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Product Manager Certification

Product Manager Certification



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You will be given a reference e-book to read which has 302 pages And the test will be based on that e-book , you can take final test within 1 year of purchase.

Product Manager Certification

A Glimpse on What a Product Manager Does

A product manager is involved in product management. This professional plays a very vital role in the success of an organization because his skills and expertise are required in order to produce products and services that are guaranteed to meet the demands and requirements of various consumers. One of the major tasks of a product manager is to work in effectively investigating, selecting and developing products for a business organization while ensuring that all product management activities are successfully carried out. When it comes to performing his tasks, the product manager is required to take into consideration a lot of essential factors including the planned demographic, products offered by the organization’s competitors and the suitability of the products to the business model of the organization. Also included among the responsibilities of a product manager is to effectively manage a single or multiple tangible products and intangible products including information, music and services.

If you want to get involved in product management, then a product manager certification course can provide you with what you need to become effective in the field. The product manager course will surely enhance your knowledge and hone your skills in product management so expect to become fully aware of all the activities involved in the process including planning, forecasting and marketing products at all their lifecycle stages, maximizing the sales revenues, profit margins and market share of a specific product, analyzing the conditions in the market and defining all the functions and features of a product.

Brainmeasures Product Manager Certification Program

If you are passionate about all the activities linked to product management, then Brainmeasures can offer you a product manager certification course designed to help you become certified in the field and act as an expert and knowledgeable product manager. A lot of people trust Brainmeasures because of the ability of this online certification company to provide the highest level of knowledge to those who have decided to take part in its different programs. Aside from familiarizing you about all the concepts, theories and strategies behind product management, the product manager certification program from Brainmeasures can also be expected to provide brief yet concise information about product marketing and product development which are considered to be two of the major processes involved in product management. All the information provided in the program will allow you to take a hold of your product manager certificate since you will find it easier to deal with the product manager exam included in the program and get a passing percentage.

Highlights of the Product Manager Certification Program from Brainmeasures

Although Brainmeasures is guaranteed to have the ability to provide you with all the information that you need to become an effective and successful product manager, it is still sensible for you to take a look on the product manager certification program’s syllabus which is available on the company’s official site just so you will receive a better and clearer idea about what you will be learning from the course. The syllabus can be viewed after you successfully register with Brainmeasures and log into your registered account. Here are just some of the numerous topics included in the program:

  • Roles and operations involved in the product management process
  • Understanding all the cross-functional roles and responsibilities of product managers
  • Learning how to carry out the planning stage of product marketing
  • Introduction to customer value management
  • Creating the annual product plan
  • Effectively evaluating the product portfolio
  • Introduction to strategic product management
  • Procedures involved in the proposal, development and launching of new products
  • Understanding the financial aspect of the product management process
  • Finding the right price for the newly developed products and services
  • Various approaches used in product management
  • Tips in adding perceived value to your products

Beneficiaries of the Product Manager Certification Program

The product manager certification program from Brainmeasures actually targets aspiring and existing customer segment managers and product managers in different types of organizations. The program works perfectly not only to product managers but also to directors, vice presidents of both product marketing and product management and any other high-ranking officials in an organization who aim to make sure that all that they offer to the public are of the highest quality.

Job Opportunities after Completing a Product Manager Certification Course

Offering the best products and services to the public is one of the major goals of almost all organizations aside from earning profit. If their products and services are high in quality, then they will no longer find it hard to raise their profits as more and more people will continue patronizing what the organization offers. Because of this, different organizations are in great need of product manager certification holders who are capable of doing their tasks and responsibilities effectively. This translates to more jobs in the field. Among the jobs that will be surely offered to you after finishing up the product manager certification course are the following:

  • Senior Product Manager
  • Product Management Director
  • Product Management Vice President
  • Product Strategy and Planning Manager
  • Association Product Marketing Manager
  • Senior Product Planning Manager

Expected Salary for Product Manager Certification Holders

The huge demand for product managers at present can also be expected to help you get a higher compensation after you have successfully completed your product manager certification course. At present, starters in the industry are said to earn an average salary of $53,000 yearly. If you get any of the high ranking product management positions such as that of a top product management executive, then your annual earnings will grow up to $192,000.


Product Manager Certification

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