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International Business Finance Certification

International Business Finance Certification



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International Business Finance Certification

Introduction to International Business Finance

International business finance deals with the concepts, principles and strategies used in financing business organizations that tend to operate all throughout the geographical frontiers. Anyone can gain enough knowledge about the different ways to finance such international businesses with the help of an international business finance certification program. International business finance involves learning the basics of raising capital for international businesses. The capital of a business organization which operates internationally is actually raised by issuing and distributing shares in the stock market. You have to become familiar about the process of issuing these shares and how it can help in letting a business organization achieve success if you are planning to complete an international business finance course.

International business finance also deals with understanding the different types of stocks. These include common stock, preferred stock, treasury stock and dual class stock. International business finance experts are also required to completely understand the derivative market as this allows international business to obtain financing. Derivatives actually refer to financial claims that derive value from the total value of a business organization’s underlying assets. Aside from the stock market and the derivative market, there are more ways to effectively carry out the international business financing process and these include investment banking, private equity and hedge funds. You have to know exactly how you can get enough capital or financing through these means as this will allow your international business to get the kind of financing that it needs.

Brainmeasures International Business Finance Certification Program

If you want to learn everything about the process of financing an international business, then the international business finance certification program which you can easily access in an online certification and testing company called Brainmeasures can offer you the kind of help that you desperately need. The good thing about the international business finance certification program offered by Brainmeasures is that it is effective in providing clarity about the fundamental aspects and workings in international business and finance. It also covers all the complexities in the industry including the issues linked to world money market and foreign exchange market. Brainmeasures includes an international business finance exam in its program to give a more proper and accurate assessment on the level of knowledge and skills of its participants. Passing this exam is very rewarding as this will give you the opportunity to receive your skill certificate in the field of international business finance.

Highlights of the International Business Finance Certification Program from Brainmeasures

As mentioned above, the international business finance certification program which you can access in Brainmeasures is a huge help in your attempt to receive clarifications about the different complexities and concepts that revolve around the process of financing a business which operates globally. The scope of topics which forms part of the Brainmeasures international business finance certification includes the following:

  • Introduction to the procedures involved in international business financing
  • Basic features of international finance
  • History of international finance and money
  • Requirements of good money
  • Understanding money and the foreign exchange rates
  • History of stock exchanges
  • Understanding the foreign exchange market
  • Concepts and features of both the floating and fixed exchange rate system
  • Theories behind the long-term movements of forex rates
  • Individual features of foreign currency forward and futures contract
  • Exchange rate used in major forecasting activities
  • Definition of hedging
  • Techniques used in dealing with forex risks linked to hedging
  • Tips in effectively handling the international financial management process
  • Understanding the basic structure of capital
  • Basics of international taxation
  • International business plan development
  • Effectively analyzing optimal investments
  • Significance of money as a unit of account, a storage of value and a medium of exchange
  • Effectively analyzing the forex market including the spot, forward, future, swap and options market
  • Issues in international financial management including those that are linked to working capital management, international mergers and acquisitions, international taxation, transfer pricing and offshore banking
  • Dealing with financial scams and swindles in the international trade including accounting malfeasance, insider trading and pyramid schemes

Beneficiaries of the International Business Finance Certification Program

The international business finance certification program from Brainmeasures can help a wide array of individuals and professionals. The program can be expected to work suitably for individuals and professionals whose knowledge about the international business, global trade and related risks are only on a limited to moderate level. You can also expect this to work perfectly for you if you want to fully understand the process of international trade and risk management and financing export trade.

Job Opportunities after Completing an International Business Finance Certification Course

The international business finance industry is proven to be a wide one so you can expect different business organizations to hire you after you complete an international business finance certification course. Being an international business finance certification holder allows you to become effective in the following positions:

  • Global Production Design Director
  • International Tax and Financial Services Manager
  • International Business and Financial Analyst
  • Global Financial Systems Data Engineer
  • Global Operations Finance Director
  • Senior Global Financial Analysis Manager

Expected Salary for International Business Finance Certification Holders

Holding an international business finance certification will also let you earn a more stable annual income of around $75,000 to $142,000.


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