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Master Trainer Certification

Master Trainer Certification



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Master Trainer Certification

What are the Duties and Responsibilities of a Master Trainer?

A master trainer is known as a fitness training professional who holds a higher level of knowledge and skills among personal and fitness trainers. A certified master trainer is capable of using his skills and knowledge in motivating others to reach their weight and fitness goals through more advanced techniques and methods. This fitness expert has received the highest level of specialization and mastery in the personal training field so you can expect him to know exactly how to satisfy the fitness needs of people from various backgrounds. A master trainer certification can prove extremely beneficial as it allows you to stand out amidst the crowd of numerous personal trainers and learn and understand new skills and techniques that will bring your career to newer and better heights. In fact, you will gain information about almost a hundred highly effective and advanced exercises and training programs that a mere personal trainer certification can not give you. You also get the chance to get your much desired raise through this.

If you want to become a master trainer, then knowledge about the proper integration of core competencies and arduous and more effective workout training strategies within the fitness industry is required. Other duties and responsibilities that a master trainer holds are writing or creating instructional learning objectives, properly designing a more effective training session which will fit specific individuals, creating a list of strategies that are effective in transferring skills and knowledge from a specific workshop into the actual workplace and conveying at least thirty minutes of training session while also providing relevant and reliable feedbacks about the training.

Brainmeasures Master Trainer Certification Program

If you strongly desire to become a master trainer by taking up an online fitness training for your convenience, then the Brainmeasures master trainer certification program can offer you the kind of help that you desperately need. This master trainer certification course is actually one of the most vital components of the platinum personal trainer certification program, a package of twelve individual courses that are relevant to the fitness and training industry, which is also available at Brainmeasures. Note that you can still take up the master trainer certification course alone if you are already a personal trainer but wish to take your career to a higher level.

This program from Brainmeasures, an established leader in online certification and skill testing, is actually developed for all fitness and personal trainers out there who wish to make some great improvements on their career. This is designed in such a way that it will complement the existing knowledge that you have about personal training and inform you about the most advanced training methods that you can use. You have to take up the personal training exam in the end and pass it with flying colors so you can finally take a hold of your master trainer certificate.

Highlights of the Master Trainer Certification Program from Brainmeasures

The master trainer certification program from Brainmeasures makes it a point to simplify all the complex concepts and strategies linked to fitness and master training so you will no longer find it hard to impart your skills and knowledge to those who need them. Here are some of the most essential topics that form a huge part of the Brainmeasures master trainer certification program:

  • Taking a clearer look on the master training industry
  • Exercises that are specifically designed for special populations like the disabled and the elderly or seniors
  • Effective exercises that are specifically designed for individuals that are dealing with / suffering from special medical and health conditions like diabetes, coronary heart disease, back pain, osteoporosis and pregnancy
  • Understanding fitness as it relates to proper exercises
  • Overview of the major components of a human body and his weight
  • Improving flexibility through proper exercises and training
  • Assessing the most suitable level of intensity when training specific individuals
  • Understanding everything about periodization training including the major principles behind it and its types, cycles and phases
  • Meaning of strength and its different types
  • Different kinds of strength training
  • Basics of cardiovascular exercise or training and aerobic training
  • Major factors that may affect the result of aerobic training
  • Different types of flexibility and the many factors that may limit it
  • Ways to accurately measure metabolic rate and increase it
  • Understanding the most advanced training strategies that help in increasing intensity level

Beneficiaries of the Master Trainer Certification Program

The master trainer certification program from Brainmeasures targets personal trainers, line managers and instructors who are responsible in training different types of individuals and are planning to further enhance their skills in training. The master trainer certification program is also ideal for training staff, training officials and training officers who are tasked to execute instructional delivery while also designing, developing and managing effective fitness and training programs.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Master Trainer Certification Course

Enrolling in a master trainer certification course can open up better and greater career opportunities for you in the future since an increased awareness about the importance of using more advanced training techniques to achieve a better health and physique is now noticeable. Here are some of the jobs that can work for you after you complete the program:

  • Certified Master Trainer
  • Speed, Quickness and Agility (SAQ) Specialist
  • Core Conditioning Specialist
  • Functional Training Specialist
  • Biomechanics Specialist

Expected Salary for Master Trainer Certification Holders

If you are a master trainer certification holder, then you can expect to receive a higher salary than that of a personal trainer. Note that your average salary will be fully dependent on your skills, the level of your experience and the specific location where you have practiced your profession. Usually, master trainer certification holders earn around $10 to $50 per hour if they get hired in positions with hourly pay. For fixed contracts, the usual average annual salary for master trainers is around $81,000. The good thing about being a master trainer certification holder is that you can also open up your own fitness gym and this will further increase your income. In case you plan to have your fitness facility, you may also consider doing a Health club management certification that will equip you with managerial skills required to run a fitness centre succesfully.


Master Trainer Certification

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