • Introduction to Digital Asset Management (DAM)
  • Tips in effectively re-purposing digital files and assets
  • Different types of digital asset management systems that you can use in handling all your functions
  • Understanding both the document management and the web content management process
  • Workflow of media and tips in effectively managing it
  • Beneficiaries of effective digital asset management
  • What to expect from an effective digital asset management system
  • Retrieving lost digital files or assets
  • Major benefits of DAM
  • Effective implementation of asset management
  • Understanding the different formats of documents, still images, audio, video and media exchange
  • Converting the formats for digital assets
  • Effective tips in cataloguing and indexing texts, images, audio files and video files
  • Understanding all standards for content description
  • Using web browsers and servers in effectively managing digital assets
  • Understanding different types of databases including object-oriented and relational databases
  • Effective tips in storing digital assets and files
  • How to take advantage of media servers and storage networks
  • Effective ways to manage stored digital assets and files
  • Hierarchy of storage management
  • How to increase the level of security for digital documents
  • Proper management of digital rights
  • Introduction to digital system integration, watermarking, encryption and security
  • Issues that you may face when handling your digital asset management functions and responsibilities
  • Different products for digital asset management

Beneficiaries of the Digital Asset Management Certification Program

The digital asset management certification program from Brainmeasures aims to help business owners and their employees in effectively handling all their digital assets. This is an ideal course for aspiring digital asset managers, for database administrators and developers and for professionals who are tasked to manage, control and protect all the digital assets of an organization.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Digital Asset Management Certification Course

As a digital asset management certification holder, your knowledge and skills are greatly needed. Numerous jobs will become available for you as soon as you complete your course and these include the following:

  • Digital Media and E-commerce Consultant
  • Senior Digital Marketing Operations Manager
  • Digital Strategy Director
  • Digital Asset Management Engineer
  • Digital Asset Management Coordinator
  • Global Digital Content Editor

Expected Salary for Digital Asset Management Certification Holders

Being a digital asset management certification holder also allows you to enjoy great monetary rewards since you can start earning around $73,000 to $108,000 per year.


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