Kettlebell Training Certification

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Kettlebell Training Certification

Kettlebell Training Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 224 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Kettlebell Training Certification

What is Kettlebell Training?

Kettlebell training refers to that type of workout which includes exercises that aim to build the endurance and strength of the different parts of your body especially your shoulders, legs and lower back. The training is also said to be beneficial in the sense that it improves the strength of your grip. Basically, the training involves the use of a kettlebell which can be defined as a cast iron weight that range from five up to a hundred pounds and has a ball like shape with a handle designed for easy gripping. This fitness equipment has received extreme popularity at present because of its ability to provide a better kind of workout with the help of dynamic moves that target almost all aspects linked to fitness including strength, endurance, cardio endurance, balance and agility. The basic movements involved in kettlebell training are snatch, clean, jerk and swing and these are capable of engaging all parts of your body all at once.

The kettlebell training can offer a number of benefits and these include improved agility and coordination, better alignment and posture, increased bone density, increased endurance and power, protection against injuries especially if you are an athlete and simplicity of exercises. The training is also beneficial because it is time efficient. The training allows you to work out numerous components for fitness including balance, strength, endurance, cardio, power and stability in just a single session so you can expect to save a substantial amount of time when working out.

Brainmeasures Kettleball Training Certification

The kettlebell training certification program from Brainmeasures is one of the most essential parts of the platinum personal trainer certification package which is also offered by this popular online certification company. Although the kettlebell training course is a course which you can take individually, note that the online personal trainer package is more beneficial especially if you want a more comprehensive type of fitness training which covers almost all types of exercises. But you should know that the kettlebell training certification program is also already good on its own. You can already expect it to offer your entire body with the kind of training and workout that it needs to maintain and lose weight, improve its strength and make it look even more appealing. Finishing up the kettlebell training certification course will let you come out as an expert in the field while also having the authority and skills to impart what you have learned to anyone who is interested.

Highlights of the Kettlebell Training Certification Program from Brainmeasures

If you are serious about completing a kettlebell training certification course, then you have to at least get a glimpse of what you will be learning from it. This will allow you to prepare your body and mind for the kind of training and learning that you will get from it. Note that the syllabus of the kettlebell training certification program which you can access after registering with Brainmeasures contains the following topics:

  • Building the basic foundation in kettlebell training by doing dead lift, two-hand swing, squat pull, two hand press and bent over row
  • Introduction to the power movements including single snatch, single press, one hand swing and double clean and the steps involved in successfully carrying out these movements
  • Doing the ballistics
  • Effectively developing rhythm and coordination by doing double swing, double row, double squat and single floor press
  • Kettlebell training by doing effective combinations including kettlebell push up row and double clean squat
  • Executing the totally twisted training
  • Other more effective kettlebell movements including kettlebell crawl, walking swing, pullover and hammer curl
  • Tips in setting your weight loss or fitness goals before starting to perform the kettlebell exercises
  • How to incorporate the kettleball training into your existing workout
  • Sample training programs for different kinds of sports including football, soccer, basketball and baseball

Beneficiaries of the Kettlebell Training Certification Program

Kettlebells have become among the most multi-functional and versatile tools used in the fitness and sports field. This means that among the many people who can benefit from the kettlebell training certification program are fitness professionals, personal trainers and gym instructors who plan to start using kettlebells when offering their fitness sessions and programs to their clients. The certification course can also work for individuals who wish to use kettlebell training for personal fitness reasons.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Kettlebell Training Certification Course

A kettlebell training certification course can widen your career opportunities in the fitness industry. The following are just some of the jobs that will suit your skills and expertise after you receive your skill certificate in kettlebell training:

  • Kettlebell Training Professional
  • Kettebell Training Instructor / Coach
  • Personal Trainer / Coach
  • Fitness and Kettlebell Training Author
  • Professional Athlete

Expected Salary for Kettlebell Training Certification Holders

Kettlebell training certification holders can expect to receive a more competitive salary than those who are not actually certified in the field. It should also be noted that more and more people are now realizing the usefulness of kettlebell when it comes to achieving their weight loss or fitness goals. This results to the rise in demand for kettlebell training experts which also translates to a higher pay. As a kettlebell training certification holder, your average annual salary can be expected to rise to $61,000.


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