Construction Project Management Certification

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Construction Project Management Certification

Construction Project Management Certification



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Construction Project Management Certification

What is Construction Project Management?

Construction Project Management (CPM) refers to the overall planning, control and coordination of a construction project from its inception up to the time when it is completed. The process requires the construction project manager or leader to make sure that the completed project is capable of meeting the requirements of a client, making it more financially and functionally viable. If you are thinking of getting your construction project management certification, then you should keep in mind that your most common responsibilities once you start to practice a career in this field will be divided into seven major categories and these include cost management, project management planning, contract administration, quality management, time management, construction management, professional practice and safety management. Certified construction project management experts are also required to perform vital activities and tasks within an organization and these include defining the management structure and responsibilities of the CPM team, leading and organizing the team through project control implementation, defining responsibilities and roles and establishing protocols for communication and determining project construction and design elements.

Deciding to earn a construction project management certification will require you to improve your skills in specifying the plans and objectives of a construction project including scope delineation, establishing standards and requirements for team performance, budgeting, selecting participants for the project and scheduling. Also included among your responsibilities are to maximize the efficiency of resources by procuring labor, equipment and materials, develop effective methods for resolving conflicts and implement different operations through properly coordinating and controlling plans, contracting, estimating, designing and constructing the whole construction project.

Brainmeasures Construction Project Management Certification Program

If earning a construction project management certification is your major objective, then you should know that Brainmeasures can offer you a high quality and comprehensive training. Brainmeasures offers the most detailed and accurate construction project management course so it is greatly possible for you to hone your skills and improve your knowledge in the field of CPM. Deciding to get your certificate from this legitimate online certification company is the wisest move that you can take as the topics and information covered in its program are not only accurate but are also updated. An online construction project management test is also provided by the program. This test has been developed by the CPM experts in Brainmeasures so expect to get the highest level of assessment by taking and passing it.

Highlights of Construction Project Management Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Brainmeasures construction project management certification program aims to give you a better idea about the many things that you can do to become an expert in this field. Taking up this certification course from Brainmeasures can help you learn the most vital concepts linked to CPM. To view the detailed syllabus of this program from Brainmeasures, you need to sign up for an account with the company through its site. You can then log into your account and view the syllabus containing the following major CPM topics:

  • Construction Project Management (CPM) definition
  • Life cycle of a project
  • Understanding project management and the roles of all the members of the project team
  • Choosing the best manager for a project through skills evaluation
  • Assessing the complexity of a project
  • Identifying the most crucial factors for project success
  • Identifying the constraints and client objectives of a construction project
  • Establishing value in a construction project
  • Framework used in decision-making
  • Essential elements of a project
  • Understanding process mapping
  • Assessing the viability and feasibility of a construction project
  • Effective investment and funding appraisal
  • External factors that will greatly affect the feasibility assessment process
  • Understanding project systems and subsystems
  • Effectively planning and controlling the scope of a project
  • Identifying and allocating risks
  • Principles used in procurement
  • Assessing the performance of the construction project and individual contractors
  • Effectively programming and controlling construction projects
  • Understanding the structure within an organization
  • Project environment mapping
  • Overview of the integrated project team
  • Effective management of value and risk
  • Understanding design management
  • Relationship of supply chain management to construction projects

Beneficiaries of Construction Project Management Certification Program

The construction project management certification program is intended for various professionals in the construction industry. You can expect this program to work perfectly for beginning graduate students, advanced undergraduates or professionals who wish to further improve their knowledge in construction, architecture, facilities management and engineering. The certification course aims to let these individuals understand that the entire construction project management certification process is such a challenging, exciting and dynamic one and requires skills in effectively managing construction projects and recording the past construction practices used.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Construction Project Management Certification Program

Completing a construction project management certification program is a major help if you strongly desire to dramatically increase the number of your career prospects. Being a holder of a construction project management certificate allows you to work on the following positions:

  • Public Works Operations Manager
  • Construction Project Manager
  • Design Build Construction Project Manager
  • Environmental Site Coordinator
  • Modernization Construction Project Manager
  • Senior Commercial Construction Project Manager

Expected Salary for Construction Project Management Certification

Working as an expert in the construction project management industry is capable of increasing your annual income. You can expect to earn an average salary of $82,000 after you receive your construction project management certification.


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Construction Project Management Certification

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